Thursday, May 11, 2006

The world needs Knitta

First off, Sherman would like to pay tribute to a dear friend lost this week in Brooklyn. Violet (an iPod) died this week just shy of her second birthday. She was the inspiration for Sherman and his blog is now dedicated to her from this day forward.

Hey all! Hope you are having a splentastic week! Sherman has been a busy bee with Wembley the magic greyhound. Wembley is adjusting great and loves having a real home! Can't say enough about adopting a greyhound. They just want love and a couch.

I hope you are all aware of the Knitta Crew. These wonderful people are "tagging" anything and everything with handknit treats! They are in need of more yarn as it is a costly endeavor. If you are so inclined, please send yarn donations to the following address: Knitta c/o Domy Books 1709 Westhiemer, Houston, TX 77098. Give 'em a hand folks! It's well worth it! Check out the tag slideshow in their site!

Now onto some music. Everyone knows that Sherman has a Feist crush, but that crush just turned up a notch with the release of Open Season: Remixes & Collabs. This 15 song collection is a must for all fans of this Canadian chanteuse. It is all that and more. Four different versions of "Mushaboom", an achingly sexy acoustic version of "Inside and Out" that will make you tingle in all your naughty parts and a duet with Jane Birkin on "The Simple Life" that is close to perfection, all lead up to the fact that Feist is fantastic! This artist deserves all the accolades and attention she can possibly get. Look for her in NYC June 25th for the Central Park Summerstage concerts and here in Seattle on Sept. 4th for Bumbershoot. Ahhh...girls with guitars.....Check out the latest Pitchfork interview here.

Attention Dangerdoom fans! We all know that there is an EP in the works based on Adult Swim, but did you know that it will be a free download?? How cool is that? Starting May 15th, you can download a new track each week until May 30th when the whole darm things will be available! This release will feature Madlib along with samples and such from all your Adult Swim favorites! Check their site for details.

Great site just discovered. Enjoy!

Gotsta run! Kisses from Sherman!


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