Friday, May 19, 2006

Well hello Friday

Hey all! Happy weekend to you all! Super happy that it is finally here! Even happier that next weekend is a holiday weekend! Can I get an "amen"???

I would like to start off today by expressing my grave concern for Britney Spears. Brit Brit has been a guilty pleasure since her arrival on the pop scene. Word from NYC today is that she nearly fell while carrying Preston. Come on Brit. You've hired a nanny so use him. Why are you juggling a child and a drink while you are wearing horrible pants that you are tripping over? It all really worries me. On top of that, she is pregnant again. Any concern about the child you are carrying? This is all too much for me. I think we may have lost her for good.

Ok, onto more important things. Mr. Andy "cuter than a button" Caldwell was kind enough to answer the Sherman Inquisition this week. Many thanks to him for taking time out of his crazy schedule to share his replies! Don't forget to pick up his debut release, Universal Truth, next Tuesday.

The Sherman Inquisition
1. heaven or reincarnation
Reincarnation as a plant

2. dog or cat

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip

4. mac or pc

5. love at first sight or hard to get
Love at First friggin sight

6. city or country
Used to be city, but I'm leaning more toward country near the city now

7. Grey Goose or Heineken
Grey Goose

8. vintage or modern
Modern with a vintage flair

9. t-shirts or sneakers


10. shower or tub
Tub please

Now for the final installment of Sherman's French & Saunders series! We hope you have enjoyed them! Honestly, if you don't know then already, you NEED to get your hands on the DVD's and educate yourself on just how flippin' funny these women are!
Today's clip is dedicated to JL!

Here's a litte something for the raver in all of us!

Look for Tribe Called Quest to tour this Fall! No word on a new record yet, but there's hope!!

Sherman has been loving the new record from Phoenix! Released this week, It's Never Been Like That is solid from start to finish. You'll be hearing this record soon if you haven't already. Sherman is really loving the fact that lead singer, Thomas Mars is dating Sofia Coppola!!!

Looks like clouds are returning to our fair city today. Try to find some indoor fun to get you through! Here's a few suggestions:
The new Cupcake Royale has opened in West Seattle! Today is the grand opening! / Lyrics Born @ Neumo's Fri / The Bellrays @ Sunset Tavern Fri / "Over The Hedge" and "Drawing Restraint" hit theatres / Maya Lin continues @ the Henry Art Gallery / Go shopping @ Uwajimaya in the ID / Miguel Migs @ Chop Suey Sat

Remember, Sherman loves you!
Oh and here's another shot of Wembley!


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