Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ubiquity & Agriculture RULE!

First off, a tribute for DJ Dusk! Found this on MySpace today! The LA music community is paying tribute throughout the internet.

The music Sherman is talking about today would all be DJ Dusk approved, no doubt about it. Ubiquity continues to churn out some of the finest collections and new releases heard this year! Let's talk about Bay Area Funk 2 for starters. This is the second collection on the Luv N'Haight imprint contains rarities and underground tracks that have been remastered for this recording. All of this is done by contacting the artists and legally obtaining all of the material. Some of these were one hit wonders, while others reflected the successful careers of the artists chosen. The collection kicks off with Mary Love doing "Born To Live With Heartache" and travels the road from soul to funk all the way until Mike Selesia's "Brute Strength" (rumor has it his band ate LSD laced Tootsie Rolls before performing). There is not a miss on this record. Fantastic from start to finish. The pops and hisses that remain only add to the grit and groove of this funky masterpiece.

Next up is Rewind!5. The latest in this innovative series launched by Ubiquity in 2002, follows in the footsteps of it's predecessor by containing all brand new cover songs made from scratch! Every track on here is an exclusive! Black Shakespeare covering Fleetwood Mac, NuSpirit Helsinki doing Led Zeppelin and Psapp doing a track from The Aristocats (yeah, THAT Aristocats)! Great song choices, strong production and outstanding musicians merge in one place for just this one time! Enjoy it! While you are picking up some Ubiquity releases, be sure to check out NOMO's release New Tones, while you're at it. Recently signed to the label, this Detroit 8 piece multi-instrumentalist outfit creates serious party music for the funk and soul minded. They even cover a Joanna Newsom track on this! Leftfield to say the least!

Now onto the latest from Brooklyn's Agriculture Label. At this point, they are right up there in Sherman's label loves of the year (they may be edging toward #1 if this keeps up). Once 11 has released Smile Hunter. I planned on giving you some bio info on him, but click here for that. This guy is unstoppable! I was tired after 2 paragraphs! This is serious electronic dub my friends. The kind of sound that makes you feel like it's all gonna be alright. It's deep, fuzzy and sparse yet still has structure to it. More please!!!! Sherman bows down to Larry Stone (label founder) and gives great thanks! You and your vision are most appreciated!!!

Today is a big day in the world of guilty pleasures! It is the 55th birthday of Christopher "Ride Like The Wind" Cross! Sherman spent some time researching the meteoric rise of this pop legend. During this research, we unearthed the following fascinating fact about the origins of "Sailing".
When Christopher was young, he had a friend that used to invite him to go sailing in Texas. Christopher enjoyed the activity as a way to get away from the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. As he said on the Howard Stern radio show, if the guy had taken him bowling and he enjoyed it -- the song could have actually become "Bowling".
Doesn't he sound deep??? The next fact is as equally informative. This time it's in regards to the use of flamingos on his album covers.
There is no real meaning behind the flamingo. An original band member painted the cover of Christopher's first album, many years prior to CC signing on with Warner Bros. They kept the painting in their rehearsal room and always talked about how it would be the first cover. Well their dream came true, and WB agreed to use the artwork as a basis for the first cover. It just happened to have a flamingo in it. And Christopher has continued to use it on occasion ever since. But there is no hidden meaning behind them.
Jaw-droppingly interesting isn't he? Happy Birthday from Sherman! We leave you with one of his best.....


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