Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sherman Inquisition

Today we launch the first in our "Sherman Inquisition" series. A series of 10 questions Sherman will pose to whomever he feels like it! A quick and easy way to get to know some of your favorite folks! Our first guest is qpe Big love to qpe for being the inaugural inquisition.

1. heaven or reincarnation
somewhere between the two. sounds like i am avoiding the question, hunh. but that is my answer and i am sticking to it.

2. dog or cat
cat (as i am answer this my cat is carefully sharpening his claws two feet away. i'd answer the same even if he weren't. really... i would)

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
i assume we are talking cookies? oatmeal raisin cookies rule. chocolate chip cookies are good. but i'll take oatmeal raisin...... again i am sticking to this answer.

4. mac or pc
mac. 'nuff said.

5. love at first sight or hard to get
love at first sight. hard to get is so 1980s.

6. city or country
city. i love urban architecture. i love city living

7. Grey Goose or Heineken
neither. i don't drink. never have.

8. vintage or modern
tough one. i am a little of both. vintage adidas shoes.... but vintage to the point of fetish.

9. t-shirts or sneakers
sneakers rule. but i have a nice t-shirt collection too.

10. shower or tub
shower. i am a new york on the go.

Hey Seattle! Sherman just wants to give you a headz up on some great house music rolling through town over the next month or so! Get out and shake it y'all!

Fri. May 5th - Kaskade @ Trinity
Sat. May 20th - Miguel Migs @ Chop Suey
Sat. May 27th - Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe Sound System) @ LOFI
Fri. June 9th - Lil Louie Vega & Greenskeepers @ Trinity

That's it for today! Have a safe and happy weekend!

Sherman loves you!


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