Monday, May 15, 2006

Shame on you....

Happy Monday my friends. This day started with the news that The Concretes had their guitars, an organ and a euphonium stolen after their New York gig over the weekend. This is a disturbing trend happening way too often and it seems to happen after gigs at the Bowery. Shame on the perpetrators! Hey Seattle, don't forget the Concretes will be at the Crocodile this Thursday hopefully with replacement instruments in tow!

Did you all hear the super cool thing that Imogen Heap is doing for her Florida shows tonight and tomorrow?? She posted on MySpace that she is seeking an opening act for her shows in Miami and Orlando! Here's the post:
We're looking for a professional sounding solo artist whose music would be well-suited alongside Imogen's (thrash metallers need not apply!) to support her in Miami and/or Orlando. You must be able to provide your own transport and equipment and be available to play on May 15th and/or 16th 2006. The less equipment you have the better - we're looking for someone with a very simple live set-up as space is tight. You don't need to be signed, however you do need to have a professional attitude and have experience of performing live/opening for another artist.
Such a great opportunity for an upstart artist! Very cool Immi!!

Here's a super good one for you Norah Jones fans (come on, she's adorable and beyond talented). It appears that she did a secret show in NYC this past weekend. After the band Pela took the stage, people were asked to stick around for No Jo. Actually it's El Madmo! Here are a couple photos of the gig! Kind of hot if you ask me.

In case you are wondering...the new Paul Simon record is good!

Another reason to love Japan comes in the form of Amigurumi! That translates into "crocheted stuffed friend"! Click here! A few of Sherman's favorites below!

Need a smile?? Check this out! The new video from Camera Obscura!!!

PS. Can someone explain to me why people hold listening parties and why Nelly Furtado is recording with Timbaland and looking like a hooker?


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ugh those crocheted cuties are killing me. killing me i tell you!

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