Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prefuse 73 illness

Hey Seattle! Prefuse 73 has cancelled his gig at Chop Suey tomorrow night and the majority of his tour!
Here's word from his MySpace blog. Get well Guillermo!!
"Hey.. I feel compelled to write this since i'm getting a bunch of mails concerning cancelled shows(I hear you).. - - Right before i embarked on this edan/prefuse73 tour, i was diagnosed with some pretty scary and challenging things to deal with regarding my mind and health.. (that's all i want to go into it as far as details are concerned.))) I thought I would just plow through these shows and deal with my problems from the road because i'm a stubborn old man. Instead, my friends, my doctors, and everyone I know have strongly advised me to not go through with this tour or at least shorten it... My point is this_ I am so very sorry for having to cancel the routing of the tour for the cats that won't be able to see us. I'm thinking of a way to make it up. I think disappointing fans is the worst feeling when all the touring i do is for the fans - i do not go home rich, we still play in mid size clubs to the heads... So far you've been so great to Edan/Dagha and Prefuse... The shows have been very fun+ forgive my groggy existence. Thank you so much. Please no worries for me, i'm under great care. + I'll update the dates ok? GRACIAS!!! GSH."


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