Monday, May 08, 2006

Dudley Does Right

We have our next installment in the Sherman Inquisition and it's from Dudley Perkins!!! Thanks Dudley! Don't forget to pick up Expressions (2012 a.u.) so you too can answer the question "How'd u get so funky Dudley?".

The Sherman Inquisition

1. heaven or reincarnation
Everybody knows heaven is terminology, reincarnation.....

2. dog or cat
Isn't that separatism?

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
don't eat too many cookies

4. mac or pc
who's the mac?

5. love at first sight or hard to get
love at first sight

6. city or country
which country?

7. Grey Goose or Heineken

8. vintage or modern

9. t-shirts or sneakers

10. shower or tub
shower in the tub

You have to check out this blog! It is a group of people who are waging war on the concept of the gated community! I love people! More power to them!

Ok house music fans! It's time to discuss a man who has been making serious educated funky house for many years now. Kevin Yost is truly a god in the world of funky house music. There isn't a record in his discography that isn't out of this world. His latest release showcases some of his best while giving us 7 brand new and exclusive tracks. Once again, he is working with Peter Funk (Big Sexy Sessions). Together Kevin & Peter have created some of the deepest and sexiest house with basslines that knock you to your knees ("Another World", "Dreams of You", "On My Watch"). They can truly do no wrong! BeatKilla is their latest 12 track mix. A relentless soundtrack of ass shakin' finery! You must own this! If you are new to Mr. Yost, these are the essentials for you to have: Straight Outa The Boon Dox, One Starry Night, Small Town Underground and Road Less Traveled. These are exceptional discs for any collection! The man knows what he is doing and he better keep doing it!!! FYI-he's not only an amazing DJ/producer, but a talented musician, as well.

Here's a little something to take your mind off of work and such. It should serve as a good way to get lost on the internet and a great way to expose yourself to a talent that blows my mind. Enjoy the work of John Maeda!


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