Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cinque Cento

Last year, Sherman discovered a release from Norwegian based artist Cinque Cento (aka TD Nicholson), called Lake Shore Drive. This melodic, dubby masterpiece is absolutely delightful. This record received much critical acclaim, but was under the radar. It is widely available and a must have for the summer. His knack for infectious basslines and choosing sultry vocalists (Anita Nansy Valderhaug for example) results in a breathtaking debut. TD has been kind enough to answer the Sherman Inquisition today! Many thanks and looking forward to more from you soon!

The Sherman Inquisition
1. heaven or reincarnation

Reincarnation. Heaven sounds a bore.

2. dog or cat

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
Since it's early in the morning, I'd go for oatmeal. But definitely chocolate chip later on.

4. mac or pc

5. love at first sight or hard to get
Love at third sight (approximately). Not very observant. Bad wiring eyes-brain. Tends to be interpreted as hard to get.

6. city or country
City. Definitely.

7. Grey Goose or Heineken

8. vintage or modern
It depends...retro modern I guess - the best of both worlds.

9. t-shirts or sneakers
Thought they went together. Anyway - sneakers.

10. shower or tub
Shower alone, tub with someone.

Spent some time with the new Zero 7 record last night. Great to hear them again. This is definitely a departure for them on many levels. More upbeat, only one female vocalist (Sia- my hero), the addition of Jose Gonzalez, and the band's own Henry Binns adding vocal culminate in a bigger more cinematic sound for the band. I love the track "The Pageant of the Bizarre"! Sia Furler sounds better than ever and weaves this song into a nod to the 70's. An era that Sherman adores. Another aspect that adds a 70's vibe to the record is the odd fact that Jose Gonzalez sounds a tad like Gilbert O'Sullivan (the man who created Sherman's fave guilty pleasure "Alone Again, Naturally"). This is not a bad thing by any stretch. It adds a warmth to the record. Glad to hear Sam and Henry still making music that pushes a few envelopes and looking forward to the summer tour of the US.

Hey Seattle! Get ready for the Decibel Festival! This year's fest will be Sept. 14-17! Line up is coming soon!

Here's little guilty pleasure Sherman ran across yesterday and wanted to share. It needs no introduction!

Don't forget the Seattle International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow!!!!


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