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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sherman loves Dionne....

even with her moustache.....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Meet Mocky

Sherman is falling in love with Mocky and wants to share that love. Enjoy this video featuring the one and only Feist! Have a great 3 day! Sherman loves you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cinque Cento

Last year, Sherman discovered a release from Norwegian based artist Cinque Cento (aka TD Nicholson), called Lake Shore Drive. This melodic, dubby masterpiece is absolutely delightful. This record received much critical acclaim, but was under the radar. It is widely available and a must have for the summer. His knack for infectious basslines and choosing sultry vocalists (Anita Nansy Valderhaug for example) results in a breathtaking debut. TD has been kind enough to answer the Sherman Inquisition today! Many thanks and looking forward to more from you soon!

The Sherman Inquisition
1. heaven or reincarnation

Reincarnation. Heaven sounds a bore.

2. dog or cat

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
Since it's early in the morning, I'd go for oatmeal. But definitely chocolate chip later on.

4. mac or pc

5. love at first sight or hard to get
Love at third sight (approximately). Not very observant. Bad wiring eyes-brain. Tends to be interpreted as hard to get.

6. city or country
City. Definitely.

7. Grey Goose or Heineken

8. vintage or modern
It depends...retro modern I guess - the best of both worlds.

9. t-shirts or sneakers
Thought they went together. Anyway - sneakers.

10. shower or tub
Shower alone, tub with someone.

Spent some time with the new Zero 7 record last night. Great to hear them again. This is definitely a departure for them on many levels. More upbeat, only one female vocalist (Sia- my hero), the addition of Jose Gonzalez, and the band's own Henry Binns adding vocal culminate in a bigger more cinematic sound for the band. I love the track "The Pageant of the Bizarre"! Sia Furler sounds better than ever and weaves this song into a nod to the 70's. An era that Sherman adores. Another aspect that adds a 70's vibe to the record is the odd fact that Jose Gonzalez sounds a tad like Gilbert O'Sullivan (the man who created Sherman's fave guilty pleasure "Alone Again, Naturally"). This is not a bad thing by any stretch. It adds a warmth to the record. Glad to hear Sam and Henry still making music that pushes a few envelopes and looking forward to the summer tour of the US.

Hey Seattle! Get ready for the Decibel Festival! This year's fest will be Sept. 14-17! Line up is coming soon!

Here's little guilty pleasure Sherman ran across yesterday and wanted to share. It needs no introduction!

Don't forget the Seattle International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whether you like 'em or not....

Go out and buy the new Dixie Chicks record!!! The country has finally caught up to what we have all known...the Dixie Chicks were right! The fact that people are still threatening them, protesting them and supporting Bush is the biggest atrocity around! Buy it or download it, even if you don't listen to it. Just do it! Last time I checked, freedom of speech was still valid. Sherman loves the new record, by the way!

Sol Seppy

Thanks to JW in Seattle, I can watch this gorgeous video anytime. It's from London artist Sol Seppy. Enjoy!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Friday, May 19, 2006

Immi does "Hallelujah"

I didn't catch the O.C. last night. Don't think I ever have, but here's the track that Imogen Heap supplied for the season finale. Here's some info from Immi on how the track came about.
"I had no time at all before I went on tour...and in the beginning I actually had to turn it down because I didn't think I could do it. (To produce a song usually takes me at least a week!). So I was in the shower, singing it....feeling bad....then I just thought to myself that's the only way I could do it, and actually it struck me as the perfect way to do it as there are sooo many versions of the song already but none without music. So I suggested to Josh (Schwartz - The OC) that was all I could do....I picked a couple of verses sung it in the wee hours, completely 100o music, no harmonies, one voice, and only the sound of London recorded from my balcony at 3am humming in the background for some atmosphere - and had it off to him the next day and he loved it!"

Well hello Friday

Hey all! Happy weekend to you all! Super happy that it is finally here! Even happier that next weekend is a holiday weekend! Can I get an "amen"???

I would like to start off today by expressing my grave concern for Britney Spears. Brit Brit has been a guilty pleasure since her arrival on the pop scene. Word from NYC today is that she nearly fell while carrying Preston. Come on Brit. You've hired a nanny so use him. Why are you juggling a child and a drink while you are wearing horrible pants that you are tripping over? It all really worries me. On top of that, she is pregnant again. Any concern about the child you are carrying? This is all too much for me. I think we may have lost her for good.

Ok, onto more important things. Mr. Andy "cuter than a button" Caldwell was kind enough to answer the Sherman Inquisition this week. Many thanks to him for taking time out of his crazy schedule to share his replies! Don't forget to pick up his debut release, Universal Truth, next Tuesday.

The Sherman Inquisition
1. heaven or reincarnation
Reincarnation as a plant

2. dog or cat

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip

4. mac or pc

5. love at first sight or hard to get
Love at First friggin sight

6. city or country
Used to be city, but I'm leaning more toward country near the city now

7. Grey Goose or Heineken
Grey Goose

8. vintage or modern
Modern with a vintage flair

9. t-shirts or sneakers


10. shower or tub
Tub please

Now for the final installment of Sherman's French & Saunders series! We hope you have enjoyed them! Honestly, if you don't know then already, you NEED to get your hands on the DVD's and educate yourself on just how flippin' funny these women are!
Today's clip is dedicated to JL!

Here's a litte something for the raver in all of us!

Look for Tribe Called Quest to tour this Fall! No word on a new record yet, but there's hope!!

Sherman has been loving the new record from Phoenix! Released this week, It's Never Been Like That is solid from start to finish. You'll be hearing this record soon if you haven't already. Sherman is really loving the fact that lead singer, Thomas Mars is dating Sofia Coppola!!!

Looks like clouds are returning to our fair city today. Try to find some indoor fun to get you through! Here's a few suggestions:
The new Cupcake Royale has opened in West Seattle! Today is the grand opening! / Lyrics Born @ Neumo's Fri / The Bellrays @ Sunset Tavern Fri / "Over The Hedge" and "Drawing Restraint" hit theatres / Maya Lin continues @ the Henry Art Gallery / Go shopping @ Uwajimaya in the ID / Miguel Migs @ Chop Suey Sat

Remember, Sherman loves you!
Oh and here's another shot of Wembley!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ooh la la.....

Check out Goldfrapp on Letterman!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Be sure to watch the season finale of the O.C. tonight as it is packed with Imogen Heap! Here's word from her MySpace page.
Exactly one year to the day that 'Hide and Seek' closed the gripping season 2 finale Imogen is back with two new songs on the show closing the current season!
Brand new track 'Speeding Cars' will be featured during the show and on top of this Immi has recorded a very special OC-exclusive a capella version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'! Jeff Buckley's legendary version of this song closed the OC season 1 finale, and now Immi's version will be used to close season 3. Don't miss it!

Sherman is not an O.C. fan, but come on it's Immi!!!

Here's today's dose of French & Saunders! Tell me they aren't brilliant!!!!

Here's what Sherman has been listening to lately.
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country
The Sounds - Dying To Say This To You
Barbara Morgenstern - The Operator
Kaito - Hundred Million Light Years
Nino Moschella - The Fix
Andy Caldwell - Universal Truth
Fort Knox Presents - The New Gold Standard

Thanks to DC here in Seattle for this fantastic tip! Be sure to track through all of the songs! Let's just say Germans and country music ROCK!!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear Andy Caldwell's response to the Sherman Inquisition! Off to enjoy another sunshine day in Seattle!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Concretes Cancel Tour

Just got word from Astralwerks that the Concretes have cancelled the remainder of their tour due to illness. Sorry to hear that!

Morgan Page submits to the Inquisition

If you are lucky enough to reside in Seattle, you are probably wearing flip-flops and shorts today! It's another sunny day in our fair city! Man, this city rocks when it's nice out! The mountains are covered in snow, boats are out on the sound and people are downright giddy! Happy sunny day all!

DJ/Producer extraordinare, Morgan Page, has answered the Sherman Inquisition! Many thanks for taking the time to do it! He's as busy as ever these days! Check out his fabulous remix of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek"!!! He did that song the justice it deserved!!! Enjoy some yummy downloads from Morgan as well!

The Sherman Inquisition
1. heaven or reincarnation

2. dog or cat

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
chocolate chip

4. mac or pc

5. love at first sight or hard to get
hard to get

6. city or country

7. Grey Goose or Heineken
grey goose

8. vintage or modern

9. t-shirts or sneakers

10. shower or tub
shower, but hot tubs are great. :)

Thanks again Morgan! Sherman loves you!!!

Ok t-shirt fans (who isn't?), get yourself some cool stuff here!

Here's your French & Saunders fix for the day!!!

Just heard the debut artist album from Andy Caldwell! Great stuff! Universal Truth hits stores next Tuesday on Om Records! Look for some help from Gina Rene (Soulstice) and Lisa Shaw on this one! Perfect summer record!!! It's about time we heard more than just his DJ skills! Look for a tour including vocalists featured on the record! Hit up his MySpace page for a listen!

Get ready for the Seattle International Film Festival running May 25th-June 18th! One stand out event listed is Melodic Meshes with Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie on June 17th at the Egyptian!!!

Hidden treasure of the day comes in the form of Texas Lightning! It's a new brand of guilty pleasure courtesy of Germany!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prefuse 73 illness

Hey Seattle! Prefuse 73 has cancelled his gig at Chop Suey tomorrow night and the majority of his tour!
Here's word from his MySpace blog. Get well Guillermo!!
"Hey.. I feel compelled to write this since i'm getting a bunch of mails concerning cancelled shows(I hear you).. - - Right before i embarked on this edan/prefuse73 tour, i was diagnosed with some pretty scary and challenging things to deal with regarding my mind and health.. (that's all i want to go into it as far as details are concerned.))) I thought I would just plow through these shows and deal with my problems from the road because i'm a stubborn old man. Instead, my friends, my doctors, and everyone I know have strongly advised me to not go through with this tour or at least shorten it... My point is this_ I am so very sorry for having to cancel the routing of the tour for the cats that won't be able to see us. I'm thinking of a way to make it up. I think disappointing fans is the worst feeling when all the touring i do is for the fans - i do not go home rich, we still play in mid size clubs to the heads... So far you've been so great to Edan/Dagha and Prefuse... The shows have been very fun+ forgive my groggy existence. Thank you so much. Please no worries for me, i'm under great care. + I'll update the dates ok? GRACIAS!!! GSH."

The return of Nuyorican Soul

The return of a classic!!! Coming May 30th to the Hiro Ballroom in NYC!!!

Giant Step, Dance Ritual & GBH Present Nuyorican Soul Sessions 1

LIVE Performance & Album Release Celebration of "Percussions Maddness" by Vega Records Recording Artist LUISITO QUINTERO (Rapster/K7)

W/Special Invited Guests Blaze, Anane, Francis Mbappe & more!

Music Selectors: Masters at Work (Louie Vega & Kenny Dope) Joe Claussell (Sacred Rhythm)
playing DJ Sets of Brazilian Samba/Bossa, Salsa Classics , Afrocuban/African Rhythms, Jazz/Latin Soul!!!

Dress to Impress, Nuyorican Soul Style! 21+ w/ID

Limited number of advace tickets available through Giant Step!

New Zero 7 Video!!!!

Press play to watch Zero 7 - Throw It All Away

Zero 7's MySpace Page

French & Saunders

Ok, so sometimes Sherman digresses from music to talk about other things that make him happy. Today we share his deep love for the British comedy duo of French & Saunders. Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley) and Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) are quite possibly two of the funniest people on the planet. Recent releases of their DVDs can attest to that fact. They are hysterical! Clever, silly, over the top and pure comic genius. Each day this week, Sherman will share a favorite clip from their BBC show. Maybe you already know them and will be thrilled to watch or perhaps you have no idea of whom I speak and will be giddy over the enlightenment! Either way, enjoy!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Shame on you....

Happy Monday my friends. This day started with the news that The Concretes had their guitars, an organ and a euphonium stolen after their New York gig over the weekend. This is a disturbing trend happening way too often and it seems to happen after gigs at the Bowery. Shame on the perpetrators! Hey Seattle, don't forget the Concretes will be at the Crocodile this Thursday hopefully with replacement instruments in tow!

Did you all hear the super cool thing that Imogen Heap is doing for her Florida shows tonight and tomorrow?? She posted on MySpace that she is seeking an opening act for her shows in Miami and Orlando! Here's the post:
We're looking for a professional sounding solo artist whose music would be well-suited alongside Imogen's (thrash metallers need not apply!) to support her in Miami and/or Orlando. You must be able to provide your own transport and equipment and be available to play on May 15th and/or 16th 2006. The less equipment you have the better - we're looking for someone with a very simple live set-up as space is tight. You don't need to be signed, however you do need to have a professional attitude and have experience of performing live/opening for another artist.
Such a great opportunity for an upstart artist! Very cool Immi!!

Here's a super good one for you Norah Jones fans (come on, she's adorable and beyond talented). It appears that she did a secret show in NYC this past weekend. After the band Pela took the stage, people were asked to stick around for No Jo. Actually it's El Madmo! Here are a couple photos of the gig! Kind of hot if you ask me.

In case you are wondering...the new Paul Simon record is good!

Another reason to love Japan comes in the form of Amigurumi! That translates into "crocheted stuffed friend"! Click here! A few of Sherman's favorites below!

Need a smile?? Check this out! The new video from Camera Obscura!!!

PS. Can someone explain to me why people hold listening parties and why Nelly Furtado is recording with Timbaland and looking like a hooker?

Friday, May 12, 2006

The weekend is more than a feeling....

Sherman loves you!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dusk Tribute

May 12th in Los Angeles
Help celebrate the life of DJ Dusk!
All proceeds donated to the charities
Dusk was affiliated with!

Afrika Bambaataa | Kool DJ Herc | Jazzy Jay

The New Generation:
Cut Chemist | Z-Trip | Haul and Mason| Blu Jemz
Azul | Haycock | Jeremy Sole

Prima Lux Residents:
Pablo Like Picasso | Expo

Located @ Club So-Ho (LAEC)
333 S. Boyston St. Los Angeles, CA MAP IT
For further inquiries, email artdontsleep@sbcglobal.net
$20 presale (limited) $25 at the door :: 21+ :: 9pm - 3am

The world needs Knitta

First off, Sherman would like to pay tribute to a dear friend lost this week in Brooklyn. Violet (an iPod) died this week just shy of her second birthday. She was the inspiration for Sherman and his blog is now dedicated to her from this day forward.

Hey all! Hope you are having a splentastic week! Sherman has been a busy bee with Wembley the magic greyhound. Wembley is adjusting great and loves having a real home! Can't say enough about adopting a greyhound. They just want love and a couch.

I hope you are all aware of the Knitta Crew. These wonderful people are "tagging" anything and everything with handknit treats! They are in need of more yarn as it is a costly endeavor. If you are so inclined, please send yarn donations to the following address: Knitta c/o Domy Books 1709 Westhiemer, Houston, TX 77098. Give 'em a hand folks! It's well worth it! Check out the tag slideshow in their site!

Now onto some music. Everyone knows that Sherman has a Feist crush, but that crush just turned up a notch with the release of Open Season: Remixes & Collabs. This 15 song collection is a must for all fans of this Canadian chanteuse. It is all that and more. Four different versions of "Mushaboom", an achingly sexy acoustic version of "Inside and Out" that will make you tingle in all your naughty parts and a duet with Jane Birkin on "The Simple Life" that is close to perfection, all lead up to the fact that Feist is fantastic! This artist deserves all the accolades and attention she can possibly get. Look for her in NYC June 25th for the Central Park Summerstage concerts and here in Seattle on Sept. 4th for Bumbershoot. Ahhh...girls with guitars.....Check out the latest Pitchfork interview here.

Attention Dangerdoom fans! We all know that there is an EP in the works based on Adult Swim, but did you know that it will be a free download?? How cool is that? Starting May 15th, you can download a new track each week until May 30th when the whole darm things will be available! This release will feature Madlib along with samples and such from all your Adult Swim favorites! Check their site for details.

Great site just discovered. Enjoy!

Gotsta run! Kisses from Sherman!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dudley Does Right

We have our next installment in the Sherman Inquisition and it's from Dudley Perkins!!! Thanks Dudley! Don't forget to pick up Expressions (2012 a.u.) so you too can answer the question "How'd u get so funky Dudley?".

The Sherman Inquisition

1. heaven or reincarnation
Everybody knows heaven is terminology, reincarnation.....

2. dog or cat
Isn't that separatism?

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
don't eat too many cookies

4. mac or pc
who's the mac?

5. love at first sight or hard to get
love at first sight

6. city or country
which country?

7. Grey Goose or Heineken

8. vintage or modern

9. t-shirts or sneakers

10. shower or tub
shower in the tub

You have to check out this blog! It is a group of people who are waging war on the concept of the gated community! I love people! More power to them!

Ok house music fans! It's time to discuss a man who has been making serious educated funky house for many years now. Kevin Yost is truly a god in the world of funky house music. There isn't a record in his discography that isn't out of this world. His latest release showcases some of his best while giving us 7 brand new and exclusive tracks. Once again, he is working with Peter Funk (Big Sexy Sessions). Together Kevin & Peter have created some of the deepest and sexiest house with basslines that knock you to your knees ("Another World", "Dreams of You", "On My Watch"). They can truly do no wrong! BeatKilla is their latest 12 track mix. A relentless soundtrack of ass shakin' finery! You must own this! If you are new to Mr. Yost, these are the essentials for you to have: Straight Outa The Boon Dox, One Starry Night, Small Town Underground and Road Less Traveled. These are exceptional discs for any collection! The man knows what he is doing and he better keep doing it!!! FYI-he's not only an amazing DJ/producer, but a talented musician, as well.

Here's a little something to take your mind off of work and such. It should serve as a good way to get lost on the internet and a great way to expose yourself to a talent that blows my mind. Enjoy the work of John Maeda!

What did Sherman do this weekend?

Let's see....he is now the proud owner of WEMBLEY the retired racing greyhound!

Friday, May 05, 2006

CSPAN stinks

Sorry if you have tried to access the Stephen Colbert videos that Sherman posted earlier in the week. They were yanked off of You Tube by the kind folks at CSPAN claiming copyright infringement. You can now check it out courtesy of Google Video. Click here and fast forward until you see our hero, Stephen Colbert.

The Sherman Inquisition

Today we launch the first in our "Sherman Inquisition" series. A series of 10 questions Sherman will pose to whomever he feels like it! A quick and easy way to get to know some of your favorite folks! Our first guest is qpe Big love to qpe for being the inaugural inquisition.

1. heaven or reincarnation
somewhere between the two. sounds like i am avoiding the question, hunh. but that is my answer and i am sticking to it.

2. dog or cat
cat (as i am answer this my cat is carefully sharpening his claws two feet away. i'd answer the same even if he weren't. really... i would)

3. oatmeal or chocolate chip
i assume we are talking cookies? oatmeal raisin cookies rule. chocolate chip cookies are good. but i'll take oatmeal raisin...... again i am sticking to this answer.

4. mac or pc
mac. 'nuff said.

5. love at first sight or hard to get
love at first sight. hard to get is so 1980s.

6. city or country
city. i love urban architecture. i love city living

7. Grey Goose or Heineken
neither. i don't drink. never have.

8. vintage or modern
tough one. i am a little of both. vintage adidas shoes.... but vintage to the point of fetish.

9. t-shirts or sneakers
sneakers rule. but i have a nice t-shirt collection too.

10. shower or tub
shower. i am a new york on the go.

Hey Seattle! Sherman just wants to give you a headz up on some great house music rolling through town over the next month or so! Get out and shake it y'all!

Fri. May 5th - Kaskade @ Trinity
Sat. May 20th - Miguel Migs @ Chop Suey
Sat. May 27th - Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe Sound System) @ LOFI
Fri. June 9th - Lil Louie Vega & Greenskeepers @ Trinity

That's it for today! Have a safe and happy weekend!

Sherman loves you!

Squirm much?!?!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ubiquity & Agriculture RULE!

First off, a tribute for DJ Dusk! Found this on MySpace today! The LA music community is paying tribute throughout the internet.

The music Sherman is talking about today would all be DJ Dusk approved, no doubt about it. Ubiquity continues to churn out some of the finest collections and new releases heard this year! Let's talk about Bay Area Funk 2 for starters. This is the second collection on the Luv N'Haight imprint contains rarities and underground tracks that have been remastered for this recording. All of this is done by contacting the artists and legally obtaining all of the material. Some of these were one hit wonders, while others reflected the successful careers of the artists chosen. The collection kicks off with Mary Love doing "Born To Live With Heartache" and travels the road from soul to funk all the way until Mike Selesia's "Brute Strength" (rumor has it his band ate LSD laced Tootsie Rolls before performing). There is not a miss on this record. Fantastic from start to finish. The pops and hisses that remain only add to the grit and groove of this funky masterpiece.

Next up is Rewind!5. The latest in this innovative series launched by Ubiquity in 2002, follows in the footsteps of it's predecessor by containing all brand new cover songs made from scratch! Every track on here is an exclusive! Black Shakespeare covering Fleetwood Mac, NuSpirit Helsinki doing Led Zeppelin and Psapp doing a track from The Aristocats (yeah, THAT Aristocats)! Great song choices, strong production and outstanding musicians merge in one place for just this one time! Enjoy it! While you are picking up some Ubiquity releases, be sure to check out NOMO's release New Tones, while you're at it. Recently signed to the label, this Detroit 8 piece multi-instrumentalist outfit creates serious party music for the funk and soul minded. They even cover a Joanna Newsom track on this! Leftfield to say the least!

Now onto the latest from Brooklyn's Agriculture Label. At this point, they are right up there in Sherman's label loves of the year (they may be edging toward #1 if this keeps up). Once 11 has released Smile Hunter. I planned on giving you some bio info on him, but click here for that. This guy is unstoppable! I was tired after 2 paragraphs! This is serious electronic dub my friends. The kind of sound that makes you feel like it's all gonna be alright. It's deep, fuzzy and sparse yet still has structure to it. More please!!!! Sherman bows down to Larry Stone (label founder) and gives great thanks! You and your vision are most appreciated!!!

Today is a big day in the world of guilty pleasures! It is the 55th birthday of Christopher "Ride Like The Wind" Cross! Sherman spent some time researching the meteoric rise of this pop legend. During this research, we unearthed the following fascinating fact about the origins of "Sailing".
When Christopher was young, he had a friend that used to invite him to go sailing in Texas. Christopher enjoyed the activity as a way to get away from the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. As he said on the Howard Stern radio show, if the guy had taken him bowling and he enjoyed it -- the song could have actually become "Bowling".
Doesn't he sound deep??? The next fact is as equally informative. This time it's in regards to the use of flamingos on his album covers.
There is no real meaning behind the flamingo. An original band member painted the cover of Christopher's first album, many years prior to CC signing on with Warner Bros. They kept the painting in their rehearsal room and always talked about how it would be the first cover. Well their dream came true, and WB agreed to use the artwork as a basis for the first cover. It just happened to have a flamingo in it. And Christopher has continued to use it on occasion ever since. But there is no hidden meaning behind them.
Jaw-droppingly interesting isn't he? Happy Birthday from Sherman! We leave you with one of his best.....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Love from Sprout

Forgot something...

Great article in the Washington Post about Pitchfork. Just wanted to share.


Just received word from Scott K. that DJ Dusk was hit and killed by a drunk driver on Saturday night. This is a tremendous loss for the LA dj community and all who knew him! This guy had serious records! Rare Grooves like no other! We send condolences to his family and friends.

Kim's comin' back!!!

Sherman is jumping for joy over the news that Sonic Youth will play the Moore Theatre on June 30th! Ticket info to come! Anyone who attended their last show at the Showbox knows that they are just getting better with age! Can't wait!

Check out some great Dudley Perkins info from the BBC. I hope you own his new record. Great stuff!

Those of you who reside in LA are in for quite a night of music on May 25th. The Mayan will be hosting a benefit for graphic designer extraordinaire, Keith Tamashiro who suffered a brain aneurysm in March and is still hospitalized. This is an unforgettable line up for a great cause! He has designed covers for everyone from Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow to Herbie Hancock. He's a great friend of Stones Throw, as well.

Lucky Seattlites get their chance to relive the 80's when Hall & Oates make a visit to The Paramount on June 9th. "You Make My Dreams Come True" has been on Sherman's brain ever since hearing the news! Enjoy the following!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Stephen Colbert is Genius!

Ok, Sherman is not one to be political, but just wants to share this brilliant series of videos from the White House Press Correspondents dinner this past week! Tell me he is not speaking for all of us! It's in 3 parts! Watch it all!!!