Friday, April 14, 2006

Where you been Sherm???

Hey everyone! I's been like FOREVER since Sherman had an update. Well, let's see where we can start. Flipping through Sherman's datebook, we last left you as he boarded a plane to Austin, TX. Yes, visiting Austin a week after the mayhem that was SXSW. Went down there for a birthday celebration (never been there as an adult and wanted to check it out). What a mess!!! I always have good luck while travelling, but the luck ran out on this one. There was the occasional highlight, but overall it was a bust. Let's talk about the good times first. Had the tremendous pleasure of seeing the Go-Go's (yes, those Go-Go's) at Stubb's BBQ. They are touring in celebration of the 25th (how old am ?) anniversary of Beauty and the Beat!!! They actually performed the album in it's entirety! Starting things off with "Our Lips Are Sealed", the girls were in fine form! They all looked and sounded fantastic! Belinda still has it! Only she can do that certain dance, you know the one. The hips start moving, the arms cross and she spins around like nobody's business. Great to see a crowd of folks reliving their youth and exposing their kids to the band! All that and 6 different kinds of meat! What a night!

The next evening was spent at Threadgill's. An Austin legend! The original location is where Janis Joplin got her start. Personally, we were headed there for their "world famous chicken fried steak"! Got there and grabbed dinner and some cocktails (Texas Tea) and saw the band of the evening setting up. Always up for live music, we hung out and enjoyed a night of Buck Owens and Cindy Walker tunes courtesy of Jason Roberts and Elizabeth McQueen, member's of the Grammy award winning band, Asleep at the Wheel. Talk about great music! We could not believe how great they were! All this and gravy too! Had some drinks and learned why Buck and Cindy will be dearly missed! Here's a sample of some menu items from the night.

SPINACH & ARTICHOKE DIP served with chips 4.25
Served over French Fries 6.25
served over french fries
WARNING: SPICY! 4 large chicken strips dipped in our wing sauce and served with bleu cheese dressing and celery. 6.45
served over french fries 6.25
Flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, mixed cheeses, black beans, and diced green chilies. Served with our roasted corn salsa. Add sour cream .50 6.95
Flour tortillas stuffed with mixed cheeses, diced green chilies, fresh spinach, mushrooms, and black beans. Served with our roasted corn salsa. Add sour cream .50 6.45

Is it any wonder I got food poisoning that night?????????????

Ok, last highlight of the trip was seeing Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins at the Parish Room. The doors were at 9 PM, so to assure space (it was sold out), we got there around 10 PM and sat through some painful opening bands. The evening just kept getting later and later. Sherman began to wonder if this was the norm in Austin. It wasn't. The crowd grew restless as 11:30 rolled around with no sign of Ms. Lewis (though a Watson Twin had been spotted by the merch table). It was a school night and folks were anxious for the show to start. After countless sound checks and endless guitar tuning, they took the stage just after midnight. The sound was full and rich and dead on! That girl can sing! Performing material from their debut release and peppering it with a couple new tracks, they sounded spectacular. At times, it felt as if Lewis was channeling Dusty Springfield. Looking foward to more music from them and soon!!! P.S. The Parish Room is a great tiny venue!!!

Ok, so those were the highlights. The rest of the Austin trip was a disaster. We lost power at our hotel and they had to relocate us (that was the city's fault). The hotel that lost power had the rudest staff on earth and we no help at all. The new hotel was great, but our credit card was double charged (subsequently fixed). The people of Austin were foul. They all had attitude because of just getting over SXSW. They didn't want to see or speak to another tourist. Mean, mean people. The city received record rainfall while we were there, as well. INSANE! I will spare you the details of the food poisoning night, but that was a special kind of nightmare. Overall, there is no need to go back to Austin. Yes, the mexican food was good, but I can get that in California. Sorry to all who find that town so wonderful. I just couldn't figure out why.

After Austin, Sherman took some r & r in the Palm Springs area. Much needed rest and sunshine! You should see his tanlines!!! Upon arrival home from California, Sherman had to pack up his gadgets and get ready to move. Not too far away mind you, but out of the city. Instead of viewing the Space Needle everyday, it's now Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains! Still settling in the new digs, but close to having it feel like home!

Thanks to all of Sherm's readers for their patience during this hectic month! You all rock and Sherman loves you!

Oh, one more thing! Had the great pleasure of seeing Sia at the Crocodile last week. She is astounding, charming, wonderful, amazing, mesmerizing and downright talented beyond words! Hearing her sing "Breathe Me" live was nothing short of magic! Sounds like she'll be back with Zero 7 sometime this summer!!!

Ok all! Sherman is glad to be back and will get back on the blogging track! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!


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