Thursday, April 20, 2006

Voom Voom!

No that's not the sound of Sherman's car, it's a new project featuring three of the hottest folks in electronic music. Peter Kruder (of K & D and Peace Orchestra fame), and Christian Prommer & Roland Appel (Fauna Flash & Truby Trio) have all come together to release Pengpeng on !K7 Records. Voom Voom brings together a breadth of talent that can only result in something off the grid! It is an outstanding record! It's got everything a great house record should have, but with touches only these three can share. It's as if they got together for the simple reason of having a good time and allowing us to share in it. You'll be hearing this record in the clubs and when you do, I dare you to sit still! This is a keeper! A very hot record indeed!

Keeping with a car theme. Here's a video guilty pleasure for y'all.

Head over to Imogen Heap's MySpace page to hear a b-side from the "Goodnight and Go" single! You'll also find US tour dates for May!!!

Check out the first official video from Boards of Canada!!!

Art fans may want to check out the new online gallery available on the Saatchi Gallery website! INSANE!


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