Thursday, April 27, 2006

Massive Thanks

Massive Attack put on a stellar performance last night at the Paramount! Hope you were lucky enough to be there. Horace Andy was nothing short of brilliant and adorable! Liz Fraser was there!!! Yup, she was. (I guess her partner plays drums on the tour.) Deborah Miller was in fine voice and Daddy G and 3D were perfection. After overcoming a few sound issues, the group blew everyone away. "Angel" was the standout for Sherman. That track was hypnotizing! "Hymn of the Big Wheel" blew me away, as well. Angelo's guitar on "Future Proof" was mindbending. Folks in Coachella are in for a treat this Sunday! Please shoot Sherman an email if you have any photos from last night's show!! Don't forget to pick up the group's Collected disc (spring for the deluxe package!). It's a treat to have all the best in one collection!

Check this download for a great minimalist set from Sami Koivikko!! Super good!

Flunk will be doing an instore on May 4th at the Sonic Boomin Ballard! 6:30 PM with full set at Chop Suey that night!

Here's the link to check out the line up for the Concerts at Marymoor Park this summer. Yawn. Except for Sly & Robbie and Sinead!

Ok, it's the Friday before Cat Power's Monday show and she hasn't cancelled yet! Good sign for ticket holders!!!!


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