Tuesday, April 18, 2006

B's Trip to Miami

Hey gang! We all know that Sherman has been a touch remiss on posts lately. Busy little guy. Hence the reason we are late with our Winter Music Conference report. Sherm had a dear friend (thanks B) who went down for her first time (that sounded dirty, didn't it?). Here is her report, unedited for your pleasure. This comes from someone who feels music like no one else we know! Someone we actually met ON the dancefloor. Enjoy!!!

Overall, my first experience in Miami/South Beach, FL was good. I had been hesitant in the past to go to the WMC because it has gotten so big and I'm sure the spirit in which this was first conceptualized is gone due to it's size, but really, you gotta go at least once to say you've done it.

Being a newbie to this conference I wanted to be smart about the trip and the first decision I made which worked out well was taking a red-eye out Thurs. 3/23 and flew into Ft. Lauderdale (about 30-40 min. No. of Miami). A cheaper flight bought a month in advance. I semi-slept most of the way, I had the whole day before I left to organize, last minute shop and pack. Joy, Shaun (my travelling partners) and I arrived around 9:30ish on Fri. morning to blue skies, but it wasn't as warm as I had hoped. The hi 60's to low 70's was to follow us for the entire conference. Meanwhile, the day before we arrived and two days after we left the temp. was back up into the 80's!

Fri., 3/24 lo 56 hi 76
After meeting my brother, who lives in So. Miami, to get keys to his place, the three of us showered. Trying to look cute we finally made it to South Beach about 3pm. Shaun did some leg work before we left and got us guest listed at the Beach Plaza Hotel for Movim Recordings/Basic NYC afternoon parties. It didn't seem like much of a deal when they made us buy a two drink minimum before going out back into the garden to listen to music. It being our first day and being super excited we payed, drank and then proceeded to hear a little from Hipp-E, Halo, JT Donaldson, Sleepy & Boo. I didn't really care what I was hearing, I was outside wearing a tank top and listening to some house and dancing.

For the evenings activities we started out at Blue.
Venue: BLUE
Talent: MARK FARINA (Great Lakes Audio/OM),DJ HEATHER (Blackcherry/OM),KEN (Alphabet Music/ecb), ,RAOUL BELMANS (SwirlPeople/Aroma),LAWNCHAIR GENERALS (LCG Music),Jason Hodges (OM),Olivier Desmet (Amenti),Miles Maeda (World Evolution),Justin Long (.dotbleep),John Howard(OM).

The line up included Mark Farina, Heather and Lawnchair Generals. Blue was a hole in the wall, it was mad packed by 8pm and not a lot of room to dance. We decided to leave. With my brother meeting us I wanted room to talk and be able to mingle. When Stephen called to say he was outside waiting for us, was I surprised when strolling up behind me comes my boyfriend Chris who surprised me in Miami! Needless to say I was quite happy and grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the night.

After Blue, we decided to go to SoBe Live. I wasn't familiar with any of the lineup, but once again Shaun got us on the list. Here's who was there Talent: EDDIE RICHARDS:: Wiggle, Fabric UK (Miami Exclusive!!!),HIPP-E:: Soma, NRK, Nightshift,TIM BAKER:: Ovum, Novamute, Real Estate, Elephanthaus,TOM HOCH:: ,PHILIP G:: FAB Afterhours, Nightshift,SEQUENCE:: Don't Sleep Worldwide, Urban Audio.
I think we heard two different people play, but I wasn't feelin' it, but at the
same time didn't care too much because my man was there, my brother was out with
us. I was just happy. We ended up going home around 2am.

Sat. 3/25, Lo 56 Hi 76
We went back to the Beach Plaza Hotel. No 2 drink min. this time! The door guy recognized us! Due to crazy, mad expensive drink prices we bought our own liquor, hid it in our bags with Red Bull and OJ and made our own cocktails on the DL back behind the bushes. Todays lineup was real good.
Talent: Mark Farina,DJ Heather,Pete Moss,Luke McKeehan,DJ Mood,Gavin Froome,Jay Tripwire,Jon Delerious,Sleepy & Boo,Gavin Froome

Heather's set was bangin'!! Cutie Patootie DJ Mood played really well as did Farina and Gavin Froome. This was one of my best days! Sunny in the afternoon. Got my drink on and danced solid from 3pm-7pm.

That night we went to The Pawn Shop.
Talent: Norman Jay MBE (Good Times, London/ UK),Miguel Migs (Naked Music, Salted, SanFrancisco),DJ Harvey(Ministry of Sound, Map of Africa, UK/LA),Dixon (Innercity Visions, Sonar Kollektiv, Berlin),Ame (Innercity Visions, Berlin)Lisa Shaw (Naked Music, NYC),Fred Everything(20:20, Om),Andy Caldwell (Naked Music, Uno),JT Donadson (Om),Alex from Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star),

Chris graciously payed for all of us to get in. We waited in line too long. Andy Caldwell and his cute ass played well. I wasn't impressed with Miguel Migs that night, but Lisa Shaw sounded angelic as always. Fred Everything closed out the night in the big room. This club was in downtown Miami and it was one of those super-clubs, catering to the masses. That says it all.

Sun. 3/26, lo 52 hi 71
Slept in late. Went to the beach to soak up some sun. It was windy and we
didn't stay long. Tonight was a big night for me, Ben Watt at Prive!
Talent: Ben Watt (Buzzin' Fly, UK),Ame (Sonar Kollektiv, Berlin),Charles Webster (Miso, UK),Justin Martin (Buzzin' Fly),Claude VonStroke (Dirty Bird)

This venue is a posh night club. We waited in line for close to an hour, same bouncer/door guy as from the night before at The Pawn Shop. I tried to jog his memory, I think he remembered us...After pissing and moaning about waiting for sooooo long, all was forgotten the minute I stepped into Prive! Justin Martin started off the night and you were instantly in the right mood when you heard the music! Ben Watt kept it going as always and AME finished off the night. (Side note, I saw one of the Williams sisters and Paris Hilton's ass, both by the bathroom! HA!)

Mon. 3/27, lo 53 hi 75
Today my honey leaves for home. I was sad. We went and had brunch and then bid
him farewell. Again we go to the lukewarm beach. Tonight is the OM Party at Mansion.
Venue: Mansion
Talent: Mark Farina,DJ Sneak,Colette & Heather,Greenskeepers (LIVE),Marques Wyatt,Groove Junkies,Samantha James (LIVE),Rithma (LIVE),Andy Caldwell,Groove Junkies, Johnny Fiasco,John Howard,Colossus (DJ Set),JT Donaldson,Chuck Love,Fred Everything,J Boogie,DJ Fluid,+ Very Special Guests TBA

I came in as Lisa Shaw was finishing up her set. Next were Colette and Heather tag-teaming. Colette I can definitely do without, but of course my girl Heather threw down once again! Next was Farina, his set was really good, I feel like I hadn't heard him play like that in a long ass time. DJ Sneak blew my ass away!! Loved it! And Marques Wyatt closed out the night with a deep, dark set.

So, this is it for me and my mini crew. We finished off the night going to the beach just before the sun came up. Needed to catch a plane in a few hours. I had fun! I figured out few WMC tricks for the weekend. I'll be back next year!

Big love to B for the report. If you're lookin' for her, search the dancefloor this week. She'll be shakin' at Matthew Dear & King Britt!


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