Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Soulstice in SF

Lucky, lucky San Francisco residents have this to look forward to tomorrow night. Sherman is green with jealousy! This will no doubt be a special night!!!

Good cause alert!!!!
There are many T-shirts now being sold which are benefitting the fund for J Dilla/Maureen Yancey. Don't buy any off the street that are only benefitting a guy off the street. Check out I LOVE DILLA tee's designed by Waajeed at Bling47 in the states, Philippe & Serge of Plus41's WE LOVE DONUTS TOO from Low Rider TeeShirt over in Europe, and DILLA DONUTS designed by Jeff Jank at The Giant Peach. Heart/Dilla (design by Marie Sano) is coming soon to The Giant Peach.


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