Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The show will go on

The boys from Matt Pond PA will be at the Croc as scheduled tonight! What troopers! Head out to the show, love on them big and enjoy the show!! If you are in need of more music afterwards, Belle & Sebastian are on Conan tonight. Should be a good one!

A couple things to look forward to very soon. Matthew Dear as Audion will be providing the next installment for Fabric! It's out in the UK next week and if you are a Fabric member. RIGHT ON! We can also look forward to the return of Swayzak with Route De La Slack! This two cd set will include new music, remixes and lost treats! Two of the nicest guys you will ever know. Perfect releases for Spring!!!

Ok, so everyone knows that I am a huge Milosh fan. Spent most of last night and a good chunk of this morning adoring his new release, Meme. I know, there is quite a bit of gushing on this blog regarding this artist, but it is well deserved. The new record is beautiful. He is creating a new genre, "electronic balladeering". The album opens with "It's Over" and despite it's title can have a truly optimistic feeling behind it. "The City" is an ideal soundtrack for trolling. The attention to detail in "Coudn't Sleep" makes this a standout track for me. It just feels so crafted to me. Be sure to hit up iTunes for the bonus track "In My Arms". Put this on your iPod and walk and walk and walk. This provides a soundtrack for a grey day of city roaming and observing. Thank you Milosh! Big wet kisses from Sherman!!!!

ATTN: Fashionistas with video iPods!! You can get all the latest from the runways at the iTunes music store. Just search for and download for FREE!

Gotta run! See you tomorrow! Here's a little something that adds to my list of reasons to love the UK. Enjoy!


Blogger jeremy said...

So ready for the Audion Fabric. Tracklist is zany fun! P.S. I found out a little more about Quiet Village from Beats In Space which has a set from them that, strangely isn't mixed.

9:48 PM  

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