Monday, March 06, 2006

New arrival!!!

Sherman adopted a pet this weekend! Yes, he wants to see how much of a caregiver he can be. He went to the Seattle Animal Shelter and walked out with Professor Lucy Sprout. She's a dwarf hamster who was all alone and dangerously close to a giant lizard tank and a huge white rat! Sherman would not stand for that and took her home. She's a touch camera shy, so here's all we have so far.

She spends her days sleeping and then turns into a crazy one at night. She is nocturnal so she would be ideal for after hours! She is up on her wheel all night long! Man, she does not stop! Crazy! Well, one saved dwarf hamster is a good feeling!

Last week, Sherman talked about QPE on Agriculture Records. Well, all it took was one release to start to his latest label obsession. There is nothing weak on this label. I have spent time with both the DJ Olive release Bodega and David Last's The Push Pull. Foreign critics describe this music as "the sound of a Brooklyn street corner." I love them both! DJ Olive has worked with Kim Gordon, Bill Laswell, John Zorn and others before folks started pressing him to create his own releases. After the tragic events in NYC, he created Buoy as a little something to help his friends get to sleep at night. Don't be mistaken, this isn't a snoozer, it's a soul soother. It just makes you feel good. Bodega does this and more. His experiementation with sound is alive and well on this release. There's a certain feeling that washes over you when you are listening to ambient dub. It's that "every little thing's gonna be alright" feeling. This is the sound of DJ Olive. David Last's music has a bit more grit to it. It's chunky, a bit more urban and full of trippy percussion and sound. At times The Push Pull is a bit playful with it's beats and vocals. There's an underlying rhythmic organic vibe you don't find in electronic music. Check out the label site for some free downloads and their latest podcast! Watch out for this label!!! Really great stuff guys! Keep it comin'. We'll need more of this sound for our summer parties!

Before I forget, here's a little somethin' for you. This blog is bubbling over with tons and tons of live DJ sets! Enjoy! Many are current, but hit up some of the older ones, that's where you find the good stuff!

Ok, now onto a quick word on the new Stereolab disc Fab Four Suture. Sherman promised to spend some time with it. Well, not feeling this one. Not sure why, but it just isn't grabbing me. You can definitely feel that there is a new cohesiveness to the group, like they are finally getting back on their feet, but it's just not enough for me. I can't seem to formulate the words as to why this isn't tripping my trigger, but something is missing for me. I think Sherman does better when speaking of things he loves rather than the opposite. Let's leave it at that.

A word about the Oscars. Jon Stewart was fantastic! He added a touch of class and intelligence it has missed over the last few years. The only issues were the following: boring acceptance speeches with horrible music playing right over them, dolly parton not winning (how 'bout that pantsuit people), couples who showed no affection for each other (um, Reese & Ryan), actresses wearing dresses that matched their haircolor and skin tone (nearly all of them) and, of course, Joan Rivers. Other than that, things were just fine.

Hey Seattle! Magnet will be performing at East Street on Queen Anne this Friday night at 7 PM! This is not to be missed. The current record, The Tourniquet is outstanding! Magnet is Even Jobansen, yet another talented Norwegian creating music that needs to be heard. This cavalcade of acoustic instrumentation, soft vocals and electronic beats makes for a truly beautiful record. Unfortunately, I think this will remain on the fringe when it really is something accessible for all. The opening track "Hold On" is a melodic invitation into the record. The disc continues to enrapture from that point forward. It's like sitting in front of a fire at the beach. It's warm, feels good and usually involves lovers or friends. If you can't seem him at the Triple Door on Thursday (opening for Ms. Isobel Campbell), swing by Easy Street for a freebie!

Need to smile??? We all do. Check out the illustrations created by German artist Judith Drews! Still grinning over bears drinking with straws!!!

Sherman's listening to a live Belle & Sebastian show on NPR tonight. They are archiving the entire show so head over and check it out soon! If you haven't visited their site lately, they got heaps of great music for you to download and stream!

Well, time to check on Professor Sprout! I'm sure she's back on her wheel! See you tommorrow!!!


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