Friday, March 03, 2006

Hip Hop Nouveau

Hey folks! Sorry about missing a post yesterday. Sherm had quite a day and needed some rest! Hope you are all having a stupendous Friday! Here it is, the weekend once again! Ya-flippin-hoo!!! Or is that hootie hoo???

A bit of something for Sherman to get off his chest today. Starbucks is moving it's music division (Starbucks Entertainment/Hear Music) to LA! Can I just say that sucks?!? Not good for our little city. When homegrown companies start moving away, that does not bode well for the city. I know, I know, the labels are down there, it's an industry town down there etc, but I still think it's bad. Here's something from today's Digital Music news that explains a few things.

"Starbucks recently confirmed the exit of music head Don MacKinnon, who left for "personal reasons". The vice president of Music and Entertainment reportedly departed on February 27th, along with director of Artists and Repertoire Brenda Walker, who left the week prior. Meanwhile, Starbucks also confirmed that it would be shifting a portion of its entertainment staff to Los Angeles, a move designed to position the company more closely to label and studio executives."

No matter how you slice this, I don't like it. Seattle needs business to stay here and to grow. Yes, I am as bitter as Starbucks coffee on this one! There is a ton of talent in this city that should be given a chance. LA has enough already! I will now step off the soapbox.

Onward and upward. Music. Ok, a couple of weeks ago, the kind folks at Other Music sent out their weekly new release newsletter (please tell me you get these). In that newsletter I read of a release from QPE entitled Gentrifried. This is one I would purchase based on title alone. I searched my local record stores to no avail. I then ordered it from the NY based retailer and received it this week. It's fantastic! QPE (Quiet Personal Electronics) is an underground composer (Kacy Wiggins) from NYC. His style of music is being called Hip Hop Nouveau. I call it downbeat-electronic-dubbed-out-ambient-hip hop! AKA green tennis shoe music if you know what I mean! This is some good stuff. I think you can tell what I am talkin' about. This is late night groovin' music. His inspiration comes from the infamous Brooklyn rooftop party scene. This is for fans of that Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares on Wax, Deadbeat crowd. This one will be on Sherman for some time to come!

Hey house heads! Look for the re-release of the debut record from Tortured Soul, Introducing Tortured Soul. These pioneers of live soulful house have added a couple remixes to this disc. Look for some help from Osunlade and DJ Spinna on this one. This is a great record that was overlooked on it's initial release. This group has been embraced by artists like Gilles Peterson, Kaskade and Roger Sanchez and has shared the stage with everyone from Roni Size to the Wailers. There are three members who are all producers, writers and musicians. You have heard them on many house comps and have probably shakin' it to them at some point. Go out and buy this record. It will put a smile on your face! It's worth it just to hear "Fall In Love" and "How's Your Life".

Heard some bits and pieces of the remixed Mia Doi Todd release La Ninja: Amor & Other Dreams of Manzanita! Really good stuff! Eager for this one to drop! Which brings me to a question, when will iTunes figure out all the licensing issues and allow us to download from other countries?? That would be AWESOME! SO much is out in other countries and by allowing us to search and play on the foreign iTunes site, it whets Sherm's appetite for more music.

Head over to Groove Parlor for a new one hour mix from Jay-J! Perfect for the weekend!!! Hoping Jay-J and Latrice make their way to Seattle soon to promote her new release!

Here's hoping that Dolly Parton gets an Oscar on Sunday for her them song from "Transamercia", "Travelin' Thru". How cool would that be??? Can't wait to see what she'll wear to the show!!! Your guilty pleasure assignment this weekend is to listen to any classic Dolly song you can find! If it happens to be "Two Doors Down" that'll score you extra points!!!!

Check out the incredible audio from the Below The Radar sessions. It's an on air music festival in the UK consisting of underground music.

Picture if you will Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons), Sufjan Stevens, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Allen Toussaint and Damien Rice sharing the stage at Carnegie Hall. Such was the case this past Wednesday for the 2006 Tibet House Benefit Concert. Sounds like it was quite a night. Can you imagine Antony singing Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"? Well, it happened. I wish I could have heard Lou & Antony do "Candy Says"!!!

Are we done with Arctic Monkeys yet????

Seattle stuff to do this weekend: Lichtenstein Exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery / Ben Lee & Leona Naess @ Chop Suey tonight / read a good book / Stereolab & Hot Chip @ Showbox Monday / Seek out some sunshine!

Gotta run! Hugs from Sherman!


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