Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Everyone knows it's windy..."

Dang! It is so windy here today. They've even closed one of the bridges in the city right during rush hour! It's madness! Snowstorm in the mountains, rain around the city and wind on top of it all. Oh, Seattle must your winters be so harsh? I say the best thing to do is curl up with a good piece of music and snuggle with the one you love (or at least like).

Sherman has the perfect album for such an occasion! Finally heard the entire new release from Nightmares on Wax! Wow! The bits and pieces I had already digested were only the tip of this iceberg. George is back! In A Space Outta Sound is classic NOW. Not the Mind Elevation debacle 2002. This is the sound we fell in love with. I don't think there will ever be another Carboot Soul or Smoker's Delight, and I'm okay with that. It's just great to get that classic NOW sound back. This combines all that makes Evelyn so damn good at what he does. There is the laidback instrumental grooves and the funkier vocal chunks that create a sound unique to NOW. All of the sounds and textures could trainwreck, but never in the hands of this artist. This is his fifth studio album and pays homage to past work, but accents that with modern twists. I can't stop listening to this. This will join his classic releases as an album to pull out years from now and enjoy with the same vigor you do today! Go buy this record!!!

After spending some time listening to NOW, check out this classic dub mix featuring some of the greats!

Great news for Styrofoam fans! He is readying the now untitled release that has been 3 years in the making. He and Fat Jon have been working on this together and will release the results this Fall. Expect a US tour to follow! Could they BE any cuter together??!?! This is will be worth the wait!

A few show announcements for Seattle:
Trespassers William @ Chop Suey March 29th
Sigur Ros @ Benaroya Hall May 3rd
Lyrics Born @ Neumos May 19th
Miguel Migs & Guests @ Chop Suey May 20th

PS: I know that Jenny Lewis is in town tonight, but will be seeing her in Austin at the end of the month! If you are seeing her tonight, tell her Sherman will see her soon!!!!

Those of you out there who are curious about Sherman's new pet, "Sprout", there's not much to report. I guess the world of a dwarf hamster is not an exciting one. She sleeps ALL day and wakes up around bedtime. That's when the wheel running and digging around begins. She's incredibly nearsighted and doesn't notice when anyone walks in the room and has yet to react to music of any kind. There was some secret hope that she liked to get her groove on, but gettin' her sleep in is about all right no. There will be photo updates if she ever decides to be awake during the day! There may also be a little adventure in the hamster ball to report on soon! Stay tuned for Sherman's Wild Kingdom!

Guilty Pleasures time! I know there has been a touch of negligence in the area of guilty pleasures, but they are not a forced venture. They have to come from the heart. Today is truly hearfelt and one that I take delight in sharing. The Captain & Tennille are primarily known for playful chart hits like "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Muskrat Love". It's not those hits that Sherman speaks of here. It's the one hit that proved they could capture a more adult and sexy sound. One that would result in the #1 hit "Do That To Me One More Time"! Muskrats were not doing things like this. No way! That was child's play compared to what Tennille sang of on this track. Toni Tennille propelled herself into another career with this hit. One in which she could do nightclub gigs and start singing standards and classics attracting a more mature audience and utilizing big bands and strappy gowns!. Actually that was a perfect segue for her. She's still out there doing it to us one more time! She and the Captain (Daryl Dragon) have been together since 1971 and last year they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut release. They continue to tour together and Toni does many shows on her own, as well. I guess love really does keep you together!

Have you purchased your Sasquatch tix yet???????


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