Monday, March 20, 2006

Austin next week???

Ok, so Sherman didn't have the stamina to attempt SXSW this year. Instead, he's going there this coming weekend to view the wreckage. Actually, things should be back to normal by the time of touch down. Just going for some R & R and tex and mex! I have had some scattered reports on this years SXSW, but nothing too tangible yet. Today is typically the day people either enter rehab or sleep until Tuesday in order to recover. Sherman has discovered a blog that has provided some great info and links from this year's events. The best part of it all is that they filmed their time in Austin. Really looking forward to that. Thanks to all at Liquid Generation!!!! More SXSW blogs here.

This week brings the next marathon of music. Miami's Winter Music Conference will attack South Florida this weekend! Sherman will have a "reporter" (thanks bf) in the trenches dancing their a** off for all of us!!! Reports will be shared when said reporter can come up for air. I know we can expect news on the OM parties and Buzzin' Fly too! Word from the Buzzin' Fly camp is that Ben Watt has put the finishing touches on his third Buzzin' Fly Mix. Due for release on June 5th, there is no word on a tracklist yet. Expect loads of homegrown talent on Watt's latest installment.

Run to the record store tomorrow for the latest release from Swayzak! It is out of control!!! Remixes, rarities and all around INSANITY!! This is a must for any fan of Brun and JT. This two disc set is so good it actually hurts. The first disc contains 12 of their finest remixes. Their touch on tracks by Slam, Senor Coconut, Tahiti 80 and others truly reflect the sound that we have all come to know as their own. There's a slight darkness and depth that is added to each mix. The second disc is where we get to hear tunes from the Swayzak archives. These two have been working together since '93 which provides ample time to amass a collection of unreleased material. Go find Route De La Slack. Thank me later.

While you're shopping, pick up the new release from Ben Harper entitled Both Sides of The Gun, Madlib's Beat Condukta Vol. 1-2 and Ms John Soda's Notes And The Like. That should keep you busy for awhile. Each one is exceptional! Great to hear Ben Harper harken back to his original sound. Madlib is pure genius and Ms. John Soda is another genre breaking release from Morr Music. You will fall in love with Stefani Bohm!!! It never ceases to amaze me that I continue to hear groundbreaking music from the Morr label. They believe in music that many US labels wouldn't even consider. Danke Schoen!!!

You all know Sherman's love for Valley of the Cnuties and the work of Craig Robinson. Well, check out this great online interview to learn more about the creator of Flip Flop Flyin'.

Big kiss goes out to King Britt for providing a super sexy pre-WMC mix courtesy of My Space. My Space may have it's issues, but if you use it for the music, you can't go wrong!!!! Sherman can't speak for the other reasons folks use it.

Night night!!!


Blogger jeremy said...

I got Swayzak last week and it pretty much blows my mind. Are they touring w/ this?

7:41 PM  
Blogger sherman jr. said...

No word on a Swayzak tour yet, but can't imagine they wouldn't go out and support this release! Dates are firm in Europe with more dates to follow. Fingers crossed!!!!

8:26 PM  

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