Monday, February 27, 2006

Who knew??

Today is a super quick post. Back when Sherman first started, he talked about the fact that he would be covering all different types of music. He took that to the extreme on Sunday. Sherman attended the "Day of the Accordion" at the Seattle Center. Sponsored by the Northwest Accordion Society, this event was a full day of accordion music, workshops and even a jam session. There were solo performers, groups, people dancing, a rising star stage and a smile on everyone's face! The Bonnie Birch Band was all you could imagine and more! Prior to yesterday's celebration of the squeezebox, Sherman did not know there are different types of accordions. There are piano accordions which we are most familiar with, button accordions, diatonic button accordions, the Schrammel accordion, the Swiss organ and many other hybrids. Judging by all who were performing and enjoying this polka filled day, the accordion is an instrument that brings great joy! There were even a few tears as the Hans Rainer Band (aka Happy Hans Music) played "Edelweiss" and other traditional German favorites. Sherman's advice to all is to find a place where you can hear some accordion music, order a beer and make some friends!

A bit of live music news for Seattle. Looks like we may not be seeing Matt Pond PA this week. Their van broke down in Colorado and they are stuck. They have already cancelled tonight's Salt Lake City show. My heart goes out to these poor guys. First they had their equipment ripped off in NY and now this. If they make it here, Seattle needs to give them a huge welcome!!!! Our fingers are crossed guys!

Great news for Sia fans (like Sherman)! She will be playing the Crocodile on April 7th! SEE THIS SHOW! You will not believe your ears and eyes. Her work with Zero 7 should be reason enough to catch her, but her solo work should seal the deal for you! This is a going to be a show to remember. Many an artist have played the Crocodile and ended up at the Showbox the next time they come through. Do yourself a favor and hit the Croc.


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