Monday, February 13, 2006

South Central Rain

Hey everybody! Hope you had a great weekend! If you were in Seattle, you felt sunshine all weekend! Lots of folks out and about enjoying it and remembering why we all live here. If you are on the east coast...well, you are digging our from under. Hope you all managed some fun in the chaos! Snow angels? Snowball fights? Skiing in the East Village? This photo from the New York Times is how I want to imagine all of the city yesterday.

A word on yesterday's post. The music world lost one it's finest producers last Friday. J Dilla died from complications of the disease lupus. The 32 year-old J Dilla will be remembered tomorrow in services held in Los Angeles. Run out and buy his latest album Donuts in tribute to this amazing artist! Check out his MySpace page for more information and tributes. He was far too young and will be missed. Thoughts are with all of his friends and family.

Last week, a friend (thanks eb) told me to check out a cover tune by Hem. It was the REM tune "South Central Rain". Now that's one of Sherman's favorites so I was a bit nervous to listen. Well, within moments my fears dissipated. Sally Ellyson's voice just oozed out of my headphones and sank into my heart. I have been a "sometime" fan of Hem, but their latest release of cover tunes, unreleased music, outtakes and live recordings is a treat. Their version of "Rainy Night In Georgia" is the first full length on the collection. It is beautiful. According to the liner notes, it was recorded the very first time the band played it all the way through. The unedited version of "Eveningland" from their last album is fantastic! While listening with a friend (jl), she mentioned how much they sounded like Cowboy Junkies. I would agree, but I think their's is a true Americana sound, while the Junkies are a touch too electric for that. The song structure is very similar, but the music and vocals are a bit more ethereal. Really liking this disc. Head over to Hem's MySpace page for some sample tracks.

Head over to the Concretes newly revamped website! They're gettin' ready for the new CD!!! Looks great! New photos and news and all sorts of Concretes goodies! While you're checking out that site, cruise over to Milk Audio for an archived set from Mr. Scruff!!! Spend some time on that site if you haven't before. Great stuff! It's newly updated and full of great dj sets and great music! Love that site!

XM subscribers have something new to look forward to. They will be launching a new downtempo station anyday now!

Hey Seattle Rogue Wave fans! They will be LIVE at the Queen Anne Easy Street on February 26th!

Ok guilty pleasure fans!!! The great 70's maverick Leo Sayer is once again topping the UK charts! It's been 29 years since the 57 year-old Sayer had his last #1 hit and now he's back. A little known DJ named Meck has remixed "Thunder In My Heart" and the UK fans are eating it up. We're the 70's really that awesome or are we in great need of new music? That is the question. For a really good time, check out his website! Has anyone ever seen he and Richard Simmons in the same room???


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