Friday, February 24, 2006

Soap Kills with Kindness

It's Friday everybody, so you better put your 9 to 5 up on the shelf and just enjoy yourself (thanks jl)!!! A bit more information has emerged about the billionth download winner on iTunes. His name is Alex Astrovksy from West Bloomfield, MI. He downloaded Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" and won gobs of Apple goodies! He's only 16 years old and not a frequent user of iTunes. Congrats to him!

Sherman got a bit of love from Lebanon last night! Zeid Hamdan from Soap Kills shot an email to shed some light on what he is doing and to share their latest release, Enta Fen! Zeid is working tirelessly to push artists who are not in the mainstream. It is very difficult to get your music heard when you are not part of the Arabic Pop world and media will not support you. Please take a chance to listen to them and download their music if you are so inclined. Big thanks to Zeid for adding Sherman's blog to their site and for sharing their music. A review of the latest release will post next week. Heard a handful of the tracks this morning and can't wait to hear more throughout the weekend!!!!

Electronic musicians Psapp have signed a worldwide distributin deal with Domino. Their next release The Only Thing I Ever Wanted will hit stores on May 22nd. Look for the first single, "Tricycle" in mid-April. Check out their MySpace page to be the first to hear two tracks from this release ("Tricycle" is awesome!) In Sherman's eyes, these two can do no wrong! See them live at Joe's Bar in NY on March 28th or The Echo in LA on March 31st!

Despite protests from Radiohead to stop the flood of tribute records, BBE/Rapster will release Exit Music: Songs For Radio Heads on April 18th. I think it's an interesting lineup and am eager to hear it. Sherman's hoping that quality artists will deliver a quality product. Rumor has it that it has leaked on the internet so start searching for it now!

Shawn Lee "No Surprises"
The Randy Watson Experience with Donn "Morning Bell"
Sa-Ra Creative Partners "In Limbo"
Pete Kuzma with Bilal "High and Dry"
Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald "Just"
Rjd2 "Airbag"
Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle "Nice Dream"
Lo-Freq "Blow Out"
Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave "The National Anthem"
The Bad Plus "Karma Police"
Sia "Paranoid Android"
Osunlade with Erro "Everything In Its Right Place"
Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire "Knives Out"
Cinematic Orchestra "Exit Music (For A Film)"

In the grand tradition of fans posing as artists on MySpace, Ben Watt is the latest in a long line of musicians to reclaim his page on the site. He is now the man behind the Ben Watt page. Isn't that a novel idea??? A couple weeks ago, it was someone else posing as Sade that made a confession that she wasn't the real Sade.

Here's just a sample of some stuff that Sherman has been ingesting lately. Dub Sessions: Chilled-Out Dub Reggae Classics, Bob Marley & the Wailers Africa Unite The Singles Collection, B. Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil, Om Lounge 10, J Dilla Donuts, and tons of MySpace bands!

Today's guilty pleasure is a real doozy! Al Stewart's magical "Year of The Cat" ! This Scottish singer gave us this hit back in 1976! Stewart's career started back in '67 and he continued to tour rather extensively through the 90's. He still does a show here and there, in fact, you can catch him at London's Royal Albert Hall in November. There are also a smattering of US dates listed on his page. Little known Al Stewart fact = he is an avid wine collector!! I have to say that the membory of hearing this song over and over again on AM radio is as clear as day. I think it was played hourly for about 4 months solid!

Today's link to share is Seonna Hong's site. Enjoy! Have a supertastic weekend!


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