Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sherman's must be lost in the "e"mail....

Hey, ever wonder who has the sweet job of providing the music for big runway shows for folks like Chanel, Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld? Look no further than French DJ Michel Gaubert! There is an interview and some info in the new online issue of Hint Magazine! Check it out. When you are done learning how cool Gaubert is, head over to his site to hear some mixes and teach yourself French. This guy is cool!!!! He's much more than a DJ. He's part of a digital collective on the cutting edge of multi-media. Have fun on his site!

Sherman just read (yes, he reads) that local girls Smoosh are headlining in London this weekend!! Hurray for them! Oh to be young and playing a gig in London, or just plain "oh to be young". They will be at the Luminaire on March 4th! You go girls!
Also in London this weekend is that city's tribute to J Dilla. Bugz in the Attic, Benji B, and more will pay their respects to the late artist on March 5th at Westbourne Studios. All proceeds will go to the Lupus Foundation and Jay Dee's mother who quit her job to move to LA and care for her son.

One week from today sees quite a few releases that Sherman is itching for.
Nightmares on Wax / In A Space Outta Sound -Everything heard so far is outstanding! Cannot wait for the full release! It's been too long!!!
Keiran Hebden & Steve Reid / Exchange Sessions Vol. 1 - Not exactly my thing, but can appreciate the record.
Milosh / Meme - Have heard about half of the release and love it! Great to hear that voice again. Eager for more.
Mogwai / The Beast - Ok, but not their best. Sherman doesn't want to say anymore because the band has a history of tongue lashing anyone who reviews their music in a negative fashion.
Loretta Lynn / Gold - A real treasure for fans or anyone who would like to educate themselves on one of the best in country.
Stereolab / Fab Four Suture - Still listening to this one and will have a review shortly.
Idol Tryouts Two(Ghostly) - A double cd set of Ghostly's best. It's been too long since the first. This is a welcome follow-up. SO happy to see Greg Davis on it!!!
DJ Kick's The Exclusives - Love this series, but not all the artists on one release. A bit disjointed and erratic.
Buddha Bar III - Time to say goodbye to this series. It's had it's run.
Julius Papp / Montreal Departure - Get out on the dancefloor and shake it!!! Period.

Hey LA people, you've got quite an event headed your way!! The Minimalist Jukebox Festival will be held at the amazing Frank Gehry designed Disney Concert Hall! Now remember what went into the acoustics of this hall and think about what occurs there on March 18th....The Orb, Boom Bip, John Tejada and Dntel!!! Okay, sign me up!!! That will kick off the festival that runs through April 1st. This will be the first time a major orchestra focuses on minimalism past, present and future.

Sherman decided to check out the charts from the year 1975 today to find out what was #1 this same week of that year! He found the Doobie Brothers held that spot with their hit "Black Water" .
I have to say that one was not a favorite of mine, but as years went on I came to appreciate it more and more. The story behind it's writing is rather unimpressive. It was written about the mighty Mississippi River. That's it. No other story or secret meaning. The cut was not one that they thought would ever make it as a single. It was actually released as the flipside to the album's first single "Another Park, Another Sunday", but a station in the South started playing it and it hit the charts. A true record made by the radio! I must say that I do enjoy the end when they all start in with "take me by the hand pretty mama, come and dance with your daddy all night long..".

Seattle newsflash: One Reel is cancelling this year's Summer Concert Series. The plan to move it to gas works has been mired in turmoil since day one. They will use this year to reorganize and gain momentum for the 2007 series (and hopefully figure out where all the concert goers will park)

Now go and check "where are my pants?" on this site.


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