Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sherman Loves a Parade

Happy Wednesday gang! Hope you have been searching all over the internet for more info on Lebanese music! Sherman has a new addiction and can't seem to dig deep enough! Just goes to show you that we only here a teeny tiny bit of all the music that is being made in this crazy world of ours.

Speaking of this world of ours...The Love Parade is returning to Berlin for the first time in 2 years! Great news! The parade has been plagued by money issues and political annoyances for several years. It has been rescued this year by German business owner Rainer Schaller. He is the owner of McFit fitness studios and is the key sponsor for the July event! This is great news as several other cities have attempted to host the parade, but with little success! Congratulations Berlin! Get out your glowsticks and fairy wings!

Now this brings Sherman to a festival a bit closer to home. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival/Movement/Fuse-In/"whatever they are calling it nowadays" is in jeopardy again this year. Kevin Saunderson says he will not be back to produce it this year as he is $250,000 in the hole from last year's event. They are seeking new producers for the event. I would hope that Detroit would pony up some cash. This is a world class event that needs some support. Detroit could use the press and the good will! Come on deep pockets...share the love! The people NEED to dance!

Heard the new release from Jason Collett today. He's better known as guitarist for indie poster children Broken Social Scene, but has released his second solo release, Idols of Exile. This is an all around great record. Love the lyrics and summery vibe you get while listening to it. It's got a true indie rock feeling with a touch of 60's folk rock. Guest vocals are provided by Amy Milan (Stars), Emily Haines (Metric), Feist and Kevin Drew (BSS). I so love the incestuousness of these Canadian bands! They are all so strong in their own right and when brought together these musicians can do no wrong!

Episode 7 of the Valley of the Cnuties is up today! Only one more to go and the history of music will be complete!

Have you ever been channel surfing and land on a commercial that has a song that you know, but just can't remember what it is? Or maybe you don't know it, but you are loving that song and just have to know who it is? Well, check this site out! They can help with all of your "who the heck is that?" quandaries!

Seattle get ready for April! Just in time for the tax deadline, some serious music is coming to town. Chop Suey is ready to spend your returns! Jamie Lidell April 15th, Matthew Dear (Audion) April 19th and LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad April 21st! Are you kidding me?

Just a quick guilty pleasure note today. I had planned on picking something from Ms. Whitney Houston, but after witnessing her debacle of a performance at the Olympics the other night, I just can't. It was pathetic. There is a audio clip that has been posted that gives you an idea of how bad "One Moment In Time" can truly sound. It is SO very sad. What has happened her? (Ok, besides Bobby Brown and drugs) Personally, Sherman likes what MadTV does to salute the diva! Enjoy!


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I'm *so* ready to drool over Mr. Dear--and shake my change-maker while doing so.

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