Friday, February 10, 2006

The Juan Maclean needs a gig...

Sorry no post yesterday. Grammy hangover. How bad was that show? Please! Sherman feels it's just a reminder of all the good music that gets forgotten every year. Madonna may look good (except for her bionic face), but that opening was so weak. It all went downhill from there. You know you're in trouble when a member of the Beatles has to duet with Jay-Z??!! PEOPLE!!!! Ok, no more complaining. I also went to see the Elected & Stars that night! Great show! Sound could have been a touch better and Torq didn't need to go off on someone in the crowd, but the music was right on. Amy's cover of "Hungry Heart" made my heart hurt! She can sing! Look for her solo release this year. The Elected were a flashback to the 70's and put on a great show! I can't wait to hear more from them. Super tight band and could they be any cuter??

Hey Seattle! The Juan Maclean is looking for a DJ gig here on Saturday night! He's cool with wherever he can play as long as it's fun. Money isn't a huge issue either. Check out his MySpace page for more info! He's playing the Crocodile on Sunday!!

San Francisco residents are in for a treat on March 16th. Soulstice will play a gig at 111 Minna! If you are in SF, go to this show! You will not be disappointed. They are fantastic live! I hope this is a sign of shows to come. They have been missed! This night will feature all 4 members including Gina Rene, Andy Caldwell, Gabriel Rene and Mei-Lwun!

Sherman has been playing the Lindstrom & Prins Thomas disc for quite some time. It's a self titled release from Eskimo Recordings that came out last year, but has just gained some momentum in the states. People keep using the term "space disco" to describe it, but I just can't use that. Not sure why, but it annoys me for some reason. Basically, this is funk and disco influenced electronic music. It's got great basslines and trippy sounds that wrap around you, lift you up and move you to the dancefloor. It also has a few tracks that are ideal for when you need a cocktail break and someone to pat your brow. It's a great collection of music that I hope is a bit of sign of things to come.

Let's keep a disco theme for our Guilty Pleasure today. KC & the Sunshine Band. That should really be 'nuff said, but I am going to pay special tribute to a personal favorite. "Give It Up" is a hit, but not necessarily the one that pops into your head when you think of this 11 member hit machine. This single was picked up by Epic records in Ireland and was released in the UK long after their original string of hits. It went to #1 in the UK in '83, but was not picked up here in the US. KC. formed his own company that year and released the singles stateside where it hit #18 on the pop charts. KC (Harry Casey) retired in '85, but has since reformed the group and toured extensively. Unfortunately, last year, during a performance of "Boogie Shoes" he took a nasty fall. This fall resulted in stitches and seriously wounded pride. The group is still touring and does a significant number of private shows, as well. Sounds like KC has no plans to "Give It Up" anytime soon (had to). Or maybe he should "Keep It Comin' Love".....

For fans of New Zealand's Wing (who isn't?), she has just released her tribute to Elvis Presley. Check out her site for details and samples.

Have a great weekend!!!


Blogger jeremy said...

The Juan Maclean is so dreamy, I hope someone lets him play. Also, Lindstrom=Magick!!! And maybe everyone calls it space disco cuz of that "I Feel Space" track that blew up huge. At least they're not calling it neu-disco. And Sherman, baby, have you heard the new Azzido da Bass feat. Alex Winter of too-cool 4 skewl Zoot Woman. I'm LOVING that track right now.

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