Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy "I-wish-we-had-a-different-President Day"!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous day off, if you were lucky enough to call today a holiday! Big weekend in the world of guilty pleasures! Barry and Robin Gibb reunited for the annual Love and Hope Ball down in Florida. This is the first time the remaining Bee Gees have done anything since the loss of brother Maurice in 2003. There have been family troubles, but they were unapparent as the pair played many of their greatest hits. "Stayin' Alive", "How Deep Is Your Love" and a new song dedicated to Maurice entitled "Don't Forget To Remember" are just a few of the numbers performed. I guess they sounded great, but not sure how they looked. This photo is a touch on the spooky side! Barry used to be sort of hot in a furry seventies cheese kind of way. It was scary enough to see him reunite with Barbara Streisand!!!

Sherman listened to some great music this past weekend on his mini roadtrip. The first album that tripped his trigger was the new MF Doom Box Set Special Herbs. This is a limited edition of 7500 copies that captures the entire collection of volumes 0-9. This is a must for any fans of underground hip-hop and beats. The cover of the cd is well, how would you say, beyond appropriate. Sherman does not advocate drug use, but come on people. I think it's almost unavoidable in this case. This collection includes classic beats from several MF Doom, KMD and King Geedorah projects and even a few that we'll find on future projects not yet released. Discs 1 & 2 contain 75 glorious minutes of mixed beats. Previous releases were not blended like this. This makes for a completely fluid listening experience. The real bonus comes with Disc 3. This is an unmixed bag of classic MF Doom productions that are old school at it's finest! If you are a Doom fan, get this before it's gone. They are going fast and once they're gone, they are GONE. Smoked-out-instrumental-head-bobbing-bliss!

After the trip to the head shop, Sherman decided to get wrap himself around some electronics. The electronic genius known as Pedro aka James Rutledge has reissued his debut album with a bonus disc of remixes! The self titled Pedro disc is worth purchase on it's own, but add the work of Four Tet, Danger Mouse and Prefuse 73 and this becomes a must have. The track "Fear and Resilience" is the song that these greats have reworked on this collection. Four Tet provides a 21 minute opus that grabs this track and takes it for serious walk around the park. It is all over the map! The good part is that it always finds its way home. The remix disc is for around 2 AM when you get home from the club and still need some serious stimulation, Disc 1 will take you into the early morning. This is the soundtrack to the moments just before dawn. That time when you can just see a touch of light and you know the sunrise is just around the corner, but you don't want the night to end. If you are really lucky, you might even get to snatch up the remixes on vinyl. There is a VERY limited pressing of these and rumor is they may already be gone. Make yourself more acquainted with Pedro by checking out this piece on the BBC or visiting Melodic.

Check out a few tracks from Milosh's upcoming Meme release! Just visit XLR8R and click on "Caroline listening station", Milosh will pop up. While you are there, check out their downloads section. Great stuff and FREE!

Good news for Imogen Heap! She has signed a worldwide deal with Sony BMG imprint White Rabbit to license Speak For Yourself outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico! this was a huge decision for Immi as she has not had many good experiences with big label folks. She is the first signing for this imprint and retains the complete rights to the entire album. Basically, they will help her get this out to as many people as possible. Not an easy decision for her to make, but one she felt she had to and one that will result in more fans and more time for her to make music. More Imogen here! Don't forget she's playing Coachella!!!! Look for the next single "Goodnight and Go" hitting the stores soon!

Just a little note too. Sherman was recently asked his opinion about all the negative MySpace press and his response is simple. He's only on their for music and music related information. It is a great source for discovering new talent and communicating all that is happening in music. He has never and will never use it to find a date (not that he hasn't had offers). Case closed. Also, to the person who questioned Sherman's lack of spellcheck usage..."are you serious?"

Well, so much for today. Planned on taking today as a holiday, but too much to share with ya'll! Over and out!

PS: Stay tuned for another installment of the Sherman Interviews coming soon!!!!


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