Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Groundhog Day Download!!

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of Ezekiel Honig courtesy of Percussion Lab! The lovely folks at PL have archived his 12.16.05 show for stream or DOWNLOAD! It's on their main page. It's fantastic! More people need to know about him! Spread the love! Look for the Early Morning Migration Remixes on March 13th from Microcosm!

Word from Amoeba Music (SF & LA) is that they will be spending the next year getting ready to launch a label and major internet presence! Great news! If you have ever been to their brick and mortar stores, you know why this is so huge! Shopping there is like an out of body experience. Aisles and aisles ofnew and used music that could result in hours of shopping and the depletion of your bank account. They are investing $10-$20 million dollars in this project! We're waiting.....

Seattle house heads can look forward to a couple great shows coming soon! Jask and Lisa Shaw will be @ Trinity on March 10th to celebrate Lisa's solo release, Cherry! March 31st will bring the Om Records 10th Anniversary party to that same venue. Chuck Love and Rithma will provide the tunes for the celebration. Two great shows, but one not so great venue. Not a fan of Pioneer Square, but glad the music is coming. Will someone open a great space, please!!!!

Check out this new Milosh video courtesy of Plug Research! I heart Milosh!

Also, fans of DJ Lady D remember her old skool t-shirts that said "For Love Only"!!! They are back in time for valentine's day! Click here for details! Thanks Lady D!!! Just wish they made one that was Sherman size!!!

Hey, just heard Heather Locklear filed for divorce from Richie Samobora! 11 years of marriage. Super sad news.

See you tomorrow gang with a special Seattle rainy day guilty pleasure or two!


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