Monday, February 06, 2006

Dionne's Guilty Pleasure Tribute

Sherman would like to express his extreme jealousy towards anyone who was at the Kodak Theatre last week for the Dionne Warwick tribute show! Wow! An all-star lineup celebrating Ms. Warwick's 45 years in showbiz! Can you imagine? It was a who's who of the recording industry assembled by David (why am I dating Da Brat and why did I marry Liza Minnelli?) Gest. Each and every song performed was a guilty pleasure extravaganza. "I Say A Little Prayer", "A House is Not A Home", "Alfie", "Walk On By", "What The World Needs Now" and more were sung by the diva herself and a host of musical talent both classic and current. Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Oliva Newton-John, Burt (every song I wrote was sung by her) Bacharach, Angie Stone and more. The evening ended with Warwick belting out "I'll Never Love This Way Again" a fitting end to the evening. Good news is that the show has been taped for a tv special to run later this year!

Speaking of a good guilty pleasure, did you all hear that the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers was found not guilty of conspiring to supply cocaine? Apparently, it's ok to be a user, but not a dealer. Now we know what he's been doing with his "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Nights"!!!!

One more oldie, but goodie. Green Gartside has reformed Scritti Politti with some of his buddies. They did a secret show last night in the UK under the pseudonym Double G & the Treacherous 3! Brilliant! Word is they sounded great and did only new material. Look for a new release this year!

Ok, let's move onto something from this decade. Looks like we can expect the new Sonic Youth album in June. The first post O'Rourke release, Do You Believe in The Rapture is being mixed right now by Thurston Moore. We can look forward to Kim Gordon's driving bass and vocals on approximately 5 of the tracks. Moore states "this record is just a far more straight up rock and roll album for us". Things got a bit more complex with O'Rourke in the mix. Can't wait to hear it! Hoping for a tour to support it!

Check out Broken Social Scene courtesy of the BBC.

Grooves magazine has launched it's inaugural online magazine and is giving you the first issue for free. This was a great magazine that just couldn't maintain in print. Please support them online, or at least check out digi-issue #1.

Looks like Husky Rescue will be touring stateside this year. No official dates yet, but stay tuned.

House music fans have something to look forward to in stores tomorrow. The debut solo release from Latrice Barnett. You know her as the voice of some of house musics
greatest tracks of the past few years ("Give A Little", "Keep On Rising", and "Make My Heart"). Jay-J and Kaskade are co-producers of Illuminate from Ultra Records. This is seriously soulful music by one of the best voices in house today. Fans in her hometown of SF can check her out live at Virgin Megastore this Saturday to celebrate the albums release. Look for remixes from Miguel Migs coming soon! If you get the chance to see her live, you won't regret it. She's captivating to watch on the stage. No bigger than a minute and so full of energy and power! I hope this record really gives her the exposure she deserves!

Anyone else get sick to their stomach yesterday while hearing "Love Is Strange" on the Hummer commercial during the Super Bowl? EBTG allowing Hummer to use their song? Ugh. What is the world coming to??

Sherman's favorite Super Bowl commercial.

Sherman indulged in a weekend full of guilty pleasures and exposed himself to no new music. He was caught in a bit of a time warp with the likes of Captain & Tennille, Lou Rawls, Chic, Little River Band, Dr. Hook and all the greats. He strongly suggests a weekend like this for anyone who needs to take walk down memory lane. The music not only brings back the sound of that time, but the food, the clothing and a host of other thoughts and feelings. Rather cathartic!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double D?! Don't know about the US but that's a bra size in the UK! Double G was great - be prepared for a very different-sounding album.


1:42 PM  
Blogger sherman jr. said...

Thanks Richard. Freudian slip by Sherman! Looking forward to the release no matter what "size" it is!!

2:02 PM  

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