Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bonnaroo Too!

Yesterday we saw the release of the Coachella line-up! Today we get Bonnaroo! The annual festival held in Tennessee will take place June 16-18 this year! The big news is RADIOHEAD! Yes, Radiohead will be there! Other artists are Bright Eyes, Beck, Tom Petty, Cat Power, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Buddy Guy, Dungen, Death Cab For Cutie and oodles more. Just check their site.

Last year, a friend (eb) turned Sherman onto Mountains. Gorgeous minimal experimentation coupled with live instrumentation that is achingly beautiful. Their self-titled release consisted of four tracks that just whet my appetite for more. I instantly wanted to hear everything and anything. Well, the time has finally arrived for their follow-up disc. Apestaartje label owners Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp have just released Sewn. It is equally as jaw dropping as their debut. They have found the elusive formula for creating the ideal textural soundscape. Mountains is a fitting name for this outfit. This is headphone music. Find your couch, take a deep breath, light a really good smelling candle, put your phones on and let this music envelop you. You will be lost in a world that at times I wish I could live in. Thank you Mountains! (pardon the tiny photo, it's all Sherman could find)

Now for something entirely different. Let's head to South Africa. Sherman got a taste of something that is out of this world (thanks dc)! If you are wondering what everyone in South Africa is dancing to these days, it is Mafikizolo! These two are making serious house music and the crowds are eating it up! There most recent disc Van Toeka Af has gone platinum several times over and it's no wonder. The disc isn't too easy to find, but look for it! It is full of deep basslines, stunning vocals and beats that go on for days! This band is so popular they have been known to play the same track three times during a show just to please the crowd. One can only hope we have a chance to witness this for ourselves someday. The band has overcome great tragedies to do what they love including a car accident that nearly took them back in 2001 and the death of a member last year. Their music reflects the joy they feel in being alive and having the ability to share their sound with the world! They were truly born to do this! You CANNOT sit still while their music is playing. Everyone who hears them has a smile on their face! Dear Marques Wyatt...remix these guys!!!

Sherman is loving Hot Chip and wants you to check out their latest video. Enjoy! These guys are great!

Meet some of Sherman's friends and enjoy the music on their site! Friends with You!

That's all for today! Happy mid-week everyone!


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