Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Milosh on iTunes

The new release from Milosh/ Meme is up on iTunes! Full release with a bonus track! Check it!!!!

Sherman's must be lost in the "e"mail....

Hey, ever wonder who has the sweet job of providing the music for big runway shows for folks like Chanel, Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld? Look no further than French DJ Michel Gaubert! There is an interview and some info in the new online issue of Hint Magazine! Check it out. When you are done learning how cool Gaubert is, head over to his site to hear some mixes and teach yourself French. This guy is cool!!!! He's much more than a DJ. He's part of a digital collective on the cutting edge of multi-media. Have fun on his site!

Sherman just read (yes, he reads) that local girls Smoosh are headlining in London this weekend!! Hurray for them! Oh to be young and playing a gig in London, or just plain "oh to be young". They will be at the Luminaire on March 4th! You go girls!
Also in London this weekend is that city's tribute to J Dilla. Bugz in the Attic, Benji B, and more will pay their respects to the late artist on March 5th at Westbourne Studios. All proceeds will go to the Lupus Foundation and Jay Dee's mother who quit her job to move to LA and care for her son.

One week from today sees quite a few releases that Sherman is itching for.
Nightmares on Wax / In A Space Outta Sound -Everything heard so far is outstanding! Cannot wait for the full release! It's been too long!!!
Keiran Hebden & Steve Reid / Exchange Sessions Vol. 1 - Not exactly my thing, but can appreciate the record.
Milosh / Meme - Have heard about half of the release and love it! Great to hear that voice again. Eager for more.
Mogwai / The Beast - Ok, but not their best. Sherman doesn't want to say anymore because the band has a history of tongue lashing anyone who reviews their music in a negative fashion.
Loretta Lynn / Gold - A real treasure for fans or anyone who would like to educate themselves on one of the best in country.
Stereolab / Fab Four Suture - Still listening to this one and will have a review shortly.
Idol Tryouts Two(Ghostly) - A double cd set of Ghostly's best. It's been too long since the first. This is a welcome follow-up. SO happy to see Greg Davis on it!!!
DJ Kick's The Exclusives - Love this series, but not all the artists on one release. A bit disjointed and erratic.
Buddha Bar III - Time to say goodbye to this series. It's had it's run.
Julius Papp / Montreal Departure - Get out on the dancefloor and shake it!!! Period.

Hey LA people, you've got quite an event headed your way!! The Minimalist Jukebox Festival will be held at the amazing Frank Gehry designed Disney Concert Hall! Now remember what went into the acoustics of this hall and think about what occurs there on March 18th....The Orb, Boom Bip, John Tejada and Dntel!!! Okay, sign me up!!! That will kick off the festival that runs through April 1st. This will be the first time a major orchestra focuses on minimalism past, present and future.

Sherman decided to check out the charts from the year 1975 today to find out what was #1 this same week of that year! He found the Doobie Brothers held that spot with their hit "Black Water" .
I have to say that one was not a favorite of mine, but as years went on I came to appreciate it more and more. The story behind it's writing is rather unimpressive. It was written about the mighty Mississippi River. That's it. No other story or secret meaning. The cut was not one that they thought would ever make it as a single. It was actually released as the flipside to the album's first single "Another Park, Another Sunday", but a station in the South started playing it and it hit the charts. A true record made by the radio! I must say that I do enjoy the end when they all start in with "take me by the hand pretty mama, come and dance with your daddy all night long..".

Seattle newsflash: One Reel is cancelling this year's Summer Concert Series. The plan to move it to gas works has been mired in turmoil since day one. They will use this year to reorganize and gain momentum for the 2007 series (and hopefully figure out where all the concert goers will park)

Now go and check "where are my pants?" on this site.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Who knew??

Today is a super quick post. Back when Sherman first started, he talked about the fact that he would be covering all different types of music. He took that to the extreme on Sunday. Sherman attended the "Day of the Accordion" at the Seattle Center. Sponsored by the Northwest Accordion Society, this event was a full day of accordion music, workshops and even a jam session. There were solo performers, groups, people dancing, a rising star stage and a smile on everyone's face! The Bonnie Birch Band was all you could imagine and more! Prior to yesterday's celebration of the squeezebox, Sherman did not know there are different types of accordions. There are piano accordions which we are most familiar with, button accordions, diatonic button accordions, the Schrammel accordion, the Swiss organ and many other hybrids. Judging by all who were performing and enjoying this polka filled day, the accordion is an instrument that brings great joy! There were even a few tears as the Hans Rainer Band (aka Happy Hans Music) played "Edelweiss" and other traditional German favorites. Sherman's advice to all is to find a place where you can hear some accordion music, order a beer and make some friends!

A bit of live music news for Seattle. Looks like we may not be seeing Matt Pond PA this week. Their van broke down in Colorado and they are stuck. They have already cancelled tonight's Salt Lake City show. My heart goes out to these poor guys. First they had their equipment ripped off in NY and now this. If they make it here, Seattle needs to give them a huge welcome!!!! Our fingers are crossed guys!

Great news for Sia fans (like Sherman)! She will be playing the Crocodile on April 7th! SEE THIS SHOW! You will not believe your ears and eyes. Her work with Zero 7 should be reason enough to catch her, but her solo work should seal the deal for you! This is a going to be a show to remember. Many an artist have played the Crocodile and ended up at the Showbox the next time they come through. Do yourself a favor and hit the Croc.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Soap Kills with Kindness

It's Friday everybody, so you better put your 9 to 5 up on the shelf and just enjoy yourself (thanks jl)!!! A bit more information has emerged about the billionth download winner on iTunes. His name is Alex Astrovksy from West Bloomfield, MI. He downloaded Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" and won gobs of Apple goodies! He's only 16 years old and not a frequent user of iTunes. Congrats to him!

Sherman got a bit of love from Lebanon last night! Zeid Hamdan from Soap Kills shot an email to shed some light on what he is doing and to share their latest release, Enta Fen! Zeid is working tirelessly to push artists who are not in the mainstream. It is very difficult to get your music heard when you are not part of the Arabic Pop world and media will not support you. Please take a chance to listen to them and download their music if you are so inclined. Big thanks to Zeid for adding Sherman's blog to their site and for sharing their music. A review of the latest release will post next week. Heard a handful of the tracks this morning and can't wait to hear more throughout the weekend!!!!

Electronic musicians Psapp have signed a worldwide distributin deal with Domino. Their next release The Only Thing I Ever Wanted will hit stores on May 22nd. Look for the first single, "Tricycle" in mid-April. Check out their MySpace page to be the first to hear two tracks from this release ("Tricycle" is awesome!) In Sherman's eyes, these two can do no wrong! See them live at Joe's Bar in NY on March 28th or The Echo in LA on March 31st!

Despite protests from Radiohead to stop the flood of tribute records, BBE/Rapster will release Exit Music: Songs For Radio Heads on April 18th. I think it's an interesting lineup and am eager to hear it. Sherman's hoping that quality artists will deliver a quality product. Rumor has it that it has leaked on the internet so start searching for it now!

Shawn Lee "No Surprises"
The Randy Watson Experience with Donn "Morning Bell"
Sa-Ra Creative Partners "In Limbo"
Pete Kuzma with Bilal "High and Dry"
Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald "Just"
Rjd2 "Airbag"
Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle "Nice Dream"
Lo-Freq "Blow Out"
Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave "The National Anthem"
The Bad Plus "Karma Police"
Sia "Paranoid Android"
Osunlade with Erro "Everything In Its Right Place"
Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire "Knives Out"
Cinematic Orchestra "Exit Music (For A Film)"

In the grand tradition of fans posing as artists on MySpace, Ben Watt is the latest in a long line of musicians to reclaim his page on the site. He is now the man behind the Ben Watt page. Isn't that a novel idea??? A couple weeks ago, it was someone else posing as Sade that made a confession that she wasn't the real Sade.

Here's just a sample of some stuff that Sherman has been ingesting lately. Dub Sessions: Chilled-Out Dub Reggae Classics, Bob Marley & the Wailers Africa Unite The Singles Collection, B. Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil, Om Lounge 10, J Dilla Donuts, and tons of MySpace bands!

Today's guilty pleasure is a real doozy! Al Stewart's magical "Year of The Cat" ! This Scottish singer gave us this hit back in 1976! Stewart's career started back in '67 and he continued to tour rather extensively through the 90's. He still does a show here and there, in fact, you can catch him at London's Royal Albert Hall in November. There are also a smattering of US dates listed on his page. Little known Al Stewart fact = he is an avid wine collector!! I have to say that the membory of hearing this song over and over again on AM radio is as clear as day. I think it was played hourly for about 4 months solid!

Today's link to share is Seonna Hong's site. Enjoy! Have a supertastic weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"One billion digital songs on the wall....

take one down pass it around...yes, it happened last night and Sherman didn't win! Apple's iTunes have sold over 1 billion songs in 21 countries! Congratulations to the lucky prize pack winner!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sherman Loves a Parade

Happy Wednesday gang! Hope you have been searching all over the internet for more info on Lebanese music! Sherman has a new addiction and can't seem to dig deep enough! Just goes to show you that we only here a teeny tiny bit of all the music that is being made in this crazy world of ours.

Speaking of this world of ours...The Love Parade is returning to Berlin for the first time in 2 years! Great news! The parade has been plagued by money issues and political annoyances for several years. It has been rescued this year by German business owner Rainer Schaller. He is the owner of McFit fitness studios and is the key sponsor for the July event! This is great news as several other cities have attempted to host the parade, but with little success! Congratulations Berlin! Get out your glowsticks and fairy wings!

Now this brings Sherman to a festival a bit closer to home. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival/Movement/Fuse-In/"whatever they are calling it nowadays" is in jeopardy again this year. Kevin Saunderson says he will not be back to produce it this year as he is $250,000 in the hole from last year's event. They are seeking new producers for the event. I would hope that Detroit would pony up some cash. This is a world class event that needs some support. Detroit could use the press and the good will! Come on deep pockets...share the love! The people NEED to dance!

Heard the new release from Jason Collett today. He's better known as guitarist for indie poster children Broken Social Scene, but has released his second solo release, Idols of Exile. This is an all around great record. Love the lyrics and summery vibe you get while listening to it. It's got a true indie rock feeling with a touch of 60's folk rock. Guest vocals are provided by Amy Milan (Stars), Emily Haines (Metric), Feist and Kevin Drew (BSS). I so love the incestuousness of these Canadian bands! They are all so strong in their own right and when brought together these musicians can do no wrong!

Episode 7 of the Valley of the Cnuties is up today! Only one more to go and the history of music will be complete!

Have you ever been channel surfing and land on a commercial that has a song that you know, but just can't remember what it is? Or maybe you don't know it, but you are loving that song and just have to know who it is? Well, check this site out! They can help with all of your "who the heck is that?" quandaries!

Seattle get ready for April! Just in time for the tax deadline, some serious music is coming to town. Chop Suey is ready to spend your returns! Jamie Lidell April 15th, Matthew Dear (Audion) April 19th and LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad April 21st! Are you kidding me?

Just a quick guilty pleasure note today. I had planned on picking something from Ms. Whitney Houston, but after witnessing her debacle of a performance at the Olympics the other night, I just can't. It was pathetic. There is a audio clip that has been posted that gives you an idea of how bad "One Moment In Time" can truly sound. It is SO very sad. What has happened her? (Ok, besides Bobby Brown and drugs) Personally, Sherman likes what MadTV does to salute the diva! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's a small world after all....

A big hello and happy Tuesday from Sherman! Pay attention today 'cuz Sherman has something he REALLY wants to share with everyone. Yesterday, Sherm's dear friend (dc) played an amazing compilation of music put out yearly to promote artists from places as diverse as Senegal and Beirut. The compilation is entitled Francophonie 2006 and is sponsored by all kinds of wonderful French arts organizations with fancy names like Organization Internationale De La Francophonie and Conseil Francophone de la Chanson. After listening to quite a bit of great Afro-pop, we took a little venture to Lebanon. I can only say that some incredible music is being made there. Music that we all need to know about. The first group to hit the player was Soap Kills. The track we fell in love with is called "Aranis". An electro-acoustic downtempo track that combines traditional and current music styling and really shows off the vocal talents of lead singer Yasmine Hamdan. The song starts out very sparse and about two minutes in, the beats start and you see where they are going. Hearing this track generated an excitement in me that had me all over the internet trying to find out anything about them. Their record label site has yet to launch, but lucky for all of us, they have a band site. Now, I could get carried away and keep taking about Yasmine, but there would not be a Soap Kills without her musical partner and writer Zeid Hamdan (no relation, just happy coincidence). The two of them started playing rock music together back in 1997 for private parties and small venues in Beirut. Then they discovered electronic music and their sound was born. Unfortunately, their 2005 release is hung up right now as the French label due to release it went under, but if you go to the band's site, you can purchase previous releases. I immediately downloaded their 2002 release Cheftak and can't stop listening to it. The music is spot on and the vocals are hypnotic! There sound is all that I love about downtempo. It's got the beats, vocals, acoustic elements and electronics that culminate in an essential blend of sounds and textures. If the world were a slightly different place, these two would be everywhere! It's not so easy to get your music heard in a place like Lebanon. They are also very adamant about not being associated with traditional Arab pop. They are more sophisticated and much less overt in their delivery. It is a chore to stay authentic and true to your musical goals in a country that is intolerant of anything considered alternative. They have had success in France and Germany, but need to reach more listeners. Let's hope the internet can help these two get the recognition and worldwide fans they so richly deserve.

Ok, so back to the Francophonie disc. The Soap Kills track plays out on the compilation and it is followed by a Lebanese hip-hop track! Kitaayoun starts up and we look at each other like we know a secret. It has all of the elements of American hip hop, with the addition of trippy vocals provided by YASMINE HAMDAN! This track is perfection, sadly it's all we can find from these four boys from the streets. Can't find a release or download anywhere at the moment, but I'm sure that will change. If you think we have alot to say in this country, just imagine what this group of street kids living in a place like Beirut convey. In reading about this group, you learn that their music is aggressive, dark and controversial and speaks of the social and political strife they have suffered in on the fringe in their country. Nothing new in the world of hip hop, but certainly edgy considering where they are performing! The underground seems to be shifting a bit there and many artists are trying to push any envelope they can in order to be heard. Last year saw the Fete de la Musique which brought out the best underground music the country has to offer. As Shermans learns more about them, we will spread the word. Perhaps learning to speak French might help in this quest!

Zeid Hamdan of Soap Kills, along with Khaled Mouzzanar and Omar Kabbabe have launched a new indie label called Mooz Records to help in getting this music out to the masses. They have compiled a cd called Lebanese Underground that showcases the finest the scene has to offer. It includes tracks by Scrambled Eggs, The New Government, Soap Kills, Kitaayoun, Lumi, Nadine Khouri and RGB. The label site is still under construction, but keep your eyes on it! Check out Indy Cult for some more info, as well! More to come on all of this great music!

Due to all of Sherman's musical globetrotting via the net, that's all we have today! More tomorrow! Over and out!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy "I-wish-we-had-a-different-President Day"!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous day off, if you were lucky enough to call today a holiday! Big weekend in the world of guilty pleasures! Barry and Robin Gibb reunited for the annual Love and Hope Ball down in Florida. This is the first time the remaining Bee Gees have done anything since the loss of brother Maurice in 2003. There have been family troubles, but they were unapparent as the pair played many of their greatest hits. "Stayin' Alive", "How Deep Is Your Love" and a new song dedicated to Maurice entitled "Don't Forget To Remember" are just a few of the numbers performed. I guess they sounded great, but not sure how they looked. This photo is a touch on the spooky side! Barry used to be sort of hot in a furry seventies cheese kind of way. It was scary enough to see him reunite with Barbara Streisand!!!

Sherman listened to some great music this past weekend on his mini roadtrip. The first album that tripped his trigger was the new MF Doom Box Set Special Herbs. This is a limited edition of 7500 copies that captures the entire collection of volumes 0-9. This is a must for any fans of underground hip-hop and beats. The cover of the cd is well, how would you say, beyond appropriate. Sherman does not advocate drug use, but come on people. I think it's almost unavoidable in this case. This collection includes classic beats from several MF Doom, KMD and King Geedorah projects and even a few that we'll find on future projects not yet released. Discs 1 & 2 contain 75 glorious minutes of mixed beats. Previous releases were not blended like this. This makes for a completely fluid listening experience. The real bonus comes with Disc 3. This is an unmixed bag of classic MF Doom productions that are old school at it's finest! If you are a Doom fan, get this before it's gone. They are going fast and once they're gone, they are GONE. Smoked-out-instrumental-head-bobbing-bliss!

After the trip to the head shop, Sherman decided to get wrap himself around some electronics. The electronic genius known as Pedro aka James Rutledge has reissued his debut album with a bonus disc of remixes! The self titled Pedro disc is worth purchase on it's own, but add the work of Four Tet, Danger Mouse and Prefuse 73 and this becomes a must have. The track "Fear and Resilience" is the song that these greats have reworked on this collection. Four Tet provides a 21 minute opus that grabs this track and takes it for serious walk around the park. It is all over the map! The good part is that it always finds its way home. The remix disc is for around 2 AM when you get home from the club and still need some serious stimulation, Disc 1 will take you into the early morning. This is the soundtrack to the moments just before dawn. That time when you can just see a touch of light and you know the sunrise is just around the corner, but you don't want the night to end. If you are really lucky, you might even get to snatch up the remixes on vinyl. There is a VERY limited pressing of these and rumor is they may already be gone. Make yourself more acquainted with Pedro by checking out this piece on the BBC or visiting Melodic.

Check out a few tracks from Milosh's upcoming Meme release! Just visit XLR8R and click on "Caroline listening station", Milosh will pop up. While you are there, check out their downloads section. Great stuff and FREE!

Good news for Imogen Heap! She has signed a worldwide deal with Sony BMG imprint White Rabbit to license Speak For Yourself outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico! this was a huge decision for Immi as she has not had many good experiences with big label folks. She is the first signing for this imprint and retains the complete rights to the entire album. Basically, they will help her get this out to as many people as possible. Not an easy decision for her to make, but one she felt she had to and one that will result in more fans and more time for her to make music. More Imogen here! Don't forget she's playing Coachella!!!! Look for the next single "Goodnight and Go" hitting the stores soon!

Just a little note too. Sherman was recently asked his opinion about all the negative MySpace press and his response is simple. He's only on their for music and music related information. It is a great source for discovering new talent and communicating all that is happening in music. He has never and will never use it to find a date (not that he hasn't had offers). Case closed. Also, to the person who questioned Sherman's lack of spellcheck usage..."are you serious?"

Well, so much for today. Planned on taking today as a holiday, but too much to share with ya'll! Over and out!

PS: Stay tuned for another installment of the Sherman Interviews coming soon!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Feist, Cat Power, Portishead, Tricky.......

I know I said Sherman was off today, but just read about a new release coming on February 27th. Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited is a star-studded release of Serge Gainbourg covers done by some of the best music has to offer. Many of the artists have teamed together for this release. Can't wait!

A Song For Sorry Angel - Franz Ferdinand and Jane Birkin
I Just Came To Tell You That I'm Going - Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco
Requiem For Anna - Portishead
Requiem For A Jerk - Faultline, Brian Molko and Franciose Hardy
L'Hotel - Michael Stipe
Au Revoir Emmanuelle - Tricky
Lola R. For Ever - Marianne Faithful and Sly and Robbie
Boomerang 2005 - Gonzales, Feist and Dani
Boy Toy - Marc Almond and Trash Palace
The Ballad Of Melody Nelson - Placebo
Just A Man With A Job - The Rakes
I Call It Art - The Kills
Those Little Things - Carla Bruni

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trombo Combo??!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings from chilly, but oh-so sunny Seattle! A few things to talk about today. First thing is a new discovery Sherman uncovered today. Trombo Combo Swedish Sound Deluxe is one of those rare treasures that just has to be shared. The discovery was made purely by accident, but who doesn't love a happy accident? This release on Bolero Records is one that should be purchased based on album cover alone. This release is a collection of covers that have been turned into loungey, groovy and sexy tracks that sound like a 60's jazz bar in Vegas. The first one that grabbed my ear was "I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head", as in the Kylie Minogue hit! It is swanky and sassy and just screams "COCKTAIL PLEASE"! Other fabulous musical tributes include "Hooked On A Feeling", "The Winner Takes It All", "Final Countdown" and Britney's own "Hit Me Baby One More Time". The lovely Erika Essen-Moller provides the vocals while the arrangements have been handled by Anders G. Carlsson. Get out your martini shakers gang and see why Sherman is developing yet another crush! It's like guilty pleasures without any guilt (like Sherman is capable of guilt?).

Sherman has been hearing all kinds of great things about the Feist show in NYC last Friday. Unfortunately, all the times that Sherman has seen Feist have been less than stellar (much of that can be blamed on the audience). It's great to be hearing and reading rave reviews about her gig at Webster Hall. This sold out show included a performance by Broken Social Scene's Jason Collett as opener for Mademoiselle Feist. We have to share this great photo from that night courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan. Check their site for a great review of the entire evening. There are tons of photos and details about this one of a kind evening. Even the New York Times gave her high praise in their Feb. 13th show review.

"On stage, she was confident and flirtatious, whether she was singing songs from her 2005 album "Let It Die" (Interscope) or ones she hasn't recorded yet. She spun stories and called for audience participation; adoring fans were ready to join her at the slightest invitation. And she kept coming up with musical surprises, from the full-band buildup on the Ron Sexsmith song "Secret Heart" to a tap dancer showing up during a wistful song written for Blossom Dearie, "Now at Last"."

Word from the Feist camp is that she will begin work on her follow up to Let It Die this month. Plans are to work with Jamie Lidell, Mocky, Renaud LeTang and Gonzales in both Paris & Berlin. She will return to the states for the March 25th KCRW Sounds Eclectic Evening in LA. Sounds like the New York show was an ideal way to wrap up her tour!

Just got done listening to the new Coldcut album. Sound Mirrors is the first release from Jonathan Moore & Matt Black since the best of collection in 2004. I had already been sucked in by the the single "Man In A Garage" with vocals by Jon Matthias, but had not heard the album as a whole. It is no wonder these two have been around for 19 years. They continue to create music that not only inspires, but reminds us that old dogs can be taught new tricks and those dogs can also develop some tricks of their own. These two have not only been in the music business, but have also produced art installations at the Pompidou in Paris, the Barbican in London and Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. When they aren't taking on the art world, they are developing software, producing movies and running a clubnight! Overachieve much? This one should be listened to as loud as you can as it runs the spectrum from in your face to barely there! Other guests include Roots Manuva, Annette Peacock, Robert Owens and the great Saul Williams. Welcome back Coldcut!!!

Sherman wants to share his new favorite time waster! Any London lovers out there??? Check this out!

Over and out until Monday! Tomorrow Sherman's on a road trip! Have a fanflippintasticalicious weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Events galore.....

Sherman has been inundated with information regarding upcoming and future festivals. February is that time of year where people start thinking about plans for warmer weather and live music. Lots of dates have been confirmed for great things happening all over these united states.

Let's start with Lollapalooza. Yes, Perry Farrell is doing it all again this year. Despite the dangerous heat and dehydration of last year's event, Chicago's Grant Park will host Lollapalooza 2006 from August 4-6. This year the event will be double in size and will add one extra day to it's festival lineup. At this time, the rumor mill is buzzing with word that Smashing Pumpkins will headline the event for their big comeback! Chicago would certainly be a welcoming crowd for them. Thievery Corporation has announced that they will be playing, as well. Other acts and dates for ticket sales will come in the next couple of months.

The next event to look forward to will be right here in Seattle. This year's Bumbershoot will not add a day, but actually drop Friday night. Smart move. That was typically the slowest day of the event. This way they can pack all the bang for the buck into 3 days of music from around the globe. Bumbershoot is held every Labor Day weekend at the Seattle Center in the shadow of the Space Needle. This will be it's 36th year! Sherman has heard some great names being tossed around for this year's Fest! No confirmations have been released, but you will hear it here as quickly as Sherman can type!

Sherman had the great advantage of having a dear friend at last year's SXSW Event in Austin, but alas will not this year. We are going to rely on reports from blogs and music lovers around the net for this year. SXSW will be held from March 10-19. Neil Young will be this year's keynote speaker. The list of performers just keeps growing and growing. If you have the stamina (and Red Bull) you may have the chance to catch Morrissey, Aberfeldy, Blackalicious, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, New Pornographers, Beth Orton, We Are Scientists, Carmen Rizzo, Sonya Kitchell and countless others. See their site for a complete list. This is an event for hardcore music lovers. You need to sleep for about a week before and a week after the event!!! Looks like they're pulling out all the stops for the 20th anniversary this year. Leave it to Sherman to be in Austin the week after the event ends.

On a bit smaller scale, next week is the Arthur Ball brought to you by the kind people at Arthur Magazine. The events will be held at venues throughout LA's Echo Park District. Joanna Newsom is headlining the event. If you haven't seen her perform live, GO! She is mesmerizing. You can also catch the LA debut of Colleen and Mi & L'AU!

Today Sherman would like to recommend a great "old friend" to take out and listen to. If you have a copy of Everything But The Girl's Acoustic, pull that out, rub the cd across your pants to clean it, put it on and simply enjoy. That album is like an old friend. Released back in 1992 (can you believe it?), this was Ben and Tracey at their finest. This came before their jump into electronic music. This was EBTG as they started. Their covers of "Time After Time", "Alison" and "Downtown Train" rival some of the originals. We have all been missing Tracey , but this makes you remember Ben's sweet little voice. I am a great fan of his house music, but this was such a different time and space for them. I know Sherman would go to the ends of the earth for another night of these two making the music that launched their careers and made us swoon.

Now for some Seattle stuff. Lots of things coming up in town. Here's just a handful. Animal Collective-March 2nd Neumo's / Ohmega Watts - February 26th Chop Suey / Archer Prewitt - February 18th Crocodile / Nada Surf & Rogue Wave - February 26th Showbox / Stereolab & Hot Chip - March 6th Showbox / Podcast Hotel - February 24th & 25th Triple Door / Osunlade - February 24th War Room / Roy Davis Jr. - February 17th Trinity / Go to Easy Street in West Seattle for breakfast

Speaking of local goodies, check out Barsuk's website for a great streaming archive of Barsuk artists playing at EMP's JBL theatre back in April of last year. These recordings will be made available each week and feature acoustic performances by some of the best.

PS: Goldfrapp will be at the Wiltern in LA on March 11th! Please come back to Seattle!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

J Dilla Tribute/Benefit Show

Those of you in San Francisco can share stories and love for J Dilla this Friday at Mezanine & 444 Jesse St.

A Tribute & Benefit to the Genius of
Jay Dee aka J-Dilla

LIVE 8 Piece band

Exclusive J-Rocc DJ tribute to J-Dilla aka Jay Dee

+ J-Dilla's 'Donuts'
Album release party

+ Peanut Butter Wolf & Egon
+ Hakobo + Proof

Cupid...draw back your bow.....

Here it is! Sherman's Valentine's Day Playlist!!!!

"Feel Like Makin' Love" - Roberta Flack
"For Once In My Life" - Stevie Wonder
"My Love" - Lionel Richie
"Never Gonna Let You Go" - Sergio Mendes
"Longer" - Dan Fogelberg
"So Amazing" - Luther Vandross
"Still The One" - Orleans
"Your Song" - Elton John
"Save The Best For Last" - Vanessa Williams
"You're My First, My Last, My Everything" - Barry White
"How Deep Is Your Love" - Bee Gees
"You're The Inspiration" - Chicago
"Lovin' You" - Minnie Ripperton
"Right Time of the Night" - Jennifer Warnes
"Saving All My Love For You" - Whitney Houston

Sherman wants to extend a special Valentine greeting to his friend Violet in NYC.

Check out this amazing site! Watch the animated video by the Heavy Blinkers! It's a gem! After that, just click through and enjoy! Another example of creative people doing amazing things! (you'll need shockwave!)

Word from Plug Research that we can expect a remixed version of Mia Doi Todd's Manzanita on April 4th. La Ninja: Amor And Other Dreams of Manzanita will include remixes by Ammoncontact, DJ Nobody and Dungen! Can't wait! This edition will include three previously unreleased tracks. Her's is a unique sound that I can only imagine will remix in exceptional fashion! Remix albums can have really interesting results. I have great expectations for this one!

And now Sherman leaves you with this little treat! Have a great day today no matter what you do and remember SHERMAN LOVES YOU!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

South Central Rain

Hey everybody! Hope you had a great weekend! If you were in Seattle, you felt sunshine all weekend! Lots of folks out and about enjoying it and remembering why we all live here. If you are on the east coast...well, you are digging our from under. Hope you all managed some fun in the chaos! Snow angels? Snowball fights? Skiing in the East Village? This photo from the New York Times is how I want to imagine all of the city yesterday.

A word on yesterday's post. The music world lost one it's finest producers last Friday. J Dilla died from complications of the disease lupus. The 32 year-old J Dilla will be remembered tomorrow in services held in Los Angeles. Run out and buy his latest album Donuts in tribute to this amazing artist! Check out his MySpace page for more information and tributes. He was far too young and will be missed. Thoughts are with all of his friends and family.

Last week, a friend (thanks eb) told me to check out a cover tune by Hem. It was the REM tune "South Central Rain". Now that's one of Sherman's favorites so I was a bit nervous to listen. Well, within moments my fears dissipated. Sally Ellyson's voice just oozed out of my headphones and sank into my heart. I have been a "sometime" fan of Hem, but their latest release of cover tunes, unreleased music, outtakes and live recordings is a treat. Their version of "Rainy Night In Georgia" is the first full length on the collection. It is beautiful. According to the liner notes, it was recorded the very first time the band played it all the way through. The unedited version of "Eveningland" from their last album is fantastic! While listening with a friend (jl), she mentioned how much they sounded like Cowboy Junkies. I would agree, but I think their's is a true Americana sound, while the Junkies are a touch too electric for that. The song structure is very similar, but the music and vocals are a bit more ethereal. Really liking this disc. Head over to Hem's MySpace page for some sample tracks.

Head over to the Concretes newly revamped website! They're gettin' ready for the new CD!!! Looks great! New photos and news and all sorts of Concretes goodies! While you're checking out that site, cruise over to Milk Audio for an archived set from Mr. Scruff!!! Spend some time on that site if you haven't before. Great stuff! It's newly updated and full of great dj sets and great music! Love that site!

XM subscribers have something new to look forward to. They will be launching a new downtempo station anyday now!

Hey Seattle Rogue Wave fans! They will be LIVE at the Queen Anne Easy Street on February 26th!

Ok guilty pleasure fans!!! The great 70's maverick Leo Sayer is once again topping the UK charts! It's been 29 years since the 57 year-old Sayer had his last #1 hit and now he's back. A little known DJ named Meck has remixed "Thunder In My Heart" and the UK fans are eating it up. We're the 70's really that awesome or are we in great need of new music? That is the question. For a really good time, check out his website! Has anyone ever seen he and Richard Simmons in the same room???

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Friday, February 10, 2006

The Juan Maclean needs a gig...

Sorry no post yesterday. Grammy hangover. How bad was that show? Please! Sherman feels it's just a reminder of all the good music that gets forgotten every year. Madonna may look good (except for her bionic face), but that opening was so weak. It all went downhill from there. You know you're in trouble when a member of the Beatles has to duet with Jay-Z??!! PEOPLE!!!! Ok, no more complaining. I also went to see the Elected & Stars that night! Great show! Sound could have been a touch better and Torq didn't need to go off on someone in the crowd, but the music was right on. Amy's cover of "Hungry Heart" made my heart hurt! She can sing! Look for her solo release this year. The Elected were a flashback to the 70's and put on a great show! I can't wait to hear more from them. Super tight band and could they be any cuter??

Hey Seattle! The Juan Maclean is looking for a DJ gig here on Saturday night! He's cool with wherever he can play as long as it's fun. Money isn't a huge issue either. Check out his MySpace page for more info! He's playing the Crocodile on Sunday!!

San Francisco residents are in for a treat on March 16th. Soulstice will play a gig at 111 Minna! If you are in SF, go to this show! You will not be disappointed. They are fantastic live! I hope this is a sign of shows to come. They have been missed! This night will feature all 4 members including Gina Rene, Andy Caldwell, Gabriel Rene and Mei-Lwun!

Sherman has been playing the Lindstrom & Prins Thomas disc for quite some time. It's a self titled release from Eskimo Recordings that came out last year, but has just gained some momentum in the states. People keep using the term "space disco" to describe it, but I just can't use that. Not sure why, but it annoys me for some reason. Basically, this is funk and disco influenced electronic music. It's got great basslines and trippy sounds that wrap around you, lift you up and move you to the dancefloor. It also has a few tracks that are ideal for when you need a cocktail break and someone to pat your brow. It's a great collection of music that I hope is a bit of sign of things to come.

Let's keep a disco theme for our Guilty Pleasure today. KC & the Sunshine Band. That should really be 'nuff said, but I am going to pay special tribute to a personal favorite. "Give It Up" is a hit, but not necessarily the one that pops into your head when you think of this 11 member hit machine. This single was picked up by Epic records in Ireland and was released in the UK long after their original string of hits. It went to #1 in the UK in '83, but was not picked up here in the US. KC. formed his own company that year and released the singles stateside where it hit #18 on the pop charts. KC (Harry Casey) retired in '85, but has since reformed the group and toured extensively. Unfortunately, last year, during a performance of "Boogie Shoes" he took a nasty fall. This fall resulted in stitches and seriously wounded pride. The group is still touring and does a significant number of private shows, as well. Sounds like KC has no plans to "Give It Up" anytime soon (had to). Or maybe he should "Keep It Comin' Love".....

For fans of New Zealand's Wing (who isn't?), she has just released her tribute to Elvis Presley. Check out her site for details and samples.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Two in One Day!!!?!?!

Just a quick second post for two things...Matt Pond PA (cuter than the cutest) played a great gig at the Bowery in NY and had ALL of their equipment stolen! Come on people!! Really? Beyond mean.

Secondly, Plug Research has just launched their new monthly podcast!!! Their first one includes a new one from Milosh!

Sherman's eating as fast as he can....

Sherman is ingesting as much new music as he can from iTunes. Reason being...he wants to be a contest winner (who doesn't?)! Apple is well on it's way to the One billionth download and is running a giveaway inconjunction with your purchases. For every 100,000 download, it is giving away a 4GB Nano and $100 iTunes gift card. The real winner will be the lucky person who purchases the one billionth song....

One 20-inch iMac
Ten 60GB iPods (5 white/5 black)
One U.S. $10,000 iTunes Music Card (good for any media type)

Sherman has been on MySpace for a couple months and has to admit that the exposure to music on there is mindblowing. Not a fan of all aspects of the site, but as far as music goes, it's a winner. SO many artists both new and old make their music available for all to hear either for stream or even download. The latest to do this is Isobel Campbell. Head over to her page and take a listen prior to the March US release. GORGEOUS! She and Mark Lanegan have crafted a real gem here. Campbell's airy sweet vocals paired up with the gruff and growly Lanegan create an ideal coupling. I really couldn't imagine that this would work as well as it has. There's something so "real" about it, not to mention eerie. Campbell wrote most of the songs and produced the album in Glasgow. Lanegan added his vocals in LA. This distance seems to be a metaphor for the entire release. Look for US tour dates too!

Sherman has to share a great top 10 he received today. It fits in with his adoration for the guilty pleasure. DJ Ron Carroll has provided his top 10 tracks for February. Check out numero uno! Sylvester should always be #1!!!!!

1. Sylvester "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" (David Morales Mix) Test
2. Angie Stone "Always" (Timmy Regisford Remix) Shelter
3. Byron Stingly & Kimara Lovelace "About Our Love" (Ron Carroll Mix) Home
4. Melba Moore "My Heart Belongs To You" (DJ Prom Mix) Soulfuric
5. Brian Tappert "The Organ Track" (1st and 2nd Mixes) Soulfuric Trax
6. Lenny Fontana featuring Octahvia "The Way" (Jay-J Dub) Defected
7. Bobeck "I Need House" (Ron Carroll Mix) Body Music Chicago Peach
8. Jinx "Inomorata" (DJ Spen Mix) MN2S
9. Martin Solveig "Jealousy" (Dennis Ferrer Mix) Defected
10. Ron Carroll "Just Got Paid" (DJ Spen & Born To Funk Mixes) Body Music Chicago

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One week from today....

One week from today is that date that so many dread while others embrace. If you are lucky enough to be madly in love (and with someone who gives good presents), you probably love Valentine's Day. If not, the loathing has already begun. Fret not, the ever adorable Questlove is giving the brokenhearted a little somethin' somethin' this year. Babies Making Babies Vol. 2 The Misery Strikes is a compilation of some of the most timeless break up music of the 70's. This is musical heartache at it's best. Who better to tell you how it really is than Al Green, Ohio Players, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack and Albert King?? Smooth, soulful and downright gutwrenching. This one actually makes you wonder why we fall in love to begin with. Sherman's head has been in his pillow since hearing Natalie Cole's "Good Morning Heartache".

We were a day late on this one, but Cat Power has cancelled her entire spring tour. Bummer. Matador has issued a statement that the cancellation is due to "health reasons". The tour will be rescheduled ASAP. Hope she's ok. Not going to make any other comments on this one.

Another item that Sherman just discovered is the Directions video series from Death Cab For Cutie. Launched on Jan. 27th, this is a series of short films that have been produced for the album Plans. Each Monday you can see a new film that will remain on the site until the following week. They are fantastic! Be sure to watch the two minute short about the development of the concept. Couldn't love those boys anymore if I tried. They are also the featured artist this week on Austin City Limits. Their gig with My Morning Jacket will air this Saturday, Feb. 11th.

Thievery Corporation fans have something to look forward to with the upcoming April release of Versions (on their own ESL label). These guys are truly in demand and have been asked to remix everyone from Transglobal Underground to Herb Alpert. They will be releasing well over a dozen of these remixes for all to enjoy. The one I am most curious about is the Doors' "Strange Days". They are also working on the follow-up to The Cosmic Game, which is their most successful album to date. These two have gotten pretty darn commercial, but Sherman still has a soft spot for some of the early stuff.

Hey fans of OM Records! In just two weeks, OM will release their 10th anniversary compilation. OM 10: A Decade of Future Music is burstin' at the seams with classic Om alongside new and never before released tracks. It sounds fantastic! This is one you will listen to over and over again. The track selection is masterful as they have chosen the perfect mix of all they do best (Kaskade, Fred Everything, Greenskeepers, Marques Wyatt, Rithma, Afro-Mystik, etc). It's got your house, downtempo, their own brand of hip hop and enough soul to keep you goin' for hours. Grab this one as soon as it drops! Thanks OM for 10 years of musical gifts and unbounded talent! Can't wait to hear the next decade! Look for 10 year celebrations all over the place this spring.

Sherman wants to share a great site for you creative types. Enjoy DFILM. Create your own animated film for friends!!!! So much fun! Feel free to share yours with Sherman, if you dare. Just send it to shermanscorner@comcast.net!!!

They just added MASSIVE ATTACK to Coachella's lineup! Ok, now we're talkin'!!!!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is "music's biggest night"! The Grammy's are back to honor records that none of us listen to and to never mention the ones we love! Sherman will be at the Elected/Stars show and will Tivo the event just in case Madonna ROCKS!!

Over and out! NO need to explain the photo below. Just enjoy!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dionne's Guilty Pleasure Tribute

Sherman would like to express his extreme jealousy towards anyone who was at the Kodak Theatre last week for the Dionne Warwick tribute show! Wow! An all-star lineup celebrating Ms. Warwick's 45 years in showbiz! Can you imagine? It was a who's who of the recording industry assembled by David (why am I dating Da Brat and why did I marry Liza Minnelli?) Gest. Each and every song performed was a guilty pleasure extravaganza. "I Say A Little Prayer", "A House is Not A Home", "Alfie", "Walk On By", "What The World Needs Now" and more were sung by the diva herself and a host of musical talent both classic and current. Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Oliva Newton-John, Burt (every song I wrote was sung by her) Bacharach, Angie Stone and more. The evening ended with Warwick belting out "I'll Never Love This Way Again" a fitting end to the evening. Good news is that the show has been taped for a tv special to run later this year!

Speaking of a good guilty pleasure, did you all hear that the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers was found not guilty of conspiring to supply cocaine? Apparently, it's ok to be a user, but not a dealer. Now we know what he's been doing with his "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Nights"!!!!

One more oldie, but goodie. Green Gartside has reformed Scritti Politti with some of his buddies. They did a secret show last night in the UK under the pseudonym Double G & the Treacherous 3! Brilliant! Word is they sounded great and did only new material. Look for a new release this year!

Ok, let's move onto something from this decade. Looks like we can expect the new Sonic Youth album in June. The first post O'Rourke release, Do You Believe in The Rapture is being mixed right now by Thurston Moore. We can look forward to Kim Gordon's driving bass and vocals on approximately 5 of the tracks. Moore states "this record is just a far more straight up rock and roll album for us". Things got a bit more complex with O'Rourke in the mix. Can't wait to hear it! Hoping for a tour to support it!

Check out Broken Social Scene courtesy of the BBC.

Grooves magazine has launched it's inaugural online magazine and is giving you the first issue for free. This was a great magazine that just couldn't maintain in print. Please support them online, or at least check out digi-issue #1.

Looks like Husky Rescue will be touring stateside this year. No official dates yet, but stay tuned.

House music fans have something to look forward to in stores tomorrow. The debut solo release from Latrice Barnett. You know her as the voice of some of house musics
greatest tracks of the past few years ("Give A Little", "Keep On Rising", and "Make My Heart"). Jay-J and Kaskade are co-producers of Illuminate from Ultra Records. This is seriously soulful music by one of the best voices in house today. Fans in her hometown of SF can check her out live at Virgin Megastore this Saturday to celebrate the albums release. Look for remixes from Miguel Migs coming soon! If you get the chance to see her live, you won't regret it. She's captivating to watch on the stage. No bigger than a minute and so full of energy and power! I hope this record really gives her the exposure she deserves!

Anyone else get sick to their stomach yesterday while hearing "Love Is Strange" on the Hummer commercial during the Super Bowl? EBTG allowing Hummer to use their song? Ugh. What is the world coming to??

Sherman's favorite Super Bowl commercial.

Sherman indulged in a weekend full of guilty pleasures and exposed himself to no new music. He was caught in a bit of a time warp with the likes of Captain & Tennille, Lou Rawls, Chic, Little River Band, Dr. Hook and all the greats. He strongly suggests a weekend like this for anyone who needs to take walk down memory lane. The music not only brings back the sound of that time, but the food, the clothing and a host of other thoughts and feelings. Rather cathartic!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sorry seems to be the hardest.....

Sorry Seahawk fans! Sad day here in the Emerald City. Is now when you say things like "at least we got this far?", "better luck next time" and "our uniforms are better than yours"??? Well, it was fun while it lasted and now we move on.

Sherman is sorry he missed Friday's post too! Ended up needing that day off. He'll be back tomorrow with a fresh and SUNNY Monday post. We were slated to do a rainy day playlist last Friday, but gale force winds took the rain and clouds out of here today. Last time I looked, we are in for some sun this week. PTL!!! This has been a horrible winter here! See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Groundhog Day Download!!

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of Ezekiel Honig courtesy of Percussion Lab! The lovely folks at PL have archived his 12.16.05 show for stream or DOWNLOAD! It's on their main page. It's fantastic! More people need to know about him! Spread the love! Look for the Early Morning Migration Remixes on March 13th from Microcosm!

Word from Amoeba Music (SF & LA) is that they will be spending the next year getting ready to launch a label and major internet presence! Great news! If you have ever been to their brick and mortar stores, you know why this is so huge! Shopping there is like an out of body experience. Aisles and aisles ofnew and used music that could result in hours of shopping and the depletion of your bank account. They are investing $10-$20 million dollars in this project! We're waiting.....

Seattle house heads can look forward to a couple great shows coming soon! Jask and Lisa Shaw will be @ Trinity on March 10th to celebrate Lisa's solo release, Cherry! March 31st will bring the Om Records 10th Anniversary party to that same venue. Chuck Love and Rithma will provide the tunes for the celebration. Two great shows, but one not so great venue. Not a fan of Pioneer Square, but glad the music is coming. Will someone open a great space, please!!!!

Check out this new Milosh video courtesy of Plug Research! I heart Milosh!

Also, fans of DJ Lady D remember her old skool t-shirts that said "For Love Only"!!! They are back in time for valentine's day! Click here for details! Thanks Lady D!!! Just wish they made one that was Sherman size!!!

Hey, just heard Heather Locklear filed for divorce from Richie Samobora! 11 years of marriage. Super sad news.

See you tomorrow gang with a special Seattle rainy day guilty pleasure or two!