Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where's the tan???

While Sherman was away for some R & R, more top 10 lists came in for '05. We promised to bring you all the ones submitted to us and we will. First off though, Sherman would like to apologize to the lovely Park Avenue Music. Sherman suffered a spell check mishap that resulted in the misspelling of Wes Steed's name. Many apologies to you and JuJu for our error! It has been corrected. Oh, and by the by, not enough sun for Sherman to work on his tan. Cloudy and cool, but still a delightful trip. Just wish airlines didn't have to be involved. Learning to fly might be something on Sherman's to do list this year! Although much time was spent listening to Sherman over the holiday weekend, the discovery of an absolutely magical radio station in the desert was made. KWXY 98.5 FM/1340 AM. Their motto is simple "beautiful music". This is THE soundtrack to your Palm Springs experience! The ideal combination of classic vocals the likes of Sinatra and the fine instrumentals of the Percy Faith. You have not heard "Sundown" until you hear it done with a plucky harp and strings!!!

Now onto our lists. The first comes from Emily Silman at Astralwerks. Emily is lucky enough to be part of the team at Astralwerks. The folks who bring us Royksopp, Chemical Brothers, Phoenix, Hot Chip, The Concretes and countless others. Thanks Emily! Looking forward to the new Beth Orton and everything Astralwerks has in store for us in 2006!

1. Idlewild "Warnings/Promises"
2. Royksopp "The Understanding"
3. Bloc Party "Silent Alarm"
4. Ulrich Schnauss "A Strangely Isolated Place"
5. Doves "Some Cities"
6. Hot Chip "Coming On Strong"
7. Annie "Anniemal"
8. Kraftwerk "Minimum-Maximum"
9. The Decemeberists "Picaresque"
10. Ladytron "Witching Hour"

Our next lists were compiled by Dean Sven Carlson of Fusion Radio fame. Dean is the co-founder and host of this syndicated modern global music show. Here in Seattle in can be heard on KMTT 103.7 Sunday nights from 8 PM-9 PM PST. Dean is THE source for all great music being produced in other countries. He has turned me onto some of the coolest music being made today. Music we would otherwise never hear. Thanks to Dean for providing some great picks and info on his choices! Check out the Fusion site for further info on Dean's doings.

Top 10 Modern Global CDs of 2005

Amadou & Mariam "DiManche A'Bamako" (Nonesuch) Mali/They met in a clinic for the blind years ago in Mali ... and proceeded to release music unheard of at that time, using electric guitars and electronics. Every track on this CD is great ... a must-have release for this year.
Feist "Let It Die" (Universal) Canada
Xavier Rudd "Solace" (SaltX) Australia
Ladysmith Black Mambazo "Chillout Sessions" (Rasa) South Africa
Brazilain Girls "Brazilian Girls" (Verve) USA/Brooklyn/ How on earth did this CD happen? Singing in 5 different languages, this Brooklyn band features members from Rome, Buenos Aires, California and Kansas!
MIDIval Punditz "MIDIval Times" (Six Degrees) India/ Gaurav & Tapan are not only releasing some amazing modern Indian music, but they are part of a burgeoning art movement/community in New Deli called the Cyber Mehfil, an arts group that they helped create.
Zucchero "Zucchero & Co." (Hear Music) Italy
Nickodemus "Endangered Species" (Wonderwheel) USA/New York
Curumin "Achados E Perdidos" (Quannum) Brazil
Bebel Gilberto "Remixes" (Six Degrees) Brazil

Top 10 Rock/Indie CDs of 2005

Colder "Heat" (Output) France /Perfect for late, rainy Seattle nights ... so very dark and electronic, but sexy and French!
Marz "Wir Sind Hier" (Karaoke Kalk) Germany
Grizzly Bear "Horn Of Plenty" (Kanine) USA/Brooklyn/ Unique, hazy sound from these New York chaps, fusing atmospherics, noise and acoustic guitar.
Nada Surf "The Weight Is A Gift" (Barsuk) USA/New York/
Smash! I had "All In A Game" stuck in my noggin for weeks!
Sam Prekop "Who's Your New Professor" (Thrill Jockey) USA/Chicago/ Dinner album of the year ... very personal and cozy/warm.
Magnetophone "The Man Who Ate The Man" (4AD)/ England
4AD lives! Reminds me at times of This Mortal Coil and early Wolfgang Press.
Clue To Kalo "One Way, It's Everyway" (Mush) Australia
American Analogue Set "Set Free" and "Through The 90's/B-sides" (Arts & Crafts) USA/Texas/ Guilty pleasure? Perhaps. Stoned? Probably. Indie pop heaven? Hell yes.
Monster Movie "To The Moon" (Claire) Scotland/ Makes me want to go to Scotland.
The Earlies "These Were The Earlies" (Names) USA/UK

Now for Dean's Electronic List. He has quite an ear for this genre of music. An ear that I am so happy he shares with others. His choices in this type of music are always homeruns!

Top 10 Electronic/Ambient CDs of 2005

Deadbeat "New World Observer" (Scape) Canada/Montreal
I'm Not A Gun "Our Lives On Wednesdays" (City Center) USA/LA /INAG is actually John Tejada, who I just ran into yesterday on my way to the QFC (!!!), who tells me he is working on the next I'm Not A Gun release to come out mid-2006. Beautiful ambient electronics and guitar work with strings and found objects.
Ezekiel Honig "Early Morning Migration" (Microcosm)/ Like the title suggests, you watch the sun rise and want to migrate into the couch.
Four Tet "Everything Ecstatic" (Domino) UK
The Books "Lost and Safe" (Tomlab) USA/New York
Folie "Eye Pennies" (Mitek) Sweden/ Sweet little release of electronic pops and loops and melody with buttons all over the sleeve ... paid for by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Arts!
Boards Of Canada "Campfire Headphase" (Warp) Scotland /Makes me really want to go to Scotland.
Signaldrift "Set Design" (Consumers Research) USA/Milwaukee /A chap named Franz from Milwaukee ... making one of the most gorgeous down-tempo records of the year, why not?
Psapp "Tiger My Friend" (Leaf) England
Swayzak "Loops From The Bergerie" (K7!) England

Judging from that list, it looks like Sherman and Dean share some serious love for the same electronic artists! Check out Fusion! You'll be hooked!

Don't forget that this month will see the release of the film Coachella featuring performance footage from this amazing festival! If you have never attended Coachella, DO IT! It's a blast! Very well run, lots of fun, ample sunshine and more music than you can imagine. I will miss it this year after attending the past two years! Someone has to be there to represent Sherman!!!! For more info on the festival this year click Coachella. For info on the January 24th screening of the film, click here. They will be showing the film all around the country that day. Don't miss it!

Today, Sherman would like to launch a "whenever he feels like doing it" sort of thing. He's calling it "Sherman Shares". This will be a random tidbit that he wants to share with everyone. Music related or not, it's just something he thinks you might like. Today, Sherman shares a favorite website with all of you. Natalie Dee This is a site updated with new drawings everyday. Many of which are hilarious, some of which push the envelope, but most of which crack him up! ENJOY!

Today's Guilty Pleasure was inspired by the news that Madonna will be launching a wine! Are you serious? Wine? The wine is available after January 12th and comes in delightful collectible "Confessions on a Dance Floor" bottle sporting the Steven Klein photos from the album shoot. How could we not pick "Material Girl" as our guilty pleasure today???? The appropriateness of that title choice is uncanny today. Do we need a Madonna wine? Worse yet, a Madonna Pinot Grigio?? I say we stick to the music and forget the grape business.


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