Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Sherman Interviews Vol. II

Sherman has a super big treat for you all today! The second in a series of interviews conducted by none other than Sherman himself! Today is extra special! Milosh has been kind enough to answer some questions and share a bit about what makes him tick! You Make Me Feel is one of the finest albums you will ever hear. Perfect in every single wasy! In March, we can expect his follow-up Meme. His support of Sherman has been unwavering and he is an absolute delight. Enjoy the interview. Sherman will be back Monday after a long weekend getaway! Safe weekend everyone! (Warning* explicit interview for you youngsters out there)

Sherman: What was your first exposure to electronic music?

Milosh: My first exposure to electronic music huh? Well, that’s a huge question, depends what you consider electronic. I mean is Pink Floyds’ Dark Side of the Moon electronic cause if it is then I was like 5, my dad had the record. But really the first “electronic” group that got me really turned on was Autechre. I was listening to Tri Repetea and the last track just blew me away. I starting crying cause it just let me think of things, just things, and I was sold. Or in other words my ears where open to electronic music.

How are you able to convey a warmth in your music? This is something difficult to achieve in electronic music.

I think what I do is that I approach tracks as if they weren’t specific to electronic music. I just approach them as songs with ideas and words and of course singing. I try to convey an intimacy through my music, an intimacy with me, intimacy with what I’m singing about and I’m not scared to use my emotions. I think. I mean some of my songs are just sincerely about performing oral sex and the love I have. Licking, tasting my baby… you know.

How did the concept of the video for "You Make Me Feel" develop? (see video screen shot below)

Oh, it’s all the Germans. They came up with the concept. Daniel was a friend of mine and I met him while he was doing an internship in Canada. When he went back to Germany, he talked to me about the idea and I was like, wow, let’s do it. I love it!
If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?

I would be doing photography, which is still what I do regardless. I have a show coming up and I would still be making films. I’ve done some documentaries about auto racing for Porsche.

Who or what inspires you?

People I love inspire me! My friends, lovers… My music is a journal about the relationships that I have and have had.

I read in Stylus Magazine a comparison they made between you and Radiohead. What do you think?

You did? I wanna read that! (Stylus) Well, I think that’s cool but I don’t think I’m like radio head and I think they might be insulted but, I’ll take it. I see what they are saying, vocals, electronics but… We’re different.

Your follow-up to YOU MAKE ME FEEL is being released next month. MEME sounds like it could have a decidedly different tone. Is this true and why?

Well, “You Make Me Feel” was for the most part one big love song to my ex girlfriend who at the time was my girlfriend, Lies. This album, “Meme’ is a year of my life alone, feeling sad, feeling happy doing naughty things meeting my girlfriend, Yen. I have an exclusive coming out on iTunes as well that I would say sums up Yen, how she makes me feel. (yes ladies and gents, he's taken)

What do you think is the biggest misconception about electronic music is?

That it’s cold. But wait, a lot of it is. I think we are starting to see some absolutely amazing artists though. Imogen! Say no more. It’s like the artists are catching up with the technology. And they’re coming out. There still is the tech-geek-gone-producer but there is also people like Bjork, Imogen, Telefon, Dntel.

What are you listening currently listening to?

Imogen Heap, Telefon Tel Aviv, Pinback, Bjork(always) but I am a bit starved …

What are your musical guilty pleasures?

I don’t know if I have any. I mean that would kind of mean that at the same time I think its cheese right? Cause I don’t have some secret thing for Bon Jovi or anything like that. Basically I like music that is beautiful. I like art that is beautiful.

Name a favorite live music moment for you.

Wow, ummm. When people clapped and cheered after I finished “The City”, which is a new track I played when I was opening up for Imogen. I was mad nervous, it meant a lot to me and I was worried people were going to be like, who is this, balls! But they seemed to like it. It felt amazing, and was in turn very inspiring.

Thanks again Milosh! Can't wait for the new album! Big hugs, huge kisses and Sherman's undying love!

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