Saturday, January 07, 2006

"A Power Gig For Nature"

Hey everyone! Sherman Jr. favorite, Bjork is headlining a major concert today in her homeland of Iceland. The Icelandic highlands and other wilderness areas in Iceland are in danger from heavy industry and she and Mum, Sigor Ros, Damien Rice and others are drawing attention to this issue through the show. See Haetta! for more information. The show will be webcast after it's over, but in the meantime, photos are being uploaded to damnation tv.

One of the photos uploaded to the site shows Bjork on her laptop! ADORABLE! There's some rough performance footage on the site, as well. Can't wait for the webcast! You can reigster your email on their site to be updated when the show will be available! Another reason Sherman LOVES the internet!


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