Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Now that's a lot of Shermans...

Steve Jobs announced today that over 14 million iPods were sold this holiday season! Insane! Really insane when you think only 4.5 million were sold in that same period during '04. Looks like Sherman has a huge family out there. No new iPod released during the Macworld Expo this year, but Apple has introduced a new remote control that integrates a FM tuner! You can finally listen to the radio through your iPod. Nifty! Jobs' keynote address included the release of iLife '06. Great new software with a huge update to iPhoto and a new application called iWeb. The big announcement came as Jobs announced new Intel based technology being used in new iMacs and a new laptop that will replace the PowerBook. These computers will include an Intel Duo Core chip dramatically increasing the processor's speed. Orders are being taken for these new models and we should see them in February. Ok, I know, this is a music blog, but all of this is part of Sherman's world.

Along those same lines, Sherman's favorite radio station, KCRW has announced video podcasts of their popular Morning Becomes Eclectic. They started with audio podcasts back in August, but popular demand resulted in video being launched today! This is a great way to expose yourself to the very latest in music from around the world. The first video podcast will be from singer-songwriter Kate Earl and New York's Si*Se showcasing tunes from their latest release More Shine . These are available for free from iTunes Music Store!!

Be sure to check out the latest EP from the Rurals. This couple and house music team has just made Tree of Tension available for purchase on TraxSource. It is their first release on the DIGI-PENG moniker. You have to hear "Jimmy LeFunk" ! Not sure if I have ever heard the Rurals get that down and dirty. It is pure unadulterated F-U-N-K! If you haven't aren't familiar with TraxSource, beware, it can vacuum money right out of your pocket!!!

Who every thought a pickle could be adorable? Well, in today's Sherman Shares, he shares a favorite site and character with all of you. Mr. Pickles! Be sure to check out his blog, as well. Nothing like reading the ramblings of a gherkin! Stay tuned later for a photo of the day Sherman met Mr. Pickles. Ahhh, what a day it was......


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