Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girls Rule!!!

This is not exactly the time of year for huge new releases and Sherman gets excited when there are exceptions to that rule! After 2 years of waiting for domestic release, we see the arrival of Colour the Small One from Sia. This album has been in Sherman since we purchased it on a visit to the UK in '04. If you are unsure of whom I am speaking of maybe the name Zero 7 will ring a bell. Sia is one of their lead vocalists and has truly become the voice of the group. She was THE sound behind "Destiny" which became the anthem for Zero 7 and was accompanied by one of the most beautiful videos you will ever see. Not to mention the single "Somersault" from their last release (a track that is in Sherman's tops of all time) Seeing Sia sing live is an out-of-body experience. She is as entrancing as she is talented. You can see and feel the emotional intensity aurally and physically. Sometimes words fail when I try to adequately describe the beauty she brings with each breath. You have most likely heard the single "Breathe Me" on the radio in either it's original form or as mixed by Four Tet (Sherman's fave) or Ulrich Schnauss. She also performs a song co-written with Beck. The track entitled "Bully" reflects exactly what the title says. Beck was on the same bill as Zero 7 in LA a the end of their tour and the two dueted on "You're The One That I Want" from Grease (dying to hear that). Advice to all of you, go get this CD. If you need any further convincing, take a look at her performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic from yesterday. 'Nuff said. Sia you enthrall me!

If that isn't enough for fans of Zero 7, Tina Dico will release her US debut full length on January 24th, but is available now on iTunes. "In the Red" is a fantastic record! After listening to her EP, Far, I couldn't wait to hear more. Tina's warm and soulful voice was behind two of the standout singles on Zero 7's last release "When It Falls". She was a very welcome addition to the group. Her music is the perfect blend of acoustic pop and shares stories of love and heartache reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or Sarah McLachlan. The album went #1 one in her native Denmark blowing away U2 and Coldplay. If that isn't accomplishment enough, she did that without a major label machine behind her. She released this on her own! Pretty impressive by anyone's standards. Listen for the first single "Warm Sand". This is a song that could have been released with Zero 7, but pleasingly is all her own. Clearly she is an emerging talent to watch. Look for a few US tour dates in March.

Shermans shares a link with you today that was sent to him from a friend in New York (thanks eb). Careful, you can't stop watching!!!! Again, I LOVE what people do with their brains!

Stay tuned for Sherman's first interview and some fun with Guilty Pleasures!!!


Blogger jeremy said...

yay! two good releases finally making it stateside! i think most (gay) americans know sia from the series finale of '6 ft. under'

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