Friday, January 13, 2006


Sherman has finally dug himself out from under all of those guilty pleasures and managed to play a couple new things last night. The first is the inaugural release on Ghostly International's Digital imprint. Ann Arbor based Ghostly (home to Matthew Dear, Solvent, Mobius Band etc.), will be joining the ranks of digital labels on January 24th, as they release Midwest Product's Swamp EP. Also based in Ann Arbor, this trio is the ideal combo of live instrumentation and glitchy electronics. They are what critics are calling "electro-rock". Ok, I'll buy that. It works and works extremely well. The original version of "Swamp" can be found on the 2003 release, World Series of Love. The EP mix is fantastic! Poor Sherman has had to play it repeatedly in the past 24 hours. It takes the original track to a richer, warmer place. It polishes the edges and smoothes out the techy pops and buzzes with a perfect result. Ghostly has been gaining more and more ground in the world of independent electronic music and this initial digital release will only propel them into the stratosphere! Available on iTunes Jan. 24th and other outlets to follow. Can't wait for more.

Ok, so Sherman decided long ago that there would not be any negativity on this blog. No bad reviews. no being mean, no "throwin' shade" if you will. Well, the occasional exception is about to happen. Sherman heard the new Different Stroke by Different Folks release on Epic/Legacy. Yes, it is a compilation of the hits of Sly & the Family Stone as done by contemporary artists. Ouch! The label is calling it a "re-imagining" of Sly's music. Supposedly approved by the man himself, this seems almost sacreligious. Sly is a legend and THE only one who should interpret his own music. Yes they used the original masters, but makes no difference here. Quite simply, why are Moby, Maroon 5, Steven Tyler and John Mayer even allowed on this? It is one painful musical mistake after another. Sorry Giant Step, I just can't muster any love for this one. Go out and find a copy of There's a Riot Goin' On and pretend this CD never happened.

Today Sherman shares on of his favorite daily stops on the net. Natalie Dee and her daily cartoons. This is not necessarily a family-friendly site, but man does it bring a smile to your face. You may already be familiar with her brother Drew's site Toothpaste For Dinner. Just another example of the good things that come from Ohio! While on her site, check out the link to her photos of her dog Charles! OMG!

Coming Monday, Sherman talks Cat Power! Check out her My Space page which features the entire new release! Thanks Matador!

Well kids, super tuckered out this week and wrapping things up until Monday! Make it a great one! Oh, and does anyone have an ark we can borrow? We are on day 25 of rain here in Seattle! Ugh.


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