Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Full Coachella line up

Check out Coachella's MySpace page for line up details. Pretty decent this year! Can't say the headliners are thrilling, but some of the "smaller" stages look darn cool! Certainly worth a trip to the desert!

Coachella Line Up coming today

The full line up for this year's Coachella Festival will be released later today. Tickets on sale this Saturday at Noon PST. The LA Times is saying Depeche Mode, Tool, Cat Power, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paul Oakenfold and more will join this year's event. Stay tuned for updates!!!

Congratulations to Dolly Parton for her Oscar nod this morning for the song, "Travelin' Thru" from Transamerica!!! She saw her last nomination in 1980 for the theme from Nine to Five.

Jamie Lidell has announced a batch of US tour dates! I finally get the chance to see him live! This guy was on everyone's top live performance list from last year. A show not to miss! Sherman is still recovering just from the footage of Lidell's show at Royal Albert Hall! Can't imagine him live in the flesh! Crazy!!!!!
Tour Dates:
04/10 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
04/11 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
04/12 - San Francisco, CA - Freat American Music Hall
04/14 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
04/15 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
04/16 - Vancouver, BC - Plaza Nightclub
04/19 - Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater
04/20 - Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
04/21 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace Presents
04/22 - Montreal, QC - Theatre National
04/24 - Boston, MA - Great Scotts
04/25 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
04/26 - Brooklyn, NY - South Paw
04/27 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church

The BBC is reporting directly from the source that Pink Floyd will not be performing in the UK. Here you have it. Guitarist Dave Gilmour said "certain sections of the media have deliberately misled fans. We are telling fans directly this is not happening". Sherman still wants to go back to London though. He'll just find another excuse.

Have you heard the new Belle & Sebastian? I am pleasantly surprised. Not sure why I am saying that because I have enjoyed their past releases, but this one is really good. My fear is that I am enjoying it so much because it seems a bit more accessible dare I say commercial, than other releases. That could be good and bad. Stuart Murdoch sounds fantastic on this. It is a jolly ride through his world of pop with touches of 70's soul and glam painted all over him! Delicious! Take a listen to "Song For The Sunshine", a combo of 70's funk and soul that could have been released by Earth, Wind & Fire! Honestly! "To Be Myself Completely" is pure pop sugar! My toes have been tappin' and my heart has felt a touch lighter since exploring this cd. Another one for the summer song playlist folks! I can already see all the cute little indie kids listening to this on their iPods covered in a hand knit yellow and purple case!! Look for it next week!

Remember Gino Vannelli?? Come on. Close your eyes and try to imagine a silk shirt open to the waist, dark chest hair everywhere, dark curly hair and tight white pants! Yup, that's him. Today's Guilty Pleasure is Gino's hit, "I Just Wanna Stop". This "touching" love song was released in 1978 and was an instant hit! The following words are from Gino's website and shed a bit of light on this man of mystery. "Gino Vannelli, is one of the greatest musicians and most intriguing artists of our time. Part philosopher, musician, composer and poet, he brings these talents together in his music. He is a perfectionist, breaking all the rules to journey to the heart and soul of a musical inspiration." Really??? WOW! I never thought of him like that. Maybe I should dig deeper. Lucky for all of us, he has a new album coming next week!
It actually includes a cover of "Wild Horses"! How will I sleep all week??

Word from NY is that the Lewis Taylor show last week at the Bowery Ballroom was un-freakin'-believable! This is a man who doesn't like to do live gigs and he was blown away by the crowd. Everyone was singing along on all of his tracks and he was overwhelmed! Many reviews are saying that this was one of those nights that will never happen again! He actually played all of his material and started improving towards the end. Thanks for the info on the show(gs)! Maybe this will convince him to tour a bit!

Guess what?? It's raining in Seattle!!! See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hotels ROCK!!!!

Happy Year of the Dog everyone!

Sherman is back from a weekend getaway! Planned on trying to visit the mountains, but a storm blew through and tons of snow hit. Headed down to Portland instead. Sherman spent a wonderful weekend doing what he does best, playing music and loving the hotel! You can see his favorite place in the hotel is...the mini-bar. You really have to watch him. The bar bill can be quite a surprise at checkout when Sherman's around. By the way, when did Portland gets so freakin' cool? People actually seem cosmopolitan there. Like they care how they look and like nice things. Each trip down there ends up with Sherman wondering how their urban growth plan is blowing away his hometown. No harm Seattle, but what up?

Spent some serious time listening to the new Beth Orton in the last several days. I had heard bits and pieces, but not the album in it's entirety. Comfort of Strangers will be available on February 7th and is her first work in four years. This is a very welcome release from Orton. Many of us have missed that sound from her Trailer Park release. The intimate songwriting, the bare bones sound, the music we all fell in love with is back. This is Orton doing what she does best. This is about her greatest strengths, her voice and her writing. On several songs, we simply have the pleasure of hearing she and two other musicians, Jim O'Rourke on guitar, bass and piano (who produced the record) and Tim Barnes on percussion. Songs like "Countenance", "Hearthlandtruckstop" and "A Place Aside" all have those traces of the first time you ever heard that voice. It is sweet, sultry, rich, and without comparison. Orton is a treasure. This is an album to embrace and be grateful for. This could be the album of her career. A familiar sound, but a fresh body of work enhanced by the understated influence of O'Rourke. The production makes you feel as if you were in the room while this was recorded. Raw percussion, warm guitar and sparse arrangement create a stripped down sound that aids in the delivery of the lyrics. It provides the perfect frame for Orton's artwork. Speaking of artwork, Orton's illustrations grace the liner notes with pencil drawings and crayons. Look for her live dates starting in the UK and Ireland this month and coming stateside in March. Welcome back Beth! Her performance on Letterman last week was simply a tease for what we can expect on her tour!

I'm sure by now, you have all heard about the big secret show of the weekend. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins and The Elected treated a select few to a secret double bill on Sunday night. LA fans were given the opportunity to see these two at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Reviews are in and it sounds like it was a night that won't soon be forgotten. The Elected joined Nic Harcourt on Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning for an outstanding live performance. They also announced that they will be opening for some of the Stars shows in February (including the Seattle show) and headlining their own tour in March. Oh to be in LA last night....

Heard the new Richard Ashcroft, yes that Richard Ashcroft today. Can someone please tell me when he became the odd combination of Jon Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond and Bob Dylan. "Bittersweet Symphony" is still one of the greatest songs ever written, I think that's how I would like to remember him. This new release just doesn't cut it.

Now it's time to take out that old friend you haven't heard in awhile. It's time to pull out something from Nightmares on Wax. Preferably something like Carboot Soul or Smoker's Delight! These albums never grow tired. They are the perfect companion to a night of chilling out no matter where you are (a hotel is ideal!). There is something about these perpetually cool laid back beats that melt away all your troubles and put a soulful grin on your face. Looking forward to the next release from NOW, In A Space Outta Sound will drop on March 6th! To quote George Evelyn “Today’s music is inspired by what’s gone on before and that is what fascinates me. Following on in that tradition I am inspired by the old and want to evolve it into something new. I see it as a never ending cycle and that is where I want to be.” Check out Bleep for a preview or download of the single "Passion". Anyone out there catch him at APT in NY last week with DJ Language? Bet that was a treat!

Sherman would like to share the magic that is the clothespin person! Can you believe how cute they are???

The UK rumor mill is abuzz with reports that Pink Floyd will be doing a two week stint at Royal Albert Hall!!?? Sherman is ready for a trip over the pond!

Over and out for Monday! One down and 4 to go until the weekend! Looks like rain all week around here. Getting really old. Believe it or not, but rain prevented Sherman from seeing Imogen Heap last night. He's still crying over that one. Oh, and here's one more reason Sherman loves a posh hotel!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Sherman Interviews Vol. II

Sherman has a super big treat for you all today! The second in a series of interviews conducted by none other than Sherman himself! Today is extra special! Milosh has been kind enough to answer some questions and share a bit about what makes him tick! You Make Me Feel is one of the finest albums you will ever hear. Perfect in every single wasy! In March, we can expect his follow-up Meme. His support of Sherman has been unwavering and he is an absolute delight. Enjoy the interview. Sherman will be back Monday after a long weekend getaway! Safe weekend everyone! (Warning* explicit interview for you youngsters out there)

Sherman: What was your first exposure to electronic music?

Milosh: My first exposure to electronic music huh? Well, that’s a huge question, depends what you consider electronic. I mean is Pink Floyds’ Dark Side of the Moon electronic cause if it is then I was like 5, my dad had the record. But really the first “electronic” group that got me really turned on was Autechre. I was listening to Tri Repetea and the last track just blew me away. I starting crying cause it just let me think of things, just things, and I was sold. Or in other words my ears where open to electronic music.

How are you able to convey a warmth in your music? This is something difficult to achieve in electronic music.

I think what I do is that I approach tracks as if they weren’t specific to electronic music. I just approach them as songs with ideas and words and of course singing. I try to convey an intimacy through my music, an intimacy with me, intimacy with what I’m singing about and I’m not scared to use my emotions. I think. I mean some of my songs are just sincerely about performing oral sex and the love I have. Licking, tasting my baby… you know.

How did the concept of the video for "You Make Me Feel" develop? (see video screen shot below)

Oh, it’s all the Germans. They came up with the concept. Daniel was a friend of mine and I met him while he was doing an internship in Canada. When he went back to Germany, he talked to me about the idea and I was like, wow, let’s do it. I love it!
If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?

I would be doing photography, which is still what I do regardless. I have a show coming up and I would still be making films. I’ve done some documentaries about auto racing for Porsche.

Who or what inspires you?

People I love inspire me! My friends, lovers… My music is a journal about the relationships that I have and have had.

I read in Stylus Magazine a comparison they made between you and Radiohead. What do you think?

You did? I wanna read that! (Stylus) Well, I think that’s cool but I don’t think I’m like radio head and I think they might be insulted but, I’ll take it. I see what they are saying, vocals, electronics but… We’re different.

Your follow-up to YOU MAKE ME FEEL is being released next month. MEME sounds like it could have a decidedly different tone. Is this true and why?

Well, “You Make Me Feel” was for the most part one big love song to my ex girlfriend who at the time was my girlfriend, Lies. This album, “Meme’ is a year of my life alone, feeling sad, feeling happy doing naughty things meeting my girlfriend, Yen. I have an exclusive coming out on iTunes as well that I would say sums up Yen, how she makes me feel. (yes ladies and gents, he's taken)

What do you think is the biggest misconception about electronic music is?

That it’s cold. But wait, a lot of it is. I think we are starting to see some absolutely amazing artists though. Imogen! Say no more. It’s like the artists are catching up with the technology. And they’re coming out. There still is the tech-geek-gone-producer but there is also people like Bjork, Imogen, Telefon, Dntel.

What are you listening currently listening to?

Imogen Heap, Telefon Tel Aviv, Pinback, Bjork(always) but I am a bit starved …

What are your musical guilty pleasures?

I don’t know if I have any. I mean that would kind of mean that at the same time I think its cheese right? Cause I don’t have some secret thing for Bon Jovi or anything like that. Basically I like music that is beautiful. I like art that is beautiful.

Name a favorite live music moment for you.

Wow, ummm. When people clapped and cheered after I finished “The City”, which is a new track I played when I was opening up for Imogen. I was mad nervous, it meant a lot to me and I was worried people were going to be like, who is this, balls! But they seemed to like it. It felt amazing, and was in turn very inspiring.

Thanks again Milosh! Can't wait for the new album! Big hugs, huge kisses and Sherman's undying love!

A few quick Seattle notes for the locals: Lightheaded feat Ohmega Watts tonight @ Chop Suey / Go shopping at OKOK / Buy tickets for Dame Edna @ the Moore Theatre March 22-26 / Get 30% off all used CD's, DVD's and Vinyl @ Easy Street from today-February 3rd / Tickets on sale this Saturday for TV On The Radio @ Showbow May 5th / Inland Knights & Mark Farina @ Trinity Friday night / Imogen Heap Sunday @ Neumos / Have dinner @ Racha Noodles on Queen Anne

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tower of Love

Great news today! If you are a fan of This American Life and who isn't?), Sherman hears it is coming to Showtime! All the great stories we hear on NPR adapted for the small screen! I have often wished for a face with a name and now those wishes have been granted! Showtime has given the greenlight for six episodes to be hosted by the one and only Ira Glass! Can't wait! Check out TAL poscast on Audible or iTunes.

Now onto some music. Have you heard of Jim Noir? If not, you will! Sherman heard about him through a dear friend who has a penchant for all things British (thanks dc). Noir is from Manchester and has been making music since the age of 9. Now, 14 years later he is releasing his first full length album, Tower Of Love. If Sherman did a list of favorites, this would be on it. It is outstanding. Pure Brit-pop bliss circa 1962! It is whimsical, loopy, breezy and full of life. How can you go wrong with tracks entitled "Turn Your Frown Into a Smile", "Eanie Meany" and "I Me You I'm Your"? He already has a deout following across the ocean and will, undoubtedly, have the same fame here in the US. Fans of the Beta Band, the Beach Boys and 60's Brit-Pop will fall in love. Pure magic! You will love this record!

This week saw the release of the new Jenny Lewis album (you bought it yesterday, right?) and along with that comes a North American Tour announcement! Not to be missed!

02 - Los Angeles, CA - Vista Theater
03 - San Francisco, CA - Swedish American Hall
05 - New York, NY - Angel Orensanz Foundation

04 - San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's 365 Club
06 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
07 - Vancouver, BC (CA) - Richard's on Richards
08 - Seattle, WA - Neumo's
10 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
11 - Omaha, NE - Scottish Rites Hall
12 - Minneapolis, MN - Woman's Club
13 - Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theater
14 - Chicago, IL - Park West
15 - Grand Rapids, MI - Calvin College
16 - Toronto, ON (CA) Opera House
17 - Cambridge, MA - Somerville Theatre
18 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
20 - Philadelphia, PA - Sanctuary @ First Unitarian Church
23 - Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere
24 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
25 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
26 - Nashville, TN - Belcourt Theatre
28 - Austin, TX - The Parish
29 - Dallas, TX Dallas Museum of Art - Horchow Auditorium

01 - Los Angeles, CA - Orpheum Theatre

Hey Seattle, the Podcast Hotel is coming to town! Check out the site for more details. The Triple Door will be hosting the event from Feb. 22-25. Go Seattle! Seems like things are picking up around town!

Sherman is having too much fun with this site! Enjoy! I can see you smiling!

Guilty Pleasure time everyone! Today we take yet another voyage back to the 70's. This time for a top 10 hit from the duo Brewer & Shipley. Sherman can see that look of "huh?" on your face. This is one of those instances where you probably know the song, not the artist. The song..."One Toke Over The Line" was written as a joke, but became a hit. Despite the fact that many radio stations refused to play the song, for obvious reasons, it became a hit. The pair broke up in 1979 after a successful run opening for many major artists of their time. Long live folk rock! How terrifying is this photo??

One more thing for Sesame Street fans and everyone who enjoys counting. And yes, that is the Pointer Sisters!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sherman had the wonderful fortune of being invited to a showcase last night at Seattle's Jazz Alley. The invite was to come and hear a new artist who has been chosen to be the second release on Starbucks' Hear Music Debut Series. Hmmm...Starbucks??? Not sure what to expect and a slight hesitation I have to admit. Well, the minute I heard the CD I knew I had to check her out! Sonya Kitchell is a 16 year-old singer/songwriter with the chops and skills of someone many years her senior. Her stage presence was charming and her performance was out of this world! Her stage banter was the only reminder of her youth, her guitar playing and vocal capabilities were on par with the best. We were all witnessing the birth of a star and we knew it! She started singing at age 8 and studying voice at 10. It was at the ripe old age of 12 that she wrote a song that would change everything. After the attacks of Sept. 11th, Sonya wrote a song that she eventually performed at the Special Olympics. An article in her local newspaper resulted in her formation of a band to perform that and other songs. Over time, Sonya won music competitions and was spotted by Velour Records in 2004. Sonya released her first EP, Cold Day, that same year. Her full length debut, Words Came Back To Me, on Velour Records was discovered by the folks at Hear Music and will be released in conjunction with Velour on April 4th at all Starbucks locations. Get ready Sonya! You are about to hit the big time! I think the dollar sign sunglasses she jokingly put on during her performance last night are the sign of times to come! She is an absolute delight and someone we will be hearing from for many, many years to come. Her perfect combination of pop, jazz and folk will lead her all the way to Carnegie Hall on Feb. 1st for the Music For Youth Tribute to Joni Mitchell. This is her chance to rub elbows with many artists who have paved the way for her. I can't think of any advice they can give her besides keep doing what you are doing! She is a tremendous talent whom I wish much success and happiness. Look for her CD in Starbucks and all music retail outlets on April 4th and the first single, "Let Me Go" should be hitting radio soon!

Seems like Jenny Lewis isn't the only Rilo Kiley member forging her own way. Blake Sennett appears to be doing the same, but in a noticeably different manner. Sennett formed the dreamy pop group The Elected a few years ago and has released their second full length Sun, Sun, Sun on Sub Pop. Their 2004 release, Me First, felt a bit more in the Riloo Kiley vein, but their latest is pure 60's/70's pop glee! This is the soundtrack you need for driving up the coast of California. It is at once a Beach Boys tribute and a nod to the likes of the Dead. There is much less country sensibility and much more fuzzy pop on Sun, Sun, Sun. Sennett's vocals on "Biggest Star" are impeccable! A song with lyrics that sound like they should be leaping at you, are delivered in such a heartfelt, hushed manner that the song's meaning changes. "Would You Come With Me" is another standout track. This is the song you turn on when hop in the car and take a drive along the water. It's born for the radio. Actually, I could hear that one on AM radio and it would sound sensational! Sennett is on to something here. A nod to a bygone era that we desperately need a taste of today!

Short post today. Sherman has a good time waster for today FlyGuy!

Have a great night. See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Imogen show Seattle

According to Imogen Heap's site, her show at Neumos this Sunday is sold out. Just went on Neumos' site and they show tix are still available. Better get 'em quick!

Also, tickets go on sale on Jan. 25th for Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins at Neumos on March 8th! WOW! Not to be missed!

Hello Mates

Well, Saturday night saw Sherman's return to the club scene. Jazzanova was in town to spin at the Baltic Room. Sherman was very excited to be once again gracing the Baltic Room with his presence and seeing some of his favorite folks spin. Well, to make this short and sweet, very disappointed. That's where I will leave it. Not the night I expected at all. A few dance worthy numbers, but overall disappointing. 'Nuff said.

Now to the new Mates of State release. Bring it Back is their debut release for local indie label Barsuk Records. A very impressive release from this husband-wife duo. Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel have had quite a year. They have made the best album, to date, of their career and have a new baby, Magnolia. This pair left Polyvinyl Records in the hopes of reaching more listeners with their latest album. A smart move. Their enthusiastic brand of pop music is irresistible! The track "Fraud in the 80's" is infectious. Sherman is still bopping his little head with this one. "Like U Crazy" is a sweet little number that just oozes charm. "What It Means" is borderline anthemic! This release will garner them the attention they deserve! If you get a chance to see them live, do it. The fact that these two are still together, still in love and making great music together is a treat to behold. Could they BE any cuter? Upcoming shows:
7 Feb
SYRACUSE, NY [ Underground of Schine Student Center ]
10 Feb
NEW YORK, NY [ Webster Hall ]
9 Mar
HOUSTON, TX [ Engine Room ]
10 Mar
DALLAS, TX [ Gypsy Tea Room ]
11 Mar
AUSTIN, TX [ Emo's ]

Mylo update. His doctor's have told him not to commit to any live dates until at least the end of February and that is dependent on his condition. At this time, the virus he contracted has resulted in hearing damage that is not improving. His latest release Destroy Rock & Roll will drop in the States on February 7th as scheduled. Everyone send good thoughts Mylo's way!!!

UK based New Music Express is reporting a Massive Attack Best of Collection out March 27th in the UK. Collected will be a greatest hits collection for the group and a special edition of the disc will include a DualDisc containing all of their videos to date. Expect a new single from the group on March 13th in the UK. "Live With Me" will include vocals from Terry Callier. A European tour of gigs and festival dates will be announced shortly. The group is currently working on their 5th album. Let's hope it's a bit better than the last.

Don't forget to check out Beth Orton on Letterman tomorrow night. She will be performing her latest single, "Conceived" . Also, read the interview in this month's Harp magazine. Great info on her latest release and the struggles after Daybreaker.

Rumor has it the Smashing Pumpkins will be launching a comeback reunion of sorts at this year's Coachella Music Festival. Wonder if it has anything to do with the poorly received solo release from Billy Corgan. Poor guy doesn't even have a website anymore. If you need a good chuckle, head over to Coachella's forum boards. Funny to read all the guesses people make about a lineup this year. Lots of angry folks not willing to shell out money until they know who's playing. Can't say I blame them, but they've never let us down. I thinks it a chance worth taking. I have had many a good time in the past. (Love the attached photo!) Don't forget tomorrow night's sneak peak of Coachella the movie. The film consists of 2 hours of the best performances of the last 6 years!

Today's Guilty Pleasure is one that Sherman picked purely by accident this morning. As I placed him into my backpack, he started playing "Easy" by the Commodores. What a favorite of mine!! That song is pure heaven. Lionel wrote it with the hopes of crossing over to the pop and country charts. It went to #1 on the R & B charts and #4 on the pop! Their version never quite made it over to the country charts, but was covered by several country artists (Jimmie Rodgers, Barry Kaye, Bobby Wood). A radical departure from their funkier side, this was the start of something for Lionel Richie whose ballad career was just starting. The 45 is still floatin' around my house somewhere. Sherman dedicates this song to JN & ES (you know why!).

Know it sounds funny
But I just can't stand the pain
Girl I'm leaving you tomorrow
Seems to me girl
You know I've done all I can
You see I begged, stole
And I borrowed

Sherman has discovered the coolest thing he's seen in quite awhile, something he could even use. Finger sized dance pads for Playstation's Dance Dance Revolution game!! How brilliant is this??? Can't you just see him??

Remember "if pandas spun records"?? Well how about if dogs did??!! Think about it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Not a football fan, but.....

Sherman congratulates his hometown on their first trip to the SUPERBOWL! Go Seahawks! Isn't everyone a fan when their team wins???

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sad News....

Mylo has cancelled his entire tour due to an ear infection that is causing hearing loss. Word is that the loss could be permanent! Sherman's thinking good thoughts for you!!!

"Rise Up With Fists"

Just a quick note to let you all know the first video from the new Jenny Lewis with The Watsons disc is out! AWESOME! It has a cameo from Sarah Silverman, amazing hair and bails of hay! Sherman is forming way too many crushes lately!!!

Coming Monday.... a review of the new Mates of States disc! Listening to "Like U Crazy" right now and adoring it! Sweet, sweet record. Free MP3 of "Fraud in the 80's"!!!

Wilson Pickett 1941-2006

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do I hear a trend?

Just finished listening to the new solo release from Jenny Lewis. Is it just me or are we creating a new trend? Instant classics perhaps?! The moment I first heard the new Cat Power, I felt that this was a classic album that would long be a favorite. That exact same feeling washed over me when I listened to Rabbit Fur Coat from Jenny Lewis with the Watson Sisters (available Jan. 24th on Conor Oberst's Team Love Label). Lewis is the front woman for Rilo Kiley and has followed up their successful '05 with a solo disc that has been written and produced in a style reminiscent of classic Bob Dylan. I have always been a fan of Lewis' vocals, but nevermore than on this album. Harmonizing with Chandra & Leigh Watson, Lewis exhibits a beauty and sincerity with both her songwriting and vocal styling. One minute she has your heart breaking the next you are struck with a touch of fear. The album length is a mere 38 minutes, with 10 of the 12 songs written by Lewis. She is joined by Ben Gibbard, M. Ward and Conor Oberst on a cover of the Travelling Wilbury's "Handle With Care". Lewis takes the lead Tom Petty portion and breathes a freshness into this song as only she can do. This album is at times country, folk and an even some gospel, but as a whole, it is pure soul. Can someone we just learned about a few years ago already sound like a veteran? I think so. Here is your reason to fall in love with Jenny Lewis. Look for a tour this spring!

A few things to share with Seattle and those of you outside the city who may be wondering what's been happening out here. Check out Blue Room Seattle. A new weekly podcast of all that is happening in music and art in the city. Sounds like a great way to expose yourself to all the creativity in the city! Also, check out OseaO Worldwide Internet Radio for some great archived house, funk, soul and more. Great sets from the likes of Mike Huckaby, Mike Grant, Theo Parrish and many of Seattle's own to peruse and enjoy! This is a listener supported site made available of all!

Just discovered a site with some incredible DJ sets that you should check out! Five Grand Stereo has a set by Phonique (Poker Flat) from December '05 that is out of this world! They are dedicated to bringing you both new and veteran artists and are all about the music! New shows are posted on Tuesdays! Fresh new website coming soon, as well.

Just the other day someone posed the question "if you were to buy one Nina Simone album, what would it be?" Personally, she can do no wrong, so any release is a good one. Unfortunately, many of them are out of print now. There is a new collection that has been released that would be a great start for anyone. The Soul of Nina Simone on Legacy Recordings DualDisc. This could serve as a greatest hits for the diva. This includes a 60 minute audio collection of some of Simone's finest performances including Feeling Good; In the Dark; Since I Fell For You; Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood; To Love Somebody; My Man's Gone Now; I Think It's Going to Rain Today; My Baby Just Cares for Me; I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl; Save Me; The Look of Love; I Get Along With You Very Well (Except Sometimes); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues; Nobody's Fault But Mine; Porgy and Bess Medley. The "flipside" of the audio disc is a bonus DVD which features 30 minutes of footage that includes her television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, as well as, soul stirring performances at the Harlem Festival in 1969. There really is a Nina Simone song to fit your every mood. She is an artist that should always be within arm's length of everyone!

Just heard a bit of the soon to be released William Orbit disc, Hello Waveforms. Gorgeous! It's been way too long!!!

One more day until the weekend! You can do it! I know you can! If not, behold Boy On A Stick as a Thursday treat!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Furry animals and Beth Orton?!

No, it's not what you think! Shame on you!! Sherman has finally taken the time away from the Concretes and Cat Power cd's to check out some other stuff today. He stumbled across a link to the new video for Beth Orton's "Conceived" single. The kind folks at Filter Magazine have made it available for our viewing pleasure. Not sure how long it will be there so be sure to check soon! Furry animals and adorable Beth? Can anyone's heart take that? It's sure to bring a smile to all of you so enjoy! Just learned that there will be a limited edition of her new album that will include 5 exclusive bonus tracks. The new CD drop February 7th. Check out her tour dates below!
3/12 9:30 Club Washington DC
3/13 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
3/15 SXSW Austin, TX
3/19 Gothic Theatre Denver, CO
3/20 Club Sound Salt Lake City, UT
3/23 House of Blues San Diego
3/24 Avalon Hollywood, CA
3/25 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA
3/27 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
3/28 The Showbox Seattle, WA
3/29 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, Canada
4/1 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
4/2 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI
4/3 Vic Theatre Chicago, IL
4/5 The Majestic Theatre Detroit, MI
4/6 Carlu Toronto, Canada
4/7 Club Soda Montreal, Canada
4/8 Avalon Boston, MA
4/10 TLA Philadelphia, PA
4/11 Webster Hall New York City


Sherman has never been one to be much of an activist, but where there is injustice, he wants to see good prevail over evil. A friend passed this info on to him and he is eager to draw attention to it (thanks eb). I hope you are all familiar with Johnny Cupcakes. Johnny is a designer of fabulous clothing and accessories that all have a cupcake somewhere in their design. Well, the not so kind folks at Urban (we donate to the republican party) Outfitters ripped him off! Click this link to see what you can do to help the cause.

Did we already tell you how much we love the new Concretes disc? Oh yeah, we did! Super yummy and it looks like Astralwerks will be putting it out on March 21st here in the US. Ok, so we will tell you to go to SuperFunFun and check out Doughnut Boy and Toast! New friends that Sherman would like you all to meet!

Today we would like you to visit an old friend and take out any old Massive Attack albums you may have. If you live somewhere that is having weather like we are, it is the perfect soundtrack for some grey skies and gloom. We recommend Protection from 1995. That way you get a dose of Ms. Tracy Thorn on vocals. PS. We miss you Tracy!!!!

BlackBook Magazine's current issue (with Usher on the cover) has a great article on Guilty Pleasures! Loving the fact that Richie Hawtin loves "Bootylicious"!!! Listen to this quote from Devendra Banhart: "There is so much strength and power to be gathered by playing a song you consider a “guilty pleasure” at audible volume, at least, in front of people you do and don’t know." We couldn't agree more!!!

Sherman has received a few requests from some local folks asking if he could share any show info etc. Here's a few tidbits for Seattle:

Free in-store Tuesday, Jan. 24th with Morningwood at Easy Street Queen Anne (the band du jour) / Tina Dico solo tour at Chop Suey on March 23rd / Jazzanova THIS Saturday at the Baltic Room / Matt Pond PA is coming to the Crocodile March 1st / Stars at Showbox on February 8th / Mylo at Chop Suey February 18th / Eat at La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard (Sherman loves their tacos al pastor)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Greatest

Well, it appears things have improved with the ol' laptop and today's post can continue. Last week, Sherman finally got a copy of the new Cat Power disc. Yes, you can hear it on MySpace, but that's not the way to hear it. You need to spend time with it and be able to explore it. The Greatest is just that. It is the finest work from Chan Marshall to date. She is known for her on stage antics and bizarre behavior even more than for her talent as a singer. Hopefully, this album will change that. I dream of a Cat Power show that will truly do justice to the music she has created on this release. Marshall is joined by some of the most well known Memphis session musicians around (dubbed the Memphis Rhythm Band). Together they have produced something that not only highlights Marshall's fragility, but proves this artist has soul. The music is reminiscent of the 70's sound that came from the very studio in which this CD was recorded, the famed Ardent Studios. All songs are written by Marshall and pay tribute to the music she grew up listening to. The CD opens with the title track and literally grabbed me from the first strike of the piano keys (piano and guitar provided by Marshall). "Where is My Love" is the song that put this disc on repeat for me. It's purity, simplicity and near tragic delivery move you to a time when you only imagined what it would be like to be in love. You can feel the hope and the longing. This will be a classic that I will go back to for some time to come. Cat Power has grown up and that equates to a new found maturity in her song writing and vocal prowess. Let's see what happens when she comes to town next month. That will be the true test in her development as an artist.

Sherman got a bit of a sneak peak of the forthcoming Concretes release In Colour today. Absolutely fantastic! Due out in the UK on March 6th, with the single,
"Chosen One" to hit the week prior, this record is superb! There is no confirmed US release date, but let's hope this one drops here before spring ends. We need good Swedish pop to play super loudly with our car windows rolled down and all our friends singing in the backseat! The release contains hit after hit. There isn't a miss in the lot. Under the watchful eye of famed producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, The Faint, Rilo Kiley), the follow-up the their 2004 debut is pure pop bliss! They will be touring the UK in February showcasing the new record. No firm US tour dates as of today.

Speaking of great Swedish pop, today's Guilty Pleasure is just that. "Hooked on a Feeling" is that song that you just can't get out of your head. I know, I know, that song was by BJ Thomas and he's not Swedish. Blue Swede recorded this cover in 1974, five years after Thomas and had themselves a #1 hit! They did the same with the Association's "Never My Love". Little known fact...the band's original name was Blabus which is the Swedish word for "blue denim shirt". All I can say is "ouga chaka ouga chaka"!

Here Comes the Sun????

Having some browser trouble and not sure about a full post today. Had to share this quick photo of Sherman enjoying a day without rain here in Seattle! We were on track to break a 33 day rain streak, but we saw some sun on Sunday (how appropriate). Here we are having another dry day! Hope to post more in a bit. If not, we'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Sherman Interviews Vol I

Today is a very exciting day for Sherman Jr. It is the publication of his very first interview on this blog. His choice of interview was an easy one. You have seen his work on CD cover art and concert t-shirts or even with Victoria's Secret, but may not be familiar with all that he creates. Sometime ago, Sherman discovered an amazing graphic designer who at the time was based in Los Angeles. Now a resident of Brooklyn, Christopher David Ryan's work is not only eye-catching, but much of it is musically related. His ability to blend the past, present and future in his work truly sets him apart from anyone else doing design work. His choices of color, imagery and song lyrics result in something not only visually appealing, but touching on an emotional level, as well. I believe his gift is the ability to convey the power of music through his art. One of his pieces hangs over Sherman's workspace and motivates him everyday. More of his work can be found at Atmostheory.

Here you go! Enjoy and expose yourself to a new friend.

Sherman: Much of your work focuses on music. There are song titles, lyrics, and general music related imagery. What does this stem from?

CDR: (see photo) There is very little time in the average day when I’m not listening to music. Music and I have a wonderful, loving relationship. I give it the attention it desires and in return it gives me energy, wisdom, inspiration, warm fuzzies, melancholy bliss, joy, sadness, insight, history, foresight, rage, delusions of grandeur... etc, etc. Seems like I’m getting the better end of the stick, but I give it a LOT of attention. Music is my muse, hands down.

How much inspiration comes from where you are living? I know you have spent time in San Francisco, LA and now reside in New York.

Location does make a difference. Although I have always aspired to a certain aesthetic regardless of my environment, I have noticed that my influences have evolved since my move to Brooklyn... just as they did when I move from Dallas to SF and from SF to LA. I believe that this is unavoidable for anyone, especially those of a creative nature... unless of course you live your life in a bubble or focus your energy in being part of a specific clan. In my case, my senses are always open to my immediate surroundings, but I try to never loose track of where I’ve been and we’re I’m going.

How did you get involved with Beck and his t-shirt designs? How about album cover art that you have created?

The Beck work was totally unexpected. It was something that came about through Obedient Sons, the menswear label that my best friend Swaim Hutson started back in 1999. He and I became partners in 2000. We actually did the Beck designs under the Obedient Sons name. We had a friend who was Beck’s tour manager. We were able to meet Beck after an SF show... and the rest is history. It was great doing the work... although the Guero designs we did were not produced... but they were well received.

As with the Beck work, most projects just kind of materialize. I prefer to let things happen naturally. I don’t chase people around begging to do work for them. I did well designing for the SF house/electronic scene because I was a DJ for quite a few years. I had my own ideas about how the imagery for those sounds should look. I started getting it out there and then people came to me.

Is your personal work what drives you and the commercial work provides the means with which to pursue that?

Absolutely. I was trained as a painter. That’s all I ever wanted to be. By the time I was in college. my painting took on very graphic tones... which did not impress my instructors one bit. At this point Graphic Design was called “Commercial Art” and I could have cared less about it. All I knew is that I loved record sleeves, posters, and t-shirts, etc... as well as fine art. It was all creativity to me.

Several years later I began to put my personal work into commercial forms. This was monumental to me. Suddenly my work was out there... in mass... in people’s pockets, wrapped around their music or their bodies, on their walls and their desktops.

I guess what I’m saying is that all of my work is personal... with the ability to be used in a commercial realm.

What is Obedient Sons?

Swaim Hutson and I designing the clothes we’d like to wear. The clothes that girls and boys wish their boyfriends would wear! The best menswear that you’ve probably never heard of.

Do you have a list of favorite music releases of this past year?

Here are some (old & new) that have been very close to me in the last year. Right now I can’t quit listening to Squeeze’s “Up the Junction”.

* The Clientele
( “Suburban Light”, “The Violet Hour” )
* Teenage Fanclub ( “Man-Made” )
* The Action ( “Rolled Gold” )
* Paul Weller ( Anything he’s ever touched )
* Wilco ( “A Ghost is Born” )
* The Trashcan Sinatras ( “Weightlifting” )
* The Silent League ( “The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused” )
* The Boo Radleys ( Every last bit of it )
* The Charlatans ( “Us & Us Only” )
* Doves ( “Some Cities” )
* Engineers
* Felt
* Amusement Parks on Fire
* The High
* The La’s
* Calla
* Ride
* Stone Roses
* Boards of Canada
* The Small Faces
* Autechure
* The Impressions ( “The Young Mod’s Forgotten Story” )
* The Warlocks ( “Surgery” )
* The Verve ( “Northern Soul” )
* Toots & The Maytals
* Soft

What music inspires you?

The ones that paint a picture in my mind. The ones with soul. The ones that are poignant, triumphant, witty or touched by madness.

"Hi-Fi Lovers" is a personal favorite of mine. Any thoughts of a t-shirt line
based on some of your work? T-shirts have become such a cult form of
expression nowadays.

Actually, I’ve done it here and there... and will most likely do it again. You may be right in saying that tees have become a cult for expression. But I might argue that it’s way beyond cult at this point. I personally think it’s a bit out of control really. I used to wear graphic tees... now, not so much. Maybe it’s that I’m getting older... but I kind of feel like the last thing the world needs is another t-shirt! I’m going wait it out just a bit longer.

What's your musical guilty pleasure?

Def Leppard

Describe a one of your favorite live music moments/events.

Spirtualized at Bimbo’s SF... Amazing Grace Tour. Although my memories of the night are expectedly blurred a bit... I can remember that I seemed to be hovering several feet above the floor for the entire show.

Thanks so much Christopher and best of luck in all you do!

Before we sign off today, please take a moment for Martin Luther King. Maybe make it a musical one. However you choose to do it, just remember how far we have come because of one man and how far we still need to go.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Sherman has finally dug himself out from under all of those guilty pleasures and managed to play a couple new things last night. The first is the inaugural release on Ghostly International's Digital imprint. Ann Arbor based Ghostly (home to Matthew Dear, Solvent, Mobius Band etc.), will be joining the ranks of digital labels on January 24th, as they release Midwest Product's Swamp EP. Also based in Ann Arbor, this trio is the ideal combo of live instrumentation and glitchy electronics. They are what critics are calling "electro-rock". Ok, I'll buy that. It works and works extremely well. The original version of "Swamp" can be found on the 2003 release, World Series of Love. The EP mix is fantastic! Poor Sherman has had to play it repeatedly in the past 24 hours. It takes the original track to a richer, warmer place. It polishes the edges and smoothes out the techy pops and buzzes with a perfect result. Ghostly has been gaining more and more ground in the world of independent electronic music and this initial digital release will only propel them into the stratosphere! Available on iTunes Jan. 24th and other outlets to follow. Can't wait for more.

Ok, so Sherman decided long ago that there would not be any negativity on this blog. No bad reviews. no being mean, no "throwin' shade" if you will. Well, the occasional exception is about to happen. Sherman heard the new Different Stroke by Different Folks release on Epic/Legacy. Yes, it is a compilation of the hits of Sly & the Family Stone as done by contemporary artists. Ouch! The label is calling it a "re-imagining" of Sly's music. Supposedly approved by the man himself, this seems almost sacreligious. Sly is a legend and THE only one who should interpret his own music. Yes they used the original masters, but makes no difference here. Quite simply, why are Moby, Maroon 5, Steven Tyler and John Mayer even allowed on this? It is one painful musical mistake after another. Sorry Giant Step, I just can't muster any love for this one. Go out and find a copy of There's a Riot Goin' On and pretend this CD never happened.

Today Sherman shares on of his favorite daily stops on the net. Natalie Dee and her daily cartoons. This is not necessarily a family-friendly site, but man does it bring a smile to your face. You may already be familiar with her brother Drew's site Toothpaste For Dinner. Just another example of the good things that come from Ohio! While on her site, check out the link to her photos of her dog Charles! OMG!

Coming Monday, Sherman talks Cat Power! Check out her My Space page which features the entire new release! Thanks Matador!

Well kids, super tuckered out this week and wrapping things up until Monday! Make it a great one! Oh, and does anyone have an ark we can borrow? We are on day 25 of rain here in Seattle! Ugh.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Beauty of a Guilty Pleasure

Since Sherman launched this blog, we have celebrated the grandeur that is the guilty pleasure. The importance of music is something I certainly don't have to tell you folks about, but the immense power of the guilty pleasure can really be even more significant. If you want to start a great conversation or email chain, ask people their favorites. That was the question Sherman posed on My Space and through his email today. The response was overwhelming! People may say these are "guilty pleasures", but they are more than willing to share them and some even tell you what the significance the song holds for them. That is the best part! Below is a list of songs and artists that you the public shared with Sherman today. I suggest you all ponder this question and ask your friends, family and co-workers what song they would pick. Classic stories and conversations will ensue! Might be something fun at work tomorrow. Sherman promised not to share the names of those who responded in order to protect their integrity and reputations! Hopefully, some of these will trigger some chuckles, a sing-a-long, or at the very least a smile (Sherman is not responsible if they cause a negative reaction or any type of gagging motion). NO JUDGING allowed!

From the boys who responded:

"The Flame"- Cheap Trick
"Shake it Off" - Mariah Carey
The entire Captain Kangaroo Christmas Album
"Baker Street" - Gerry Rafferty (where is he now?)
"Der Kommisar" - Falco
"Everything She Wants" - Wham!
"Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)" - Scritti Politti
"Electric Barberella" - Duran Duran
"Sugar Walls" - Sheena Easton
"Love In a Plain Brown Envelope" - Legendary Pink Dots
"Cherchez La Femme" - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
"Moonlight Feels Right" - Starbuck
"Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey
The Cult's Electric Album
"Hold Me Now" - Thompson Twins
"Faith" - George Michael
Anything by Abba
"The Sign" - Ace of Base
"Poison Arrow" - ABC
"Ben" - Michael Jackson
"Top of the World" - Carpenters
"I Wanna Sex You Up" - Colour Me Bad
"Breaking Up is Hard To Do" - Neil Sedaka
"Party All The Time" - Eddie Murphy
"Wanted Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi
"They Don't Know" - Tracy Ullman
"Longer" - Dan Fogelberg
"Let's Hear it For The Boy" - Deniece Williams

Now the female response....

"Tarzan & Jane" - Aqua
"Keep it Comin' Love - K.C. & the Sunshine Band
"I Think I Love You" - The Partridge Family
"You are the Woman" - Firefall
Anything by A*Teens
"Here You Come Again" - Dolly Parton
"All My Life" - K-C & JoJo
"Violet" - Hole
"Rio" - Duran Duran
"People" - Barbara Streisand
"Annie's Song" - John Denver
"Puff the Magic Dragon" - Peter, Paul & Mary
"Angie Baby" - Helen Reddy
"Have You Never Been Mellow" - Oliva Newtown-John
"The Warrior" - Scandal
"These Dreams" - Heart
"Let the Music Play" - Shannon
"Push It" - Salt N'Pepa
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee
"Coat of Many Colors" - Dolly Parton
"Private Eyes" - Hall & Oates
"Take On Me" - A-Ha
"Young Turks" - Rod Stewart

Sherman was thinking the creation of a playlist of all of these fine selections would be nothing short of spectacular. Could you imagine? The ultimate party mix or perhaps party killer. Not sure yet. We hope this little exercise stimulates you to pull out some old vinyl or maybe you still have a cassette or two tucked away under the seat of your '85 Sentra (if only I had an 8-track player). Wherever you hide your musical treasures, pull them out and enjoy! In the words of Barry & Barbara, "we've got nothing to be guilty of...". Thanks to all who bared their souls for the sake of musical pleasure!

Hope you all saw Imogen Heap perform "Goodnight and Go" on Letterman last night. It was her network television debut. She was bumped the previous night and back last night. If not, click here. It's a quicktime file of her performance. It is obvious why her album Speak For Yourself landed on so many best of lists for 2005. Another artist releasing her own music and achieving great success! Can't wait for her to visit Seattle at the end of the month! I think Sherman has a crush! One of many!

Here's a little gift from a local Seattle friend of Sherman who has been dabbling in the DJ world (thanks jj). A little something from the OKDJ.

Sherman's battery is fading...time to call it a day. TGIAF (thank god it's almost friday)!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girls Rule!!!

This is not exactly the time of year for huge new releases and Sherman gets excited when there are exceptions to that rule! After 2 years of waiting for domestic release, we see the arrival of Colour the Small One from Sia. This album has been in Sherman since we purchased it on a visit to the UK in '04. If you are unsure of whom I am speaking of maybe the name Zero 7 will ring a bell. Sia is one of their lead vocalists and has truly become the voice of the group. She was THE sound behind "Destiny" which became the anthem for Zero 7 and was accompanied by one of the most beautiful videos you will ever see. Not to mention the single "Somersault" from their last release (a track that is in Sherman's tops of all time) Seeing Sia sing live is an out-of-body experience. She is as entrancing as she is talented. You can see and feel the emotional intensity aurally and physically. Sometimes words fail when I try to adequately describe the beauty she brings with each breath. You have most likely heard the single "Breathe Me" on the radio in either it's original form or as mixed by Four Tet (Sherman's fave) or Ulrich Schnauss. She also performs a song co-written with Beck. The track entitled "Bully" reflects exactly what the title says. Beck was on the same bill as Zero 7 in LA a the end of their tour and the two dueted on "You're The One That I Want" from Grease (dying to hear that). Advice to all of you, go get this CD. If you need any further convincing, take a look at her performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic from yesterday. 'Nuff said. Sia you enthrall me!

If that isn't enough for fans of Zero 7, Tina Dico will release her US debut full length on January 24th, but is available now on iTunes. "In the Red" is a fantastic record! After listening to her EP, Far, I couldn't wait to hear more. Tina's warm and soulful voice was behind two of the standout singles on Zero 7's last release "When It Falls". She was a very welcome addition to the group. Her music is the perfect blend of acoustic pop and shares stories of love and heartache reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or Sarah McLachlan. The album went #1 one in her native Denmark blowing away U2 and Coldplay. If that isn't accomplishment enough, she did that without a major label machine behind her. She released this on her own! Pretty impressive by anyone's standards. Listen for the first single "Warm Sand". This is a song that could have been released with Zero 7, but pleasingly is all her own. Clearly she is an emerging talent to watch. Look for a few US tour dates in March.

Shermans shares a link with you today that was sent to him from a friend in New York (thanks eb). Careful, you can't stop watching!!!! Again, I LOVE what people do with their brains!

Stay tuned for Sherman's first interview and some fun with Guilty Pleasures!!!