Monday, December 05, 2005

The Water's Fine

Breaking news....Abba has officially announced today that they will never re-form. I guess the winner took it all or is it that they made enough money, money, money? Either way, I thank them for the music and thought they had announced this years ago.

Well, I finally got it. The 10th anniversay compiliation from Leaf! Boy was it worth the wait. All of my glitchy dreams have come true. 29 tracks representing the finest Leaf has to offer. Assembled in chronological order of release these two discs are the ideal way to celebrate the genius of this label. Tracks from Colleen, Murcof, Caribou, Triosk, Sutekh, Boom Bip, Icarus, and my personal favorite, Boymerang's "The Don" comprise this 2 1/2 hour journey through Leaf's history. Many thought this label wouldn't make it too long. WRONG! The hunger for this type of music was out there and they fed it. Tony Morley launched the label to release Boymerang's debut and they have been going strong ever since. There have been over 100 releases to date. The diversity of the label is reflected ideally in this collection. Two cd's for the price of one. I can't recommend this enough to anyone out there wanting to take a risk and hear some of the finest electronica being produced today. For more information on Leaf and for just plain great music info, head over to Post Everything.

A bit of news on the local front. Barsuk Records here in lovely Seattle has signed Mates of State, Viva Voce and Starlight Mints to their label. Probably a wise decision after losing indie favorites, Death Cab For Cutie to major label WEA just last year. I hope this puts them on some solid ground as I have long been a fan of their releases, not to mention that logo!!!

A bit of info on one of my favorite artists, Tina Dico. You might know her from the last release from Zero 7, When It Falls. Her latest solo disc, In The Red will be released in the states on January 24th with a tour to follow. You can find her first single on here. Naturally, hearing about this release prompted me to check on any news of a forthcoming Zero 7 release. All I could find is that the third album is being worked on and no vocalists have been named for it yet. I'm sure it will be another favorite of mine upon it's release.

Ok, is it time for today's Guilty Pleasure? I think so. Sherman Jr. was feeling a bit melancholy and a touch on the romantic side. That's when the Bee Gees came out. Before I could get out my white pant suit and blow dryer, "Too Much Heaven" was playing. This was their contribution to an album that was being released to benefit UNICEF in January of '79. A television special followed showing many of the artists included on the benefit album performing their contributions. The roster of artists joining the Bee Gees was a veritable who's who in music. Abba, Olivia Newton-John, John Denver, Donna Summer and Rod Stewart just to name a few. "Too Much Heaven" shot to number one in the week it was released. I feel a slow dance comin' don't forget that Soul Seduction went digi today!!!! Sherman Jr.'s hungry!


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