Friday, December 30, 2005

Ubiquity is doing everything right!!!

I hope all of you have had the opportunity to hear any or all of Ubiquity's releases this year. This label can do NO WRONG! They are putting out some of the funkiest, most inspired and solid music out there right now. You cannot listen to any release without saying "damn, this stuff is good". Releases from Breakestra, Ohmega Watts, John Arnold, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Nostaligia 77 have all been ambitious in their music styling and innovative in their content. This music sounds classic already. You could put these artist up against some of the best soul, funk and jazz of the past 30 years and it will go head to head without a doubt. Ubiquity has also released some of the finest compilations of the year, as well. Rewind! 4, Music Is My Art and Searching for Soul showcase talent both old and new and there isn't a miss in the bunch! This is the music you put on and impress your friends. This is the music that reminds you that funk and soul are the root of all things. This is music that I hope Ubiquity continues to release for years to come! I think they say it best themselves "We put out music that we love!".

Has anybody heard of Park Avenue Music?? I hope so. Sherman was turned onto them by a dear friend (thanks jw), and is in love. This husband and wife team produces gorgeous electro-pop music reminiscent of some of the early releases from Lamb and Portishead. Their releases are not always easy to find, but you can find the ep For Your Home or Office on iTunes. Chanteuse Jeannette Faith aka JuJu has a hypnotically beautiful voice that at times sounds angelic while still having an edginess to it. Wes Steed provides electronic magic on their releases that is the perfect bed on which to lay Juju's voice. To Take With You is a perfect album. Just put your headphones on and disappear with this one. It will take you completely out of yourself and propel you into someplace more peaceful and warm. It is not a simple task to produce melodic glitchy music, but Park Avenue Music does it with class and a style all their own. Those of you in the Sacramento area can catch their first show of '06 at Fools Foundation on Jan. 11th. Can't wait for a visit to Seattle! Check out ToneVendor to purchase their music.

Next up, Sherman wants to share a DVD tip with all of you. The British series Creature Comforts is now available on DVD. This series was created by Nick Parks of Aardman Animation fame. If you like Wallace & Gromit, who doesn't really? You will love this series! You can't help but smile and laugh. Something we all need to do more of!! This series is yet another example of Nick Parks' genius!

The final Guilty Pleasure of 2005 is an obvious one, Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne". This song was released in '81 on Fogelberg's Innocent Age album. It is a true story that happened to him while visiting his home of Peoria, IL in '75 or '76. He ran out to the store to purchase whipped cream for Irish coffees and ran into his ex high school girlfriend. The rest, as they say, is history. This has become a New Year's classic and still conjures up a tear or two on each play.

Sherman Jr. wishes all of you a happy and healthy new year full of great music and great times! We look forward to our 2 month anniversary on Jan. 1st and bringing you more music and musings in the coming year!!! Off to California (he's packed his umbrella) and back to all of you on Wednesday!



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