Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tori! Tori! Tori!

Well, I have finally made it through the entire Tori Amos Bootleg Collection (thanks gp)! 6 double CD sets containing music from her "Original Sinsuality" and "Summer of Sin" tours. I was lucky enough to catch her in Seattle and remember thinking how much I wish I could get a copy of the cover songs she performed here. Well, Tori decided to assemble these "bootlegs" herself. A must for any Tori fan! Each double CD set was recorded live during the tour. The best part, and reason to own all of them, are the cover songs she performs. There are two covers per set. These were songs suggested by fans in each city she toured in. The following are the covers that just about knocked me off my feet: "Operator", "Like A Prayer", "Father Figure", "Angie", "Livin' on a Prayer" and the one that did me in is "Total Eclipse of the Heart"! Her take on these tracks makes you forget they had ever been recorded before. Each sigh, breath, word interpretation and stroke of the piano keys makes every song hers. I thought owning that much Tori might be excessive, no such thing people! Even the songs that appear on all of the releases feel a bit different on each listen. As far as I'm concerned, there could just be a disc that contains every version of "Cool on Your Island" she has ever performed! This is THE holiday gift for Tori fans!

Sherman wants to bring up a little something he heard yesterday. How's everyone feel about the Microsoft/MTV online music service, URGE? Sherman's not worried because iTunes is the leader and his lack of compatability with the new service is fine with him. At least Apple is compatible with PC's. Competition is always healthy, but not sure about this one. Better wait and see how things play out.

I also have to mention that Bjork is currently taking a 10 week course of instruction so she can learn to captain a 30 ton boat! She, Matthew Barney and their daughter want to sail the world. I love Bjork. I can only imagine what her captain's uniform will look like. From her site: "It has always been my ambition. I have homes all over the place at the moment - Iceland, England and France - but I'd love for my home to be a boat so that I can take it wherever I go. The course I'm taking tests whether I have the balls to do this. So I'm having to work hard and behave myself. My life's always changing - I'm constantly looking for new things. I'm never still. My theory is that life on a boat could be great."

Sherman's next review is of a release sent as a gift (thanks eb). It is Recording a Tape The Coulour of Light by Bell Orchestre. Who may you ask are Bell Orchestre? Well, two members of Arcade Fire are among the group's members, as well as, someone from To Roccoco Rot. The group formed in Canada in 1999 and spent the early days scoring dance productions. Finally getting signed by Rough Trade, they were able to release their first CD here in November. Pitchfork is calling their release "orchestral post-rock". One listen and you will agree. This brings to mind The Books, Red Snapper, Matmos and Godspeed You Black Emperor. My standout track would have to be "Recording a Tape (the typewriter duet)". Releases like this are not only thought provoking, but are rather inspiring, as well.

I have to share this photo someone just sent from the AP. It was taken in Iowa! I love a good shark!(thanks jw)

Today's Guilty Pleasure comes from former ABBA member, Anni-Frid Lyngstad. After the demise of ABBA, she went solo as Frida. Her only US chart hit came in 1983 with "There's Something Going On". A track produced by Phil Collins with Phil providing the dramatic drum work on it. The song is about a woman who is convinced that her man is cheating on her. The video was a real winner. If you are lucky, you can catch it on VH-1's oldies channel once in a blue moon.


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