Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tina gets the props she deserves!!!

First off, check out Sherman Jr.'s winter duds! How cute is he? Looks like he may need that sweater on his California adventure this weekend. Cool and rainy in Palm Springs? No speedo for him.

Ok, did anyone see the Kennedy Center Honors on Tuesday night? Ok, so maybe it's not the hippest show around, but Tina Turner finally got the recognition she so deserves!!! It was incredible! I could have done without Queen Latifah stumbling through her number, but Melissa Etheridge turned "River Deep, Mountain High" into a firestorm. Wow! She is back for sure. Then came Beyonce. People, she was wearing what looked like a napkin. Her dress was shredded at the bottom and cut up to there, if you know what I'm sayin'. She has legs that go one forever and that's exactly what they did. She did "Proud Mary" and brought Tina and the entire crowd to it's feet. I had chills! She recreated the entire original version complete with back up dancers. That girl knocked it out! Just to add to the craziness, Al Green came out and did "Let's Stay Together". He hasn't sounded that good in years. It was a tear jerker! SO glad that Tina got some love for being a survivor and a trailblazer in the world of rock, pop and soul! Lest we forget that she taught Mick Jagger how to dance!

If you haven't bought it already, head out and grab the new Jazzanova disc! It's another collection of remixes without a miss in the bunch. On Jazzanova The Remixes 2002-2005, the group of producers and dj's do what they have done best for so long, rework some of the finest artists around. Their touch on Masters at Work feat Roy Ayers "Our Time Is Coming" is truly a tribute to the artists involved. I think the real surprise here is the remix of Calexico's "Black Heart". An incredibly dark and moody track that seems to feel even grittier after the remix. Joey Negro's voice seems a bit disembodied on the track. The addition of beats and noise craft this song into a spooky dubby ear bender. I would say this one is a must have for Jazzanova fans. They even include a blank CD-R in the disc so you can burn a copy for a friend! So thoughtful! Look for them to start touring the States in January.

We can't let this year end without saying goodbye to two people who have brought so much joy to me and countless others. December 1st of this year, Dubtribe Sound System played their last live gig at Cielo in New York. After 16 years of creating a sound all their own, these two self-proclaimed lovers of music (Sunshine and Moonbeam) are retiring the Dubtribe sound. A sound that was uniquely crafted and produced with love and respect for everyone. Hopefully you had the chance to witness them live. A spiritual gathering of people brought together for one reason, their pure love of music, house music. Their sound not only filled your ears, but your heart as well. Sunshine has posted their final set live on their website for everyone to enjoy. They will continue to pursue their passion for music, but in other forms. I would like to personally thank them and wish them all of the best. "Do It Now" is a track for now and forever. It is the song I play at midnight every New Year's Eve and will continue that tradition. Make sure that you have a copy of Baggage within arm's reach. This album is pure Dubtribe at their finest. Peace to you both!

Now for today's Guilty Pleasure. This one comes from 70's hitmakers 10 CC. "The Things We Do For Love" was an AM radio favorite. Released in 1976 by the second incarnation of the group (several memebers left in '76), this song rose to #5 on the US charts. Check out the rumor of how the band's name came about on Wikipedia. Sherman is too shy to talk about it. And just remember:

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river
Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea,
You lay your bets and then you pay the price
The things we do for love, the things we do for love


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