Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shoppers start your engines.....

Tons of new releases today in order to get things out before the holidays. Lots of great stuff for Sherman Jr. Here's just a smattering of them.

Jazzanova/Remixes 2002-2005
Carl Craig/Fabric 25
Roots Manuva/Back to Mine
Cocteau Twins/Box Set
Tori Amos/12 CD Bootleg set

Etc, etc. etc.

In a follow up to a Guilty Pleasure posting, this amazing fold out album cover from Ambrosia circa 1976 was loaned to me for my viewing pleasure (thanks gp). Really? A pyramid? That just screams 70's to me. Love it love it and love it some more. *Please note the linoleum flooring as a back drop only adding to the authenticity of this quality packaging. The album was entitled Somewhere I've Never Travelled and was released on 20th Century Records a subsidiary of 20th Century Film Corp, and of course, was available on tape. Do you think the tape cover formed a teeny tiny pyramid? I like to think it did.

Ok, off for more Tori covers ( her version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" brings me to my knees. To quote a dear friend "coming back reincarnated as Tori's piano bench wouldn't be such a bad gig." (jw) Can't wait for all the others! What that woman does to a word is downright phonetic foreplay. That sounds like it should be copywritten doesn't it? Well, I'm just grateful that Sherman Jr. has such a broad palette. I think it's part of his all too numerous charms.



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LOVE--the Ambrosia fold out pyramid thingy.

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