Friday, December 16, 2005

More Best (and worst) of 2005

iTunes has released their "best of's" for the year. Just log on and check out the Best Selllers and the Staff Favorite categories. Not only that, but check out the some of the latest releases added to their music store. Their electronic releases are growing and growing! Good to see them expand that genre a bit. Also, head back over to Pitchfork and read their "worst" picks of the year. That's good for a laugh or two, but shame on them for putting Neil Diamond's "Hell Yeah" track on there. That was obviously done in error.

Head over to Buzzin' Fly's site and check out the top 5 tunes picked by some of the best DJ's around. Charles Webster, AME and Ben Watt himself list off their top tunes of 2005. Tracey Thorn even picks her favorite tracks of the year! Now if we could just get her to record a bit more. Life would be oh so good. We miss you Tracey, but thanks for the select tracks you did do this year! "Damage" was AWESOME!

You can also take your turn and head over to Paste Magazine and vote for your Top 10 of the year. They will publish all the results in the Feb/Mar issue. While you are there, check out the site. This is a top notch music publication that you need to read. Always good from cover to cover. They have turned me on to some great music in the past. Each issue contains a sampler disc of some of the newest and most innovative music around. Great magazine!!!! That's the current issue pictured here.

Back when this blog first started I mentioned the release Cherry from Lisa Shaw. Lisa is THE premiere dance music vocalist for me. She released her first solo disc at the end of October, and I am still lovin' it. Now come the remixes. The first set of remixes is for the title track. "Cherry" gets worked by the likes of Scott Hardkiss, Jay "Blue Six" Denes, Eric Stamile and Miguel Migs. I have to vote Miguel and Jay's mixes as my personal favorites. Both of those mixes generate a real sexy house vibe that is perfect for that track. It's already a hot song, but their mixes put turn it all up a notch or two. This is one for the clubs for sure! Looking forward to more singles from this release and more from Lisa!

I know you are all familiar with Om Records, but did you know that they are distributing some great independent stuff online ONLY? They have putting out some music from unsigned artists on the Om:Discovery digital "label". The first release was Om: Discovery Vol. 1 Downtempo. Nice track selection and overall great vibe. Vol. 2 will be a house release. Really looking forward to hearing the next names in house music. They have also released an artist album. Charlie Tate's Alta Plana. All of the sounds (dialog, background noise, etc.) on this release were recorded live and combined to create this ambient work. Looking forward to hearing more from this artist. Nice departure for Om. The first two releases are available for download now on iTunes and several other digi sites. Check 'em out. This is the start of something good.

Today Sherman Jr. asks that you revisit an old musical friend. His suggestion is to pull out any older Om Records release and throw it on for old time's sake. There are so many to choose from. That's the beauty of Sherman's request. Maybe one from the Om Lounge series, Mushroom Jazz, Om 100, or even an artist album like Naked Music NYC (my all time favorite) or something from Kaskade. This will be the perfect way to start your weekend!

Just got word that Marie from The Rurals
is working on a solo lp, Tweek, due next year. Can't wait!

Make it a great weekend! Just a short ride until Christmas!


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