Monday, December 19, 2005

Lots o' Monday goodies!!!

Happy Christmas week to all! Am I allowed to say that, or should I say Happy Holiday week?!?! Who knows! I am hoping that you all saw Saturday Night Live this week. Not because it was particularly good, but because of this sketch Chronic of Narnia Rap, if the link doesn't take you right to the clip, look for the SNL link. The site has been bombarded all day. It's brilliant! Classic! Enjoy!

Bad news for anyone looking to get a 1GB iPod Shuffle as a holiday gift. Sherman's little cousin is SOLD out until mid-January. Word is that a newer version will be made available next month. Funny...that's when the Macworld Expo is held in San Francisco. Coincidence? I think not. Rumors are out there that the newer version could be even smaller and offer some color choices.

Today sees a unique Top 10 list from one of Sherman's readers (thanks gp). I bet all of you are curious what has happened in the world of Hawaiian music this year! Sherman Jr. is dusting of his grass skirt to enjoy these choice releases. This list comes from one of the most knowledgeable music men I know. He may be born and raised on the mainland, but is a Hawaiian at heart! Maholo nui loa!

Gregg Porter – co-host of "Hawai`i Radio Connection" (Sat. @ Noon - 2 pm PST, KBCS 91.3FM)

10) Troy Fernandez, "Hawaiian Style `Ukulele"
9) Bryan Tolentino, "Ka `Ukulele Lele"
8) Keali`i Reichel, "Kamahiwa"
7) Ledward Ka`apana, "Ki Ho`alu Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar"
6) Natalie Ai Kamauu, "`E"
5) Hapa, "Maui"
4) Bill Tapia, "Duke Of Uke"
3) Brittni Paiva, "Hear..."
2) Various artists, "Pure Hawaiian `Elua"
1) Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho, "`Ukuleles In Paradise"

NPR is offering up their picks for 2005, as well! Music critics John Brady, Sarah Bardeen and Derek Rath share their favorites! NPR's All Things Considered , known for aiding many artists in their quest for fame, provides us with their Top 10 along with sound clips and some interesting narrative, as well.

Don't forget to check your local newsstands for all kinds of best of lists in all of the best music publications. I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of them. Sherman Jr. just can't decide on what to pick so he relies on the aid of others!

Review TIME! I have been eagerly awaiting Beck's Guerolito since the first remixes hit the net. I was a big fan of Guero and thought it had some standout music from our little Beck. Not many folks agreed with me on this one. In fact it was not a critical success. I think "Black Tambourine", "Girl" and "Go It Alone" are some of the best tracks he's done. This album made me think of Odelay and how forward-thinking Beck's work has and always will be. Guerolito doesn't exactly break any new ground, but it does take a great record and shake it up. Boards of Canada, Air, Diplo and more provide their take on things. He's even changed the titles of the songs to differentiate it from it's original form. It's a must for Beck fans, but maybe not for everybody. I say thanks Beck! Scientology and all, I still have a huge place in my heart for you.

Now in a follow up to yesterday's post. I spent some serious time with the new release from Greg Davis & Sebastian Roux, Paquet Surprise. I have been reading countless reviews of this release and my curiousity was piqued to an all time high. This was one I would have bought anyways because the cover is an eye catcher. I was somewhat familiar with Greg Davis due to my newly honed love of folk-tronica. Admittedly, Sebastian Roux rang no bells with me. These two not only did their contributions in separate studios, but in separate countries, as well (Chicago and Paris). I found this album beautiful. I definitely suggest listening to it as a whole. The 13 min. plus track "Tidal Pool" that falls midway through the disc is breathtaking. Many of the tracks include lyrics from Roux, but this one is instrumental bliss. As sparse as it is, it filled the room and took me away. The exploratory ambience of this release is what really grabbed me. This does not sound like anything else out there and it truly takes some risks that pay off in subtle ways that pull you in and hold you just so.

Sherman Jr. and I are off to Chicago for the holiday tomorrow, but will continue to post as the week goes on. Still trying to find the perfect hat to keep Sherman warm!!!


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