Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If pandas spun records...

Sherman Jr. is thrilled that King Britt has given us his choices for top albums of 2005. Big respect for King and the music he makes. His love of music and the art of making it comes through in every track he releases! He's one of the best! I love the diversity in his list! You really can't go wrong with any release that he's picked. It's great to see Imogen Heap at the top of his list. She deserves any light people can shine her way! Thanks King! Looking forward to more from you in '06!

1.- Speak for Yourself- Imogen Heap (RCA)
My Favorite album of 2005. I love my underground music, but im a child of pop and this one is one of the most cutting edge albums in pop music today. Thank you for releasing this one !

2.- Runbox Weathers- Dimlite (Sonar Kollektiv)
Definitely the future of hip hop production. Amazingly visual and textured beyond belief. An album that you will listen to over and over and each time think it was new !

3.- King Britt presents Sister Gertrude Morgan (Rope A Dope)
A shameless but true plug. One of my favorite projects that has turned into a multimedia blitz. Taking the vocals and message from the original 70s recording and bringing new life for a new generation. Cant beat that !

4.- Wikked Little Girls- Esthero (Reprise)
A very lush and vocally enticing work of art. Many may disagree, but the layers of this record with Estheros sexiness, take me to other worlds.

5.- The Minstrel Show- Little Brother (Atlantic/ABB)
Classic. This is up there with Low End Theory and all the old school records that we love. 9th Wonder killed it !

6.- Extraordinary Machine (demos)- Fiona Apple (mp3s)
The original version of the album is the oneraw and and find.

7.- Demon Days- Gorillaz (Virgin)
Dangermousethe only word that needs to be said about this albumand De La !

8.- Silouhette Brown- Silouhette Brown (Ether)
Dego(4hero) and Kaidi Tatum take the voice of debra Jordan to new heights !A very soulful and sensual album. A definite winner!

9.- The Campfire Headphase- Boards of Canada (Warp)
Not their best but a definite favorite for me this year. A very mellow dreamscape. Fall into it!

10.- Connecting the Dots- Rich Medina (Kindred Spirits)
A musical journey into the soul of a man who IS music. Connecting all the different forms of soul music, rich produces his debut like a cat who has been doing it for years. A beautifully done record !.check the sy smith track !.

Honorable mentions:
3 Piece Puzzle- Jnero Jherel (Kindred Spirits)- Damn! him in 2006
Corduroy Boogie- Ivana Santilli (Brown)- Pure soul business...
Sound Directions- Yesterdays New Quintet- 70s porn music !
Cherry- Lisa Shaw (Naked)- pure unadulterated sex

Have you all heard the Sun Kil Moon cover of "Ocean Breathes Salty"? It trumps the original version from Modest Mouse! This is gorgeous. Makes me think of Nick Drake. The entire album is beautiful. Tiny Cities is an entire album of Modest Mouse covers. I can't imagine where Mark Kozelek came up with the idea to do this. It's a daunting task by anyone's measure. The music of Modest Mouse is so very them, if that makes sense. They possess a very distinctive sound. Avid Mouse fans may shriek and run from this release. I think this album does an incredible job of restyling the songs to fit Kozelek's folky, melancholy and at times tortured voice. I am a sucker for a cover song and this album does not disappoint in it's ambitious quest to take alternative rock and slow down and smooth out the edges. Upon hearing this album, I pulled out the 1996 cover Kozelek and the Red House Painters did of Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs". This 10 minute opus is just one reminder of Kozelek's strength of reinterpreting other artists work with a stunning result. Tiny Cities is 11 more such reminders.

Just read that Verizon Wireless is going to start a Digital Music service??? Following in the footsteps of Sprint, Verizon will launch their "store" in January. I am all getting music any way that is possible, but Sprint's service charges $2.50 per download and Verizon will most likely follow suit. That's a pretty hefty charge considering you can still get music for .99 on iTunes. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Today Sherman has decided that we should visit an old friend. Pull out a record, blow the dust of off it and give it a listen. This is one that really should never leave your immediate listening area, Aretha Franklin's 30 Greatest Hits. How they could narrow it down to 30 is beyond me. There is no doubt when you listen to this record that she is not only the Queen of Soul, but a national treasure. Just take a listen to "Daydreaming" and you will hear it in her first note. No one even comes close to this woman! If you can find any of her releases on vinyl, BUY THEM! They hold a sound that does not come across on CD. A warmer sound that really highlights every aspect of her voice. The photo attached here was taken by Linda McCartney and truly conveys Ms. Franklin's sass and spirit. I can only imagine what she was saying when this photo was taken. Something about "Dr. Feelgood" maybe??

Don't forget to pick up the new issue of WIRE magazine to check out their picks for 2005! That magazine has become a bible for electronic and experimental music lovers and has personally exposed me to some of the most beautiful music around!

Had to share this photo! If pandas could spin records, the world would be a better place FOR SURE.


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