Friday, December 09, 2005

HOLLA to Red Bull!!!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that for the past month the Red Bull Music Academy was in Seattle. This annual event roams from city to city celebrating the diversity that is electronic music. Past host cities include London, Sao Paulo, NYC, Dublin, Cape Town and Rome. Big holla to Seattle for hosting this year's events. It has been a who's who of dj culture for the past few weeks. We have seen the likes of Danny Krivit, Morgan Geist, Larry Heard, Andreas Tiiliander, ?uestlove, Biz Markie, Osunlade, Eavesdrop, James Munn, Ewan Pearson, Jason Martin and many more. Due to downright laziness and the fact that they won't sell Sherman Jr. a ticket, I did not attend the events listed above. Word from those in attendance said the events were well attended and much appreciated. That's all I ask for! Give the legends some love! I did attend the event at McCaw Hall this past Tuesday evening. It was billed as ArRange: Time to Settle the Score. The event was free, but for each fanny in a seat, $5 was donated to the Vera Project here in Seattle.

The concept was to bring together 9 producers and arrangers and have them interpret each other's work with the aid of the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra. Legendary arrangers David Matthews (worked with James Brown in the 70's), Eumir Deodato (16 platinum records, worked with Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and many more) and Clare & Brent Fischer (Clare Fischer is known for his work with Prince, Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer and countless others. Brent Fischer has worked with Toni Braxton, Krik Franklin, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill and many more.)

Names that may be more recognizable to the younger folks were Oh No (Stones Throw Records), Kirk Degiorgio (As One/Ubiquity) Todd Simon of Breakestra and Galaxy 2 Galaxy (Underground Resistance). Brilliant idea! It was a great night. Despite a poor showing by Seattle fans (ok, it was a Tuesday night, but it was FREE), you could still feel the love in the room and the respect all of these artists share for one another. There were some truly breathtaking moments. I have to say that Todd Simon blew me away! His arrangements were right on! There were more than a few times where I got chills that night along with alot of head boppin' and leg shakin'. The visuals were ideal for the music and provided to perfect backdrop to the event. I hear the afterpary was quite the scene, but it was a school night for this one!

Today's Guilty Pleasure choice is one that Eumir Deodato had his hands on. Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly With His Song" from 1973. I still get shivers when I hear this song. Deodato was the conductor on this track and provided string arrangements. This became Flack's second number one hit. She's still doing this one today and sending those same shivers.

Short update on the Tosca show in NYC on Wednesday. Heard from some folks on the Giant Step boards. Mixed reviews. Heard the venue is a bit messed up. It was at Irving Plaza and I have been there and had no complaints, but somethin' must have been up that night. Heard the visuals were great and Dorfmeister dropped some great dubby tracks. Not enough live PA from what I hear, but MC's Tweed and Earl Zinger held their own. I would say a generally happy and pleased crowd. Lots of folks hoping for Peter Kruder!!!! Can't say I blame them. Seeing K & D was one of the most memorable nights of aural gratification I have ever had! Hey guys, how about Seattle next time?

Sherman Jr. is off for the weekend! Make it a great one! As it starts, I leave with you a link to one of my favorite sites. The 30 Second Bunnies Theatre! You are welcome.


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