Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A gift from Detroit & My Space

Sherman Jr. is branching out and hoping to make new friends in that crazy land of My Space. Click here to see his profile. Better yet, if you are a member, become his friend!!!!

I just finished listening to the latest release in Fabric's DJ series (thanks dp via jj). This one from Carl Craig, Detroit's techno pioneer. Craig followed in the footsteps of Derrick May and Juan Atkins to create the second wave of Detroit techno. He has also dabbled in breakbeat, ambient and future jazz by performing under such aliases as Innerzone Orchestra. I can't say that the Fabric series has been a steady favorite of mine. There have been about a handful that I would call worthy. Those being Swayzak, DJ Heather, Doc Martin, Akufen and Bent. Carl Craig Fabric 25 is insane! Now this is a mix! This is house/tech-house the way it should be. This is a well crafted mix that suits the dancefloor, as well as, shakin' it at home. This release really shows off what this man has been doing for the past couple decades. Creating and finding great music to get you movin'. Just One's "Love2Love" is perfection in this mix! He even drops a Blaze track to give the listener a taste of some classic house. This is a must have in this series! Could be one of the finest mixes out this year! Drop this one on New Year's Eve! Your party will thank you!

The next disc that really has me worked up is the latest release from Scott Herren, better known as Prefuse 73. His latest guise is Piano Overlord. The Singles Collection is a piece of pure hip hop experimental/IDM magic! I love this disc. Herren incorporates live intstrumentation (all played by himself) into this incredible collection of music. The sounds of Rhodes, Wurlitzers and other keyboards coupled with Herren's electronic perfection result in a top notch release. I hate to simplify it like this, but the word "cool" just keeps popping into my head. Click on Piano Overlord above to get Herren's own story of this record. It is worth reading FOR SURE!

Today's Guilty Pleasure is one from 1971. It is the track that got Kenny Loggins a record contract! The ever-bizzare "House at Pooh Corner" done as a duet on the first release from Loggins & Messina Sittin' In. Not really sure what that song is all about. Anyone out there know the story? I mean it WAS the 70's and Winnie the Pooh was popular, but an entire pop song written about him??? Help me out here. I do know that it was written prior to Kenny's "I-need-to-get- married-and-be-naked-all-the-time" phase. For all involved, I hope that phase has ended. Last I heard, he and Messina had a reunion tour of sorts. Man, I wish I could have been in a band just to have a reunion tour. That must be a kick in the pants! Telling old road stories, looking fatter, forgetting the words to your own songs. Good times!

Special holiday treat for those of you old enough to remember. Hardrock, Coco & Joe.


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