Monday, December 12, 2005

The FEMALE James Brown????

ok everyone. I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings for the first time this past weekend! I can't even believe what I saw! I can try to explain how amazing she is, how she IS the female James Brown, how unbelievably tight her band is, how she aboslutely OWNS the stage, but really, you should just go out and see this woman LIVE! She shares the same hometown as Mr. Brown and that is not where the comparisons stop. Real, true, thick and chunky funk is what comes out of this woman and her band! A stick of dynamite ignites the minute she hits the stage! There was not a face in the crowd that wasn't grinning from ear to ear. I've never seen Seattle exhibit that much soul. If she's not coming through your town anytime soon, at least pick up her current album. The current disc is Naturally on Daptone Records. Sharon describes this album best when she says “If you can’t feel the music on this album, then you must be a dead ass!”

Those of you residing in New York could spend New Year's Eve with her at Sunfactory. Just check this link link for details. Also, if you're in Portland, she'll be at the Doug Fir Lounge tomorrow. I also have to add that it's an atrocity that Sharon was not nominated for a Grammy! She and her band deserve as much regonition as anyone. Guess we are too busy loving Mariah? (WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?) I have never been a fan of the Grammy's and this just seals the deal. Ok, and one more time, SEE SHARON JONES LIVE! NOW!

I also want to mention Chokolate. Local artist Chokolate did an outstanding job warming up the crowd and sharing her "incredible" vibe with everyone. What a great talent. My first time seeing her, but not my last for sure. I also want to say that her mother was in the crowd and what could be cuter than that!!!!!??? Such a treat to see someone watch their "baby" perform! Thanks to all for an exceptional night of really fine funk and soul rarely seen done this well in this town. Thank you, thank you! I'm still smiling thinking of Sharon and Chokolate going dance for dance as an encore! I've never seen the mashed potato look so good!

Also had a chance to spend some time with the new release from Canadian DJ Fred Everything. He's the first DJ from Montreal to make it big outside of Canada. He's also the latest to take a whack at the House of Om series from Om Records. I have to say, this is my least favorite in the series. Kaskade and Groove Junkies are still my two tops on the House of Om releases, followed by DJ Sneak. I am a fan of Fred Everything, but this one doesn't even start to grab me until around track 8. Funny, that happens to be one of his own tracks. Maybe that's the deal, I like his original material. I really enjoyed his artist album of last year, Light of Day. That release was strong and along the lines of what I enjoy out of house music. His House of Om mix is a bit too gritty and rough for me. I like my house a bit moore smooth, I guess. It's not that it's a bad disc, just not my vibe. Might work as a good pre-funk soundtrack before you hit the town! If you have it, put on 2002'2 From the Deep a collection of Everything's remixes. This one never fails. His mix of Random Factor's "Without You" still gets me.

Do Sherman and I a favor and pull out an old funk album and choose your own Guilty Pleasure today. I promise it'll make you smile and awaken some really good things inside you!!!! I think we all need a bit more of this right now! When I google imaged the word "funk", this came up....


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