Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Elton, the suburbs and more....

Sherman congratulates Elton John and David Furnish on their wedding in the UK (more photos when you click on Elton). He also congratulates the UK for legalizing same sex marriages. Kudos to the Brits. Just another reason to want to live there. Not if only the USA would follow in their footsteps. Actually, if only the USA would have taken the first step.....

Sherman sends greetings from the Suburbs of Chicago. Snow on the ground and 14 degrees! Feels like Christmas. Supposed to warm up though and maybe rain on Christmas. BOOOO. We want snow. Hoping for sledding this weekend! Sherman has never really seen the burbs before. We are way out there too. Horses, open fields and teeny local pubs. That's about it. Please note the photo of the town "joke" that was the doing of two local lawyers some years ago. Each holiday this statue sees adornments that only add to it's glory. Please note the upside down Grinch doll in it's hand. Well, a long flight resulted in lots o' time for music on the plane. If it weren't for Sherman, I would have probably had to endure one too many conversation with strangers complaining about visiting relatives, having to make flight connections or just plain venting. iPods are quite the perfect flying companion.

Took some serious time to listen to the self-titled release from The Dolls. The Dolls are comprised of three of the busiest and most talented artists making music today, Vladislav Delay, Craig Armstrong and Antye Greie. Being an avid fan of both Delay and Armstrong, I knew I had to hear this release. I admit to not being familiar with Greie, but curious. This is a very fresh piece of work. I use the word fresh because it really washed over me like nothing I have heard before. It sounded like a great shower would feel. Refreshing, warm and a bit stimulating. Beats and electronics collide with warm piano and sultry somewhat spoken somewhat sung vocals provided by Greie. This release leans more towards Delay's work than Armstrong so be prepared for the glitches and not much of the lush piano work that Armstrong often provides. I hope this is the start of something for these artists or perhaps, the start of some work by other artists resulting in a fresh sound like The Dolls.

Hopefully, you are still enjoying yesterday's Guilty Pleasure. If not, maybe grab another Olivia Newton-John album and throw that on. If you need a suggestion, I say Totally Hot. This one dropped in 1979. I think the idea was to break her good girl image after doing the film Grease. the songs on this were all pretty risque for madame Olivia. Suggestive song titles like "A Little More Love", "Never Enough", "Please Don't Keep Me Waiting" and the title track, were not her typical repretoire nor a critical success, but set the groundwork for her Physical release in the 80's. The album that launched a new wave of workout clothing and gave Olivia a sexy, sassy image that made headbands as hot as legwarmers. Does anyone remember the shear brilliance of that video???? Honestly!!

Time for some cocoa and songs by the fire.


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