Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coming up for air

Sherman Jr. has a bit of time in between new releases to rave about a couple of them. First off, we were able to find the Midaircondo release we spoke of the other day, Shopping for Images. I was a bit unsure what to expect. Hearing references to Bjork and all I wondered what the entire album would be like. It is gorgeous. Gorgeous in a Colleen meets Ezekiel Honig sort of way. I understand the Bjork comparisons, but don't feel those as strongly as the others. It is beautiful. This release has a very cinematic feel and is best injested as a whole work.
These are exceptionally talented women willing to pursue a style of music that is difficult to describe, much less produce. Lisen Rylander plays saxophone, kalimba and electronics. Malin Dahlstrom is on finger cymbals and electronics. Lisa Nordstrom plays flute, kalimba, electronics, melodica and various pieces of metal and glass. All three artists provide beautiful and at times haunting vocals. This is an exquisite example of the fullness a minimal record can actually convey to the listener. The album is mastered by Sweden's premier click and glitch man and two-time Swedish Grammy award winner, Andreas Tilliander. I look forward to hearing more from this trio and hope to see a live performance if they visit the states. This is a release not to be missed.

After swallowing Midaircondo, Sherman thought a bit of hip hop might be the answer. We dug into the Roots Manuva's Back To Mine. The Back to Mine series has long been a favorite. I still hold Everything But The Girl's and Danny Tenaglia's collection's close to my heart (when EBTG drops Dubtribe, I get chills). This one has some meat to it. I wouldn't expect anything less from Roots! It is very apparent that this is the stuff he listens to. These were his influences. A trip through some funk, dub, soul, electro and hip hop. It is a great set of music. Grab your boombox and throw it on. It's the perfect fit! Turn it way up when he throws on "Goin' Back to Cali"!

Seeing that we are talking about Back to Mine, why not revisit an old friend and pull out one of the older collections. The two I suggested are both slam dunks!! Put either EBTG or Danny Tenaglia's on while you are sipping holiday cocktails and you will be a hit Better yet, pull out a copy of Zero 7's Another Late Night and blow everyone away! That one even includes a cut from Roots Manuva. Yet another series that showcases influences and favorites by artists we love and respect.


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